Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone had a psychic reading with Jusstine Kenzer or Belinda Bentley?

Has anyone read with either of these psychics? If so, how was the reading and was it accurate? Only serious answers….please no “psychics are fake” answers…some people believe and some don’t…i happen to be a believer. Thanks

Answer by George
Jusstine is the BEST!!! She blew me away with her accuracy. When she gave me her reading I was like “yah right, like that will ever happen…” with some of the things she said. But, slowly all the predictions or information whatever you would classify it as really did happen. Plus she’s really such a sweetheart and real. not like some goofy palm reader type like you see in movies or on venice beach.. 5 star.

Answer by Dina Brown
I met Jusstine about ten years ago, and her insight always amazes me. Recently, I was still blown away by how she read a junior high school friend of mine. She just knew my friend’s “hot button” issue and helped her clear it. Which is really what I have seen Jusstine develop and get incredibly good at over the last decade… healing. If you want to see someone who will tell you whether or not the guy you are with is the “right one”, or where to find your missing shoe…she can tell you that… but if you also want someone who can look deeply into your energy field and help you heal core issues, Jusstine is your girl.
I consider myself someone rather evolved in metaphysics, symbolism, and reading other’s issues, and Jusstine is indeed a VERY gifted person. She recently gave me a healing that helped me immensely, and while we have known each other a long time, she did not know anything about the issue she zeroed on and brought up. I’m still working with the information and healing, to my benefit! She rocks!

Answer by E.B.
I don’t know Belinda but have had several readings with Jusstine and she’s amazing. I always actually learn something bigger about life when I have a reading with her and get a healing of some kind – I always feel better emotionally and/or physically – and she doesn’t tell you things or maybe it’s the way she says it that will make you create that reality, if that makes sense. She’s very knowledgable and responsible about what she sees and how she reports it back to you. She’s also been really accurate for me about my career and men…hope that helps!!

Answer by Karyn
Yes indeed I have. At least with Jusstine.

I have worked with Jusstine a number of times and have always found her work insightful. When I first had a reading I was looking for answers about my current business endeavors and she answered those although I chose not to listen and it cost me money. More importantly she gave me information which set me on a whole new course (because I did listen) and I am happier in my current business then I have ever been. I finally feel that I am working my passion. Jusstine is wonderful and I highly recommend her.

Answer by James Lee
I think they are good, but I would suggest more options or start from free reading, for example by email, etc.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Atheists: What do you think of higher dimensions/senses?

When you have that feeling that somebody is watching you, and you turn around only to see somebody watching you. Or when you have a gut feeling about something, you decide to ignore it, and it turns out your gut feeling was right. Or when you have a dream about something, and the next day it happens. What do you make of these events? Do you believe the human mind and body are capable of doing much more then we are currently aware of?
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Answer by Kris
this is such a great question…

Answer by No Splash Without Frog
Not really. There was just a glitch in the Matrix.

Answer by Andrea the Guitar Goddess
There is no scientific evidence for any such thing, only anecdotes, testimony and hearsay, which are the least reliable form of “evidence” there is, and absolutely not worth taking on face value about such an issue. You’ve probably heard that nonsense about how, oh, we only use 10 percent of our brains, and if we used all of them we’d all have amazing psychic and supernatural powers. Well, that’s absolutely wrong. We already use 100 percent of our brains and this is as good as it gets.

Answer by Kajex
read the wikipedia article on deja vu. It explains it.

Answer by Gerry Mander
This is such a stupid question.

Stupid question section =====================>

Answer by Richard Hawkins
It’s called paranoia.

Answer by the_ambusher
Of course. Science is only lately discovering things our brains can do. We are miles away of discovering all the capabilities of it. Our brains can even be responsible for the god feeling which is commonly thought of actually being a feeling from god

Answer by Dem2008
“When you have that feeling that somebody is watching you, and you turn around only to see somebody watching you.”

Sometimes I think humans give off faint sounds, temperature gradients, or wind feelings, such as when they breathe, so that subconsciously detected senses might manifest in your conscious mind as something being behind you. I think that this is a much more logical explanation than some supernatural energy being present when there is a spirit with you. That is unverifiable and has no meaningful description or detectability, really.

“Or when you have a gut feeling about something, you decide to ignore it, and it turns out your gut feeling was right.”

Statistics. Sometimes, your gut feeling is wrong, too.

“Or when you have a dream about something, and the next day it happens. What do you make of these events?”

Statistics. Almost all dreams are nonsensical, but occasionally having one that somewhat vaguely corresponds with reality is to be expected. After all, you dream a few times every night, and dreams are often subconsciously related to events you’ve been thinking about over the last few days.

“Do you believe the human mind and body are capable of doing much more then we are currently aware of?”

Well, the human body is a fascinating entity, just like any other biological organism. I think there are things we certainly don’t know about the brain that are still to be found out. We have pretty good thought processing power compared to other animals. But I don’t think we are magic or anything. Higher spiritual dimensions are entirely indistinguishable from not existing. Anything to do with spirits or psychic entities can never be verified, and tests always fail for them.

Answer by Simon C
How many times do you feel that someone is watching you, but when you look around no one is? That experience doesn’t stay with you, whereas if you were right, you remember it.

Gut feelings are just intuition. Intuition can be right or wrong. We only remember the times we were right, or that we would have been right.

It’s like the situation with psychics. A psychic can make 99 failed predictions, but people only focus on and remember the 1 prediction that turned out to be accurate. It’s an eventuality that they would get one right at some point.

