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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any psychics out there to do a reading for me?

Born 9/24/87 Female. Live in Indiana. Me and my family are in financial trouble. Do you see any relief ahead? Serious answers only, please.
My mom’s is 11/19/62. I don’t know my dad’s “actual” birth because what’s listed on his passport is different. (they were born in former Yugoslavia)
I just asked my mom and she said 11/06/56, she thinks

Answer by lala
When you say your family ; are you talking about your husband and children or your parents ? If its about your parents I need their D O B

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are your views on the incident in which jews living illegally in Palestinian houses were evicted?

Should the jews extend the court order to all the jews living in Palestine? What do you think should prevail? Law and Order or Lawlessness and Extremism.

Answer by Samsooma The Idiot
The Supreme court ordered , the order was obeyed, same was done in Gaza not a very long time ago, Law and Order in Israel is nothing like the Lawandorder of the Gaza and the west bank.

Answer by Mark S, JPAA
Ah, but you’ve forgotten that Israel (not “Palestine’) is a sovereign country with an innate right to self-existence and self-defense. Therefore your question is illogical.

Answer by ha
lol. should the jews extend the court order. what a ridiculous way of putting it.
the supreme court made a decision. you arabs should look into courts and a justice system that is based on something other than sharia law.
obviously you’re unclear on how courts work. this was one case.

but i do think it was a mistake. they bought the house, it’s theirs. the supremes are too concerned with politics.

law and order should prevail, that’s why israel will stay. everyone knows that israel is a country of laws and the palestinians territories are lawless lands of civil war and terrorism.

Answer by [ImpaKt]
Nice done coming from jews!

There’ll come a time that, every single of them jews will be thrown out of Palestinian land and back to Europe where they belong.

LOL…..this famous hate mail sender above[ ”ha” ] is out of her skin! thus many will receive her hate mails to day!lol

Obviously many of these jews here didn’t like this news that much and trying to make sense with some mambo jumbo!?

Answer by InquisitiveMind
Its not “an incident” its incidents…and many many many many of them.
Most of the Palestinian assests were seized and claimed by Jews when the Brits gave Palestine to the Jews.
And yet the world continues to turn a blind eye.

Answer by Brynn
It took place in the West Bank which was supposed to have been evacuated by the zionists ten years ago; the zionists have no more legal authority there then the New York State Police do in Montreal. Someone has to convey these undesirable aliens out of the Palestinian Territories and explain to them where the border lays. They evidently think it is part of their wretched little Land ‘o Zion.

Answer by Bahira
Window-dressing; this is hardly the typical practice. This is nothing but a cheap publicity stunt. The unusual character of the eviction makes it newsworthy; the fact that it is newsworthy gives it wide currency; the level of heightened exposure creates the impression this is how matters are normally handled. Which is hardly the case.

Answer by jd
No. Case by case. They should have obeyed the court order.

Answer by Shyster Rich ex-Jew
The jews were fighting Jews and when this was over, they all went across the street and hit the Palestinians with firearms and grenades.
They also destroyed 8 Palestinian cars too!

I feel so good that I had to leave Israel behind me, people!

I don’t hate the Arabs I just wanted to do some business with them. Not kill them.

Answer by l’chaim (JPA)
I find it abhorrent that Palestinians threaten the lives of their own people simply for selling property to Israelis.

“We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.” Golda Meir 1957, before the National Press Club in Washington

“We can forgive you for killing our sons. But we will never forgive you for making us kill yours.” Golda Meir, to Anwar Saddat just before the peace talks. Israeli (Russian-born) politician (1898 – 1978)

Palestinians were offered half of the Palestinian Mandate in 1948 but refused it; Arabs controlled the West Bank and Gaza from 1948 to 1967, yet no Palestinian political entity arose in either place, not even provisionally. Now Palestinians completely control Gaza, but rather than building a state there, they claim that they are under Israeli occupation.
The common explanation is that the Palestinians want a state encompassing the entire former Palestinian Mandate. But a more likely explanation is that the Palestinian national movement is not and has never been a national movement in the ordinary sense of the term. It was for a long time the vanguard of the Arab nationalist movement and is today the front line of aggressive Islamism. The establishment of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a state is not the goal. The elimination of a foreign, non-Arab, non-Muslim entity is the goal.

Are Palestinians the first refugee population in history? Hardly. But they are surely the first refugees who, as a group, have categorically RESISTED RESETTLEMENT, instead living for decades as wards of the international community. Indeed, in Gaza today, years after Israel renounced any territorial claims, there continue to be refugee camps. Why? Why — other than to serve as incubators for hatred that produce recruits bent on martyrdom and mayhem — are there Palestinian refugee camps in Palestinian territory?

The trust deficit is exacerbated by the fact that after Israel quit the Gaza Strip in 2005, Palestinians, instead of building Singapore there, built Somalia and focused not on how to make microchips, but on how to make rockets to hit Israel. Thomas Friedman

Answer by Beautiful Sunset
The jews live illegally (and temporarily) in Palestine.
They are going to pay heavy compensations to each rock or tree they have removed from the holy-land.
Trust me on that . Many psychics say this, when asked about Palestine.
They also say that a very big explosion will bring suffering to some people.
Very soon.
bye bye

Answer by charles h
it was a misunderstanding,the jews didnt get the government memo about how gaza had been succeded to the invading muslim hoards.dont worry the idf is on the payroll.

Answer by mark
New colonialism live.

Written by HEYOKA

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