Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any free clairaudience/psychic readers?

This will sound strange but I really need to speak with someone who could possibly help me to figure out who from the spirit world is trying to get in touch with me tonight. I would forever be grateful if you are a “psychic” who gives free readings. It’s a bit urgent. Thank you so much.

Answer by Jennie
Ya, I know a psychic, who gives free psychic reading. You can get readings here:

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychic readings?

If you were offered a reading–psychic, tarot or similar–from someone free of charge, would you accept it?

And if you did accept it, could you listen to the reader with an open mind, or would you be thinking “fraud” the entire time?


(ps–no thumbs down from me. I’m just looking for opinions and everyone is entitled to those!)

Answer by RedFox
Go for it . You might learn something. Not all psychics charge, especially when they can really see truth.

Answer by crazychickendragon
I’d accept it, and listen with interest.
But I would decide myself about my own life in the end.

Answer by Hestia’s Priestess RIRS
Answer: I have been offered them in the past and have taken them. It is only afterwards that I determine if it was only worth what I paid for them.

I have also given free readings before — although I do NOT DO READINGS THROUGH HERE FOR ANY REASON, and I allow anyone getting a reading from me to determine how accurate it has been for them.

Answer by kreedhermione
If the psychic I normally go to offered me a freebie, I’d be there with bells on.
If it was someone I didn’t know, I’d go with an open mind and then after I left see what I thought about her.

Answer by Elle!
I’d defffffffffff accept it, I want to do a psychic reading so badly!
I’m so into that sorta stuff, I find it fascinating.
I’d definiteely have an open mind, I do believe in that sort of stuff.

My mom went to one, and it was a hardcore one, hah and you would take a log of wood, and everyone would ask a question in front of a crowd, and then drop their wood into the fire, and my mom said “Who am I going to marry” and he did some voodoo or whatever, they do, and my mom visualized my dad, and then the next 2 days, my mom went to the airport, and she saw my dad who she had visualized so she talked to him, and then they happened to be on the same plane, blahblahhhh and they hungout, and wound up getting married!

Answer by Pangel – Many Paths
I have had literally hundreds of readings and never paid for any of them

I worked at a psychic chat room , where we had readings most nights
and most were amazing readers

Answer by Serena
Since it is written in the bible that we are not to engage in this kind of activity, I cannot accept a reading but would politely turn you away by saying “no thank you”. I wouldn’t hate you or look down on you for what you do though. I would be interested in what happened to the rest of your life for going against what the bible teaches about this kind of activity. Read Acts chapter 16 starting at verse 16. What kind of spirit would be afraid of God that would cause someone to have this ability?

I have had people try this on me even when I wouldn’t accept a reading and send me email or tell me what they could “see” in my future anyway. None of it came true. I did read it and listen with an open mind. It wasn’t accepting the reading since it was kinda pushed on me. As humans, we are naturally curious.

Answer by Arcanum Noctis
I have had a reading by someone I know whose family blood supposedly is rich which psychics. Well, I was told things I already knew. The problem is that there is no way anyone could have known. Psychology or not, there is literally no way.

During the reading I was thinking of things that could be brought up, which would be unknown to the reader. I wonder if this had an effect on the reading, because the reader literally gave word for word of some of things I was thinking.

Answer by jadeaaustin
Sure I’d do it. I wouldn’t be listening with an open mind because I read tarot and I’d be reading the cards the whole time. And just a little advice anyone that wants to cleanse your aura because she sees bad things in your future is looking for money. Cleansing is easily done and must be done by the one whose aura needs cleaned.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

anyone know where i can get some or will give me one?

Answer by sunshine_today
at you can do your own tarot card reading.

I wouldn’t do any readings off the internet, you need to ask around where you are and get a local recommendation.

Answer by teabryant
I can give you a free reading…call me now!

Answer by sweetpea
yes you will live until you die then when you die you will be dead!!is that details enough for ya?lolread the newspaper there are horoscopes in there thats all you need. they are all the same!!

Answer by jerks. inc.
from a free psychic reader

Answer by Talk 2 me

Answer by felicity

Answer by xchelalexis
yes at

Answer by magdaljones
At a Spiritualist Church service.

Answer by psychic-junkie
I’m often asked about how to find free psychics. Although I’m a professional myself and work for a fee I realize that there are psychics out there who offer either totally free readings or a free psychic question here and there.

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Are psychics accurate ?


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