Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : A question about psychic readings ?

Why do readings usually give only the potential future, not actual? Some say that the future (such as marriage, a job, or death) is dependent on our or someone else’s action and is not cast in stone, but psychics almost never tell the client that the future is changeable. Isn’t EVERY future event dependend on someone’s actions? And why doesn’t the psychic see the actual (not just potential) outcome?
Titan: Wouldn’t the psychic see the shooting ?

Answer by Quixotic
Because they don’t actually *know* anything. It’s all a crap shoot.

Answer by Carton Size
Because psychics are con artists, and can’t actually predict anything.

You should research “cold reading”, and you’ll see what I mean.

Answer by mac77
There are various ways to read. For example in astrology, some believe only in the seven signs, five planets, moon and sun. This way was used for over 2000 years until other planets were discovered.

Answer by Titan
ok, even if they were real, your destiny is up to you. if a fortune told you that you live to be 100, and the next day you shoot yourself, that’s free will.

Answer by Nikonf5
I think this song sums up my feelings about psychics perfectly:

Answer by Dormant-Moon
Realistically, the future is based on a combination of Fate (pre-determined destiny) and you’re own dertermination. Nothing is certain, only the past, and even that.. There are multiple possible futures, psychics see the ones that are most likely if you continue on the same path, if you change paths, you change your future.

Answer by RealPeople
Psychics only confuse human being … They are no good people… Just cashing on people’s desire to know the future…

Answer by Odell
If they could predict da future then why do we need God? I agree with other answers. If they were that god they be in all the Presidents cabinet.

Answer by oldmanwithcoyote
Because psychics cant see the future. They can, however read people. So can everyone else but psychics are in “the business” and it behooves them to put on the face of exclusivity. If you want to know the future, just wait a bit and it will arrive and then it will be the present. Watch it carefully and diligently
because it will soon become the past.

Answer by kaosu_kirei
A true psychic cannot control what they see. Anyone claiming to be able to predict YOUR FUTURE SPECIFICALLY LOL is a lying money whore who says what they legally have to in order to avoid otherwise inevitable lawsuits.

A real psychic may see your future and never meet you, may only think it was a dream.

A real psychic probably would tell you for free because they are sincere and concerned about you, or are excited for you, if it’s good news.

A false psychic will give you some generic BS that works for almost anyone, or if you think they are looking into your past, look at what information you have accidentally given them upon meeting. Some are just really brilliant with deductive reasoning. Watch for phrases like, “I see a troubled childhood.” Duh. 99% of the population.

But in all honesty, you have to account for symbolism in visions. A tornado represents deceit and something uncontrollable. Or maybe just a tornado. If you really want to give them an excuse to take your money.

BlahNii below me has an excellent idea. Psychic Bar Exam for the win.

Answer by BlahNii
Who is waiting eagerly for psychics to be licensed?

Pass a test just like hairdressers, mechanics and pilots. have to so they can work.
A success rate of predictions of 9/10 would prove their powers so they could ask people for money (like stock brokers have to do)

They take money from customers with no evidence of their ‘skills’.

Answer by Pangel – hugs
if the psychic is trained properly , then ethically they should not claim to be able to predict the future
the future is not set , it is changeable
so what they see in the cards is only dependant on your life as it is now
what you do in the next moment can have a great affect on your future

and also , if someone were to tell you what they see is going to happen
we can self fufill that and that is not always a good thing

for example
if I were to say that I seen your partner/husband leaving you in the future
I guarentee that your relationship will fail anyway
because you will leave that reading worried , and insecure and cause problems within the relationship

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free Psychic Reading Websites?

Are there any free psychic reading websites? I’m bored so I guess its a way to pass the time haha so please let me know if you guys know of any websites, thanks!

Answer by Bhagat Ram Handa
GOOGLE.COM for any subject

Answer by Spirit World Messages
Hello Jane

Try the links below for free readings ok:-

Take Care
Spirit World Messages

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free psychic and/or tarot reading?

Does anyone know where I can get a free psychic /tarot reading? I know there are some places on the internet, but some say “free, but sign up for this”. Only serious answers please, thank you

Answer by Pangel’s back
free chat site
but readers are volunteers , so you cant ask for one but wait to be offered
it is a lovely site though and worth a wait

Answer by sybil_the_soothsayer
Here is a free tarot reading site—

I feel that an on-line tarot reading can be good, as the cards that turn up are as random as if a human being was doing it———

Answer by domica l

Answer by Trinity
It depends on where you live I know a couple people where I’m at in Michigan that might be interested.

Answer by StarGirl
Go to this website.
I had a tarot reading with Mother Anne before and she’s accurately. Most importantly, free of charge!

Answer by psychic344
I am a psychic and I do free tarot readings at this time. If you or anyone who reads this would like a free reading, please e-mail me at In the e-mail, please include:
First Name
Date of Birth
Time of Birth (If you know it, if not, its okay too)
and also your question, what you would like to know from the reading.

Thank you!

Answer by padmaa_p

You may visit the World Tarot Readers site for free and genuine tarot readings. Readings here are not automated ones but your query is actually assigned to one of the insightful and talented readers on the group who read the cards for you and get back with their response within a few days’ time.

In fact, I am myself one of the readers on that group. You are welcome to get a free reading for yourself with one of us.

I hope that satisfactorily answers your query.


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Flaccid Ego: Psychic Reading Call-in Show


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