Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : According to logical positivsm what do you do with your life? Are you free to do whatever you want?

Also why do logical positivist live? Is it whatever reason they want?

Answer by Risorius
Logical Positivists require that you lead an orderly life, observing at all time strict logical behavior and scientific principles that always allow falsification. And most important of all, never (mark you, never) indulge in the nonsense that is metaphysics.

Pretty tall order for Man the Irrational Animal.

Answer by Tim
I forgot my account, so I decided to create a new one.

So what you are saying is that you must be logical all the time? But doesn’t that kinda contradict humans like you said so what is a philosophy that is more accurate to humans, who happen to be irrational?

Answer by peter m
Well I have to correct some of this..nonsense.

“Man the so-called..”irrational animal” ?

So excuse me for connecting the philosophy school of the logical Positivists with all those philosophers who actually believe that there is such a logical method as e.g…. ” induction”.

There isn’t; they did and….
they were rightly mistaken about ridding philosophy of “metaphysics” (chiefly because they know not what is was or how it could be used).

Of course, logical positivist history is still taught in a quasi-logical way ; something akin to the fairystories-of-olde.Nonetheless these inaccurate so called philosophies (starting with the massively influencial positivists) see humanity as some sort of “irrational entity”.
Probably because the mass of humanity has not been exposed to medium level education,who knows what will (logically) happen when that mass decides it doesnt need to be so, (so called educated) in stuff like historical/logical inspection of philosophy history – and I do mean that this example of the history of logical positivism, seems to me to be rife and open to abuse; abuse of what the positivists have left behind (a realisation that history can be changed, and not for the better!) and what the positivists did do- that they did mistakenly quest-for a differing philosophy, one that was NOT so different to the contemporary ones that are completely blind to their..inbrededness;to be sure their taught,educated inbrededness; with their “eyes closed to the-partial- irrationality of mankind” (that of course has its real, ‘essential’* so-called..roots..within an enlightened, rational and of course openly objective History !!).
P.s. my apologies for such a long-winded answer, taken in context with my other answers I believe it does make much more sense ( -able coherence, depending upon whether one has been duly influenced by the mistakes of the likes of the ..Positivists)

Answer by Curtis Edward Clark
Risorius called man ‘the irrational animal’, but Aristotle said man’s essence was precisely ‘the rational animal’ because he alone, using the words of John Locke, had the capacity to ‘consult reason’. It doesn’t mean man is always rational, but that he is the only species able to make long-term connections of reason that allow him, in the words of the poetic naturalist Loren Eiseley, to get away from the ‘eternal present’ of the animal world, where they think tomorrow must be like yesterday because they cannot consult reason. Ayn Rand called animal thinking ‘range of the moment consciousness’, which is more descriptive, and shows the difference between them and our ability to ‘consult’ reason–when we so choose.

That being said, logical positivists say we have will power, but that it is not ‘free’, because calling it ‘free’ is a metaphysical description, forgetting that in order to make such a declaration, they must use metaphysics!

“Logical positivists delighted in framing such problems in terms that revealed impossibilities, contradictions, paradoxes, or category mistakes. Free will was declared “unintelligible,” a term previously reserved for the concept of absolute chance.”

Logical positivism is “A philosophical movement — if you will, an anti-philosophical movement — inspired by Russell, Wittgenstein and a general disgust with metaphysics and Europe’s going to hell after the Great War; British empricism in Continental dress.” But the ‘positivism’ part was developed by Auguste Comte before them:
“The French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857) developed a secular religion known as positivism, which emphasized reason and logic. He later systematized it as the Religion of Humanity, complete with priests and a calendar of saints.

“Comte divided the progress of mankind into three historical stages:

Theological: relies on supernatural agencies to explain what man can’t explain otherwise.
Metaphysical: man attributes effects to abstract but poorly understood causes.
“Positive”: because man now understands the scientific laws which control the world.

“Comte also founded the social sciences…” which he named ‘sociology’. So logical positivism is a sociological anti-philosophy (because philosophy REQUIRES metaphysics to hold it together). Don’t forget, Comte also created the word ‘altruism’ (in it’s strict sense, not as in ‘doing good deeds’) and wanted to force all men to be willing altruists; if they were not willing, they would have no choice, they would be forced to do it anyway–which became Marx’s plan.

Logical positivists assured scientists “that such concepts as metaphysics or existence or reality or thing or matter or mind are meaningless—let the mystics care whether they exist or not, a scientist does not have to know it; the task of theoretical science is the manipulation of symbols, and scientists are the special elite whose symbols have the magic power of making reality conform to their will (“matter is that which fits mathematical equations”). Knowledge, they said, consists, not of facts, but of words, words unrelated to objects, words of an arbitrary social convention, as an irreducible primary; thus knowledge is merely a matter of manipulating language. The job of scientists, they said, is not the study of reality, but the creation of arbitrary constructs by means of arbitrary sounds, and any construct is as valid as another, since the criterion of validity is only “convenience” and the definition of science is “that which the scientists do.”
Ayn Rand

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it true that everything that dies that has the breath of life in it returns to God who gave it?