The dream bit I don’t really know about, because I’ve had that happen myself. Usually the event that happens is something pretty mundane, like sitting in a car and having a conversation about something, then realizing “Hey, I dreamed this.”

The theory that would make the most sense to me is that we’re merely in a situation that is very alike something we previously experienced, and so the brain hiccups and thinks we’ve already done/seen it. Why I think that theory is viable is because if you write your dreams down, you don’t experience this deja vu. It’s only when you don’t have a record of your dreams that it happens.

I do believe that the human mind and body are capable of much more than we are currently aware of. This is something that already has examples. People lifting cars to save someone underneath, or people with brains that can recall every day of their life. We can understand how some of these kinds of things happen, but not why we can’t all do them, or why we can’t do them at will.

It could be that it’s our intelligence that is actually holding us back from achieving our full potential, because we rationalize that X isn’t possible, which as a result makes it impossible.

Answer by Simon T

What about the times you turn around and no one is watching?

What about the times that your gut feeling is wrong? (Although a gut feeling is probably your subconscious making a decision based on the information it has rather than your conscious mind.)

What about the times that the dreams do not come true?

We are aware that the human mind and body are capable of things that we do not understand. The evidence points to the universe having 11 dimensions rather than just the four we perceive.
That does not mean that there is something super-intelligent out there in control of it all.

Answer by Emperor Frederick
If you read The Varieties of Religious Experience by William James you’ll find some answers to your question. Read some Jungian psychology books to get your answer. Jung stretched the boundaries extremely far and had paranormal experiences. Scientists have experimented with people by putting a helmet type device on a patients head with electro magnets on it. Through manipulation they were able to put the person into a psychological state where he saw grey aliens and had intense fear and terror sensations.

I’ve watched Ghost Hunters for entertainment but you can actually get educated by how they refute things. There’s a phenomena that happens when you get around an electrical source that is leaking energy that causes intense feelings of paranoia and hallucinations.

When practicing transcendental meditation you can literally feel a change going on inside your brain. It starts with a pressure between your eyes and above your nose like a head ache is coming on. Hallucinations occur and fear sets in. When you continue past that point you feel as though an open door can be slipped into. This has been a common occurrence with many people.

I’m thoroughly convinced the mind does have strength and ability far beyond what people understand today. Unlike some people, I’m not going to close my mind on the subject and continue exploring. It gets frightening but at the same time thrilling beyond your wildest expectations.

Answer by Trawler, troll of gaps

Answer by Michael
Higher spatial dimensions exist in certain models in theoretical physics such as string theory. While they have never been detected directly so for the moment remain theoretical, it is actually fairly straightforward mathematically and if true would explain a few problems in physics such as the weakness of gravity.
But do not confuse what physicists are talking about with the quasi-mystical stuff that you are talking about. Gut feelings, deja vu, uneasy feeling of presence, these are just quirks of the brain neuroscientists understand how they actually work there is nothing magic about them.

Answer by froufrou
i think its a probability

i dont see any reason to beleive this materail existence hasnt got an opposite to it, when everting else does

yes i beleive they are capable and aware of much more

Answer by Suzy Q
What I make of these events is the human ability to remember things if they seem to form a connection. This ability helps us learn and therefore survive, it is an evolutionary trait: touch a naked flame and you will feel pain. You connect the pain to touching the flame and remember the connection.

You will feel like somebody is watching you often when nobody is actually watching. You look around, see nobody is there, subconsciously conclude there is no connection between the feeling and a real watcher, and promptly forget. That one time there actually is somebody watching you though, that seems to have a connection to your feeling of being watched. So you remember. Later in life you will seem to remember that EVERY time you felt being watched you were right. You simply forgot about all those inconsequential times when you were wrong.

Gut feelings and dreams are caused by all the information you subconsciously digest. The whiff of smoke you don’t consciously smell, the tap on the window you didn’t consciously hear, the body language of the person in front of you you didn’t consciously read. On some level you did smell, hear and see, and your instinct is reacting to that information with a gut feeling. Or your subconscious is making connections, good analyses that seep through into your dreams.

Of course there are still mysteries about the human mind and body. But for the cases you describe there are already pretty good explanations.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : If psychics are real then tell me something about myself specifically?

Answer by Vintage Barbie
Fact: psychics are not real.

Answer by Fireball
they arent…..fakes fakes…dont waste your $ $

Answer by Annie Strychnine
Your love to doubt.

Lol psychics are real but their not hollywood and they dont have to prove something about you.

Answer by Bob
Your name is Joseph.

Answer by ideogenetic
Your real name is not “Joe”.

Answer by Clone me baby 1 more time
they are as real as jesus.

Answer by Tigerspaw357
I predict you will read this page and the first 10 anwsers will be vague and confusing and you will specifically sit in front of a computer to read this. Am I right?

After you read the entire page you will realize that A psychic is someone who works for side shows like the cirus or carnavales and take people’s money in exchange for their daydreams and distorted beliefs.

Rather than see a psychic take control of your own life and future you will be able to predict it a lot better because only you know yourself – eh?

Answer by Harry Manback
you are a male

Answer by Mukyu
im seeing that you were a 4 year old in some point in your life

Answer by Rico JPA
I see that sometime in the very near future, you will need nourishment and thus eat. Sometime after that, you will need to void waste, and thus will use a bathroom, and sometime past that, you will need rest, and thus go to sleep. And I foresee that this pattern will repeat itself all the days of your life.

My predictions are guaranteed 100% accurate.

Answer by John
Psychics are people who are good at picking up social cues from people. They also can be very vague in their statements, picking up your reactions and going from there.

Answer by Jemay
By the time you read this you’ve already read it.

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