Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone have success with online psychic readings?

Just curious if anyone has found their readings to be accurate? Or just pure nonsense?

Answer by Sgt. Sarcasm
Online or in-person “Psychic readings” are complete bullshit.

Answer by meepozoid
Give me three minutes and you’ll know one way or the other.

Answer by honigal5566
I used to be a 5 star Keen reader and I know there are a few real gifted people out there as well as lots of charlatans. I suggest

Answer by Magen
I don’t think it’s right when ppl are so negative about psychic readings. Just because they haven’t experienced anything real doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I know that there are actual people with genuine psychic gifts. I would actually challenge anyone who doesn’t believe it to ask this psychic ( a couple of questions and then see what they think. I’ve gone to her for years and have told a lot of other ppl about her, including other Yahoo Answers ppl and I cannot tell you how many messages I’ve gotten about how amazed they were that she was real and how much she knew and how much she helped them.
I just think it’s good to be open minded so I’ve tried a lot of different psychics & numerologists & tarot card readers. I will admit that there were a lot of them that I knew were completely fake and there were some that might have been sort of okay but they weren’t very helpful. But when I found Morgan (the one I mentioned at first, that website I typed up top) I knew for sure that there are people that somehow have a gift. She kind of explains how she gets her information on her FAQ page of her site so that might help you answer this question and decide whether you believe in them or not.

You know, I think the only real way to know if anything is real is to try it for yourself and make your own decisions. If you’re new to her a reading is only $ 5. (That’s makes her much less likely to be a scammer too because who is scamming people out of $ 5? The readings are really long so I highly doubt that she’d waste her time for 5bucks.) If you want to you can just ask her a few questions and then see for yourself if you believe in psychics.

I’ve told so many people about her and have talked to every one of them that got a reading from her after their reading was over. Every single one (including some people that didn’t believe in psychics) of them said all these good things about her and about how they were so surprised and how honest and good she was.

Check out this site if you want to.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have any of you heard of Psychic Nikki, she’s from Canada. If so how accurate is she in her readings?

I had a reading and she told me things like deaths, love, marriage etc…
She said these changes in my life would happen in the next 24 months its been almost a year since my reading only a few things happened so far. I’m curious and feel like going back but not too sure how accurate she is. So if you ever heard of her let me know what you think?

Answer by Brandon
psychic nikki? hahahaha

Answer by Moop
what exactly did she tell you? vague things or what?

Answer by RaTz
Psychics aren’t real.

If you’ve going to bamboozled though, make it by Derren Brown.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic readings

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