I heard every living thing that has the breath of life in it will return to God.Does that include animals and insects and common house hold pests? I live in Chicago and my family is from the projects and pests are a common problem and I have killed many roaches,cock roaches…..

Answer by Sam
No, death is the end period.

Answer by You can’t run forever!
which god? and how do you know that she exists?

Answer by auntb93
You’d need a very broad definition of God for that. My own definition includes that he is imaginary, so I guess you can imagine whatever you want.

Answer by Under the Bridge
Well there is no breath of life, and no god.

So I am comfortable with this nonsensical claim of yours.

Answer by Dr. Jones
No I do not believe so.

I have removed many dead bodies from homes in my days as a funeral home worker and I have never seen anything to suggest that they were going up to heaven. Just down to the worms.

Answer by wgr88
Let us get the terms ok here, in Genesis 2:7 God created man and He “Became” a living soul. God did not poke a soul into Him it is what He/she became. Ok it is true the ability to live goes back to God yes as it reads in Job 27:3 the spirit or breath same thing does return to God who gave it, a light that goes off where does the light go, it goes no where it just goes out. And no where in scripture does it use the words immortal and soul together, Hope this helps for more information there are free bible lessons an on line bible God bless take care.

Answer by Bobby B
No. There is no god.

Answer by phlatt.dawg
Only the descendants of Adam have the breath of life from G-D, everyone and everything else is generic.

Answer by Rose
This is a short form of my research based on my personal experience. A human being is always living with a group of spirits which have joined one by one since childhood. Between creatures (including human beings) and God there are millions of invisible elements. There are divisions too. We are just robots made of different materials (flesh, bones, nerves etc.,) created by scientist God. Each of us have memories like that of the computers’. The fed things (data= knowledge=several spirits or invisible elements) are in contact with the memories since childhood. If current (electricity) stopped the memory loses all data. This is with computer. The same thing occurs to all of us. Computers are functioning by electric power but human beings are functioning by natural power. We call this as soul. This soul is nothing but simply a power like electricity. If this is stopped our memories lose all data (all spirits or invisible elements). These spirits leave the body and go to different places. No one lives in the form of spirit or anything after death. We are simply our bodies, the toys made for spirits for their games. This is applicable to other creatures too.

God cannot watch each and every individual at the same time. That’s why He had created spirits. As I have written already a human being lives with many spirits which joined one by one since birth. These spirits are guide, knowledge, interests, feelings and everything. All spirits (both good and bad) have the dominating character. But the power (mind) of choosing the spirits is given to human beings. Spirits determine the destiny of a person from his/her daily activities, talks and thoughts too. Though we are not responsible for the thoughts as choosers we have to face the consequences as per thoughts chosen by mind. Thoughts are not our own. One after another the spirits think and we just listen, accept or reject. When a thought is rejected a spirit gets rejected and another spirit starts it’s thinking. This is the natural thing happening in all humans’ lives. After all we are just toys of the spirits created by God. The brain is just a media to connect the mind with the spirits. The mind is just like a RAM of a computer. The soul is electricity. As soon as the current stopped all memory goes. A human being is nothing after death, so also other creatures. But for every action there will be a reaction. Carnivorous animals eat herbivorous animals. God Himself seems don’t bother about the tame animals and their horrible deaths. As a human being you may have more to think. It is up to you to decide.

One thing you must remember. Fear is a spirit. If it possess it will take the people in the same direction as people feared.

Answer by Cactus12
Ecclesiastes 3:19, 20 For that which befalls the sons of men befalls beasts; even one thing befalls them: as the one dies, so dies the other; yes, they have all one breath; so that a man has no preeminence above a beast: for all is vanity. All go to one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again

Nothing mystic in that. God is the source of life, the energy that animates animals and humans, what makes the difference between a living body and a dead body.
By the way God gave us the authority on the nature, even to kill if there is a danger (see Exodus 21:28-29)

Answer by swisscheese
i hope god uses mouthwash.

Answer by Fuzzy
They just return to their basic components – dust.

2 Pet 2:12 But these, like irrational animals, creatures of instinct, born to be caught and destroyed, blaspheming about matters of which they are ignorant, will also be destroyed in their destruction,

Animals are made to be destroyed, though God wants us to treat them nicely while they live (you can kill roaches, etc)

Likewise, the wicked are made to be destroyed as animals. Both kinds are no longer when they die.

If you want to study about what our spirit and the spirit of animals really is – please ask. It takes a bit of doing.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s is military life like in Groton? What’s the snowfall like? What is there to do and eat?

I am originally from the PACNW and currently live in Hawaii, I miss the colder climate. Can someone tell me more about CT?

Answer by mcd1
There’s a lot to do. 2 of the biggest casinos in the country are 15 min. away. Mystic CT is just down the road for shopping & and a pretty cool aquarium. If you travel 20 miles in any direction you’ll find something to do (If you even have to go that far). If you like steak & lots of seafood your all set. The snow is’nt to bad. You might get some storms that drop a foot or so,but it’s fairly mild being right on the coast.

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