Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : a psychic once told me…?

5 yrs ago i saw a psychic she told me…
the initials A J S would mean alot- thats my fiances initials we been together a year,
that i woula appear in a magazine-have since taken up moddeling and been in several
that i should be wary of a red car-i was in an accident in a friends red car last year
that i would get 2 surprise visitors in june-in june last year my 2 brothers hadnt seen for 2 years turned up to surprise visi
and there would be a funeral between the day i saw her and the coming december-my nan died and her funeral was the novembe
also she could see twins coming into the family,but sadly one would pass away-ive since given birth to twins there 3 now,should i be worried??

Answer by bargainhunter
well she seems accurate so far, BUT she has to be wrong somewhere ,maybe she meant at birth, and they was fine.
You cannot go through life worried like this as you will not be relaxing being being a mom.

Can i just tell you that i have saw 2 surprise visits in the last year 1 being from my dad in spain, i was told about an accident but in a white car, my nan died
not long ago, no twin predictions or magazines tho but A J S i had AJ.

also can you please tell me her name as i have saw hundreds of psychics all around the country.

Answer by Mrs R
I agree, don’t worry. I don’t believe anything is written in stone, that we can change our destiny. She may be wrong. Also she might not have been referring to your twins – That’s the downside to going to a psychic.

I would also like her name if possible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Help!A famous psychic who’s made many accurate predictions has predicted that I would remain single and alone?

for the rest of my life. That was 10 years ago and I’m 35 and still single. My christian faith forbids me to believe in this but it’s the truth and it has come true. Why can’t God change my fate even though I’ve been praying for a husband? Perhaps it’s his will for people to know their future? And his plan will go according to what the psychics or fortune tellers have predicted or rather God gives some people the power to know the future?

Answer by Awdio
dont believe it, god and psychics are FAKE

join my side, become Wiccan

Answer by nina_aka_babydoll
when your not looking you will find.
don’t try so hard to look for a husband.
look for friends.
socialize and one will eventually appear.
if she is a true psychic then she has fortold your future but now that you know it doesn’t mean you can’t change it.

Answer by Debby B
If you are a christian and went to a psychic you walked right in to the enemies hands and have opened the door to the occult- you may have convinced your self you are doomed to be single and alone= repent of that sin and take back what was stolen in the name of Jesus Christ=and don’t play in the devils playground or open those door- you know what the bible says (read it)about necromancers and things like that= evil does disguise itself= take care= God Loves you and has wonderful plans for your life=D

Answer by george_carlin_rules
that is a pretty vague prediction. remember, you have full control of your own future, it is not predestined. just keep trying and you will find someone.

Answer by sue d
Do you realize someone predicts the world will end everyday? I could go on and on about psychics, and I truly think you could too! God is always standing by you, but he cannot MAKE you do something NOR does he have babies die of cancer. Have faith in him for happiness, by living the life like the Lord. Like not killing, lying, stealing-etc. I am not a Bible thumper, but I do believe. What I am trying to say is, the right man just has not come along yet. Where to you go to meet people? Do you smile? Lots of things to be taken into consideration! Get with a friend, and see if they can help you with some fine pointers, that might help!!

Answer by Desert Flower
Have you heard of self-fulfilling prophecy? Believe you can and you will, or believe you can’t and you won’t. Your future is not yet written, so enjoy today, and tomorrow takes care of itself.

By the way, even IF you remain single, you do not have to be alone or lonely. I was married and was both, so don’t feel like marriage is the grand solution to all your dreams…

Answer by Jazzie
i am christian, and according to my God you are correct in saying that He fobids this type of belief. i would reject this at all costs. God Himself says its best to marry unless you were born not to, and if that was the case you would obviously be happy to be on yr own for the rest of yr life…which you are not! if you accepted what this psychic said, then denounse it now…dont take it on board and do not fear it. God’s fate is for you to be happy and fulfilled. i will keep you in my prayers…God bless

Answer by gettin’real
Don’t torment yourself with that woman’s predictions anymore, this is precisely why the Bible teaches us to put our trust in God and that He isn’t in the fortune telling business. I’m 44, and I went to God with this with all my heart some years ago.
I am confident that this will happen, that was my answer, even if I do joke that it might not happen ’till I’m 85!
People have asked me if I’m a model, wonderful men have fallen for me, etc., just so you don’t go wondering if I’m 300# or some other less socially acceptable stumbling block.
I could have married long ago for money, admiration, security, or status. I chose to continue to wait for my true soul mate, and in the meantime to deal with my own “stuff” so that I am the right person too when that time comes.
I don’t regret it one bit.
A very special man is on the horizon, I respect him, enjoy him, and we have a true meeting of the minds. He reciprocates and now on top of a beautiful friendship, here comes all this amazing chemistry. If this is not the one, it does give me hope that “he” is out there and a good marriage is a reality if handled with appropriate care, consideration, and TIME to get to know each other as friends before ever considering something more.
Hang in, don’t get discouraged, and remember that you are significant & important in and of yourself, and yes that is true even during the lonely times.
God’s blessings on you!

Answer by Featherman
I believe in the power of positive thinking.
What the psychic sees is what you project.
You can change your own fate, for example : a wrong choice – trouble, the right choice – bliss.
Sometimes you have to stake your claim ,fight to get it, and to keep it, an example being that a woman might see an available man, who is what she wants, but if she just leaves things to fate without staking a claim, nothing might happen.
One of the the greatest blessings God ever gives mankind is an open healthy mind.
Sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone as well to get something we really want.
Nowhere does God state he will make all your choices for you, he shows you what the right choice would be, if you allow .
Parents teach their children the right ways, that is God working through the parents, that does not mean the children listen to the advice.
So, go for it and search for what you want, make sure it is good before you take it,otherwise you would be better off single anyway.

Answer by n_jevne
the only reason its still true is because you believe it. that’s how every thing they say usual come true. only because you lose Faith in what they say wont happen.

Answer by whitechristmas
I know this woman who got married at age 60. Never had a boyfriend in her entire life, never socialized or looked for one. The man was 60 also and was never married as well. They’ve been together for 20 years till the man died at age 80. While the woman lived at a ripe old age in her nineties. You never really know what will happen in your life.

Answer by boots
OK, good question! you say that this was predicted 10 yrs ago, and it came true, ur 35 and single, i tell you what, it appears that you lost ur faith and i think that happened when you went to the psychic, you believed in them instead of believing in God, no one knows what plans God has for each of us, you see God is God, his plan and we do it his way…this is why it is forbidden to go to these people. he isn’t going to tell psychics his plans. or grant them power to read his mind. I do believe that he has someone for each of us and that person will come to you, your only 35 so young but you sound as if you gave up! i went thru this same type of deal (no psychics thou) lonely days and nights wondering when he would send me that special person. i prayed and prayed kept my faith. and then it happened.. it was like magic almost as if she fell outta the sky, so beautiful inside and out.. did i know when this would happen? no i didn’t. did i give up? no! did i keep my faith and let God handle this his way? yes! get ur trust back… its gonna happen for you as it did for me, heck he may already be on his way.. good luck to you and God bless

Answer by psychic-junkie
Affirmations, or as I prefer to call them, Verbal Remedies work by enacting your creative visualization. The way to write and recite your own precision affirmations is to make your statements: Positive, Present, Personal and Specific. Here are some useful resources for getting your mind around your own verbal remedies:

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