Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone in Dublin, Ireland go to a psychic called Eddie Christian?

What were your thoughts on him? Did ny of your future predictions come true and was he accurate regrding past events?

Answer by hefty

Answer by hanibal_smith_2000
Psychics are a bunch of wankers Eddie Christian sounds like a wanker he even has a wankerish name. But is their money in this making up shit about peoples future game.
I might get into it charge like 20 quid an hour and try to be as vague as possible. Like oh i feel u have lost some thing recently. Could be fucking anything.
Sorry for my rant

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are all/most “psychics” quacks (fakers?

… who take monetary advantage of desperate, gullible people? Have you ever seen real evidence of a “psychic” who was truly accurate in their predictions?

Answer by dynamiccharge
i heard that psychics often work for the FBI and various crime units. those are the only real ones i think. you have to make your own good judgments and look out for the usual tricks.

Answer by laughter_every_day
except the fakirs

Answer by Jayasri devi dasi
Though it is a real mystic power one can attain. Most are quacks. They are good at reading faces, clothing, assessing things and picking up certain things very quickly. More reliable is Vedic Astrology which through a very scientific process of reading the position of the stars at the time of ones birth they can tell your past life to some extent and what your qualities will be in this life and probable karma for this life. etc. Western astrology is another quackery thing that is not as accurate because it is based on a false calender. It is a lot of guessing and reading into things also. Read Bhagavad Gita as it is By Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada Which gives the purpose and meaning to human life and realize our constitutional position beyond all this material Psychic stuff.

Answer by paul y
I think all psychic are fake. Houdini researched them and did not find one so called psychic that was for real. You never hear of a psychic winning the lottery? sometimes its a joke to see how gullible people are but its their money. I have been to a spiritualistic church and I don’t believe for one minute they could talk to the dead. In the Bible it warns against fortune tellers as being from Satan…that about sums that up..

Answer by KatEyez4
I’ve seen two psychics who were spot-on and ridiculously specific about things most people wouldn’t know about me–the first one was able to accurately predict things that ended up happening (my having to take care of my elderly parents, for example).

Another one I saw was WAY off and didn’t really get me.

If you ever see one it’s good not to feed into a reading by having too many reactions (b/c that’s how the fakers give cold readings). If they ask you to continually confirm what they’re saying, they’re fake. If they know what they’re doing they don’t need confirmation.

Answer by Artsy Lady
KatEyes is right in her advice about how to act if you have a reading.

There are some people who do have this gift, but very few. Most are fakes. Sylvia Browne is a good one. Some years ago I saw her predict that something bad was going to happen in the stock market during the next month, and it did.

My best friend has readings from a psychic friend often, and lots of the things she says come true. I had a reading from her, and all she told me was true. This same friend referred me to another psychic about 15 years ago, and the things she told me came true, too. Sometimes you have to wait a long time to find out if these predictions come true.

But again, most of these people are fakes.

Answer by Fizzle
Most are. In the rare instances where they make a correct prediction, that correct prediction sticks out over the many they made that were wrong. That’s human nature. My mother visited a Russian tea room where a woman read the leaves when she was young. The woman predicted that my mother would marry a sailor. In fact, she did. But that’s a fairly safe prediction…if it didn’t happen, she would have laughed at it if she had remembered it at all; and it had a reasonable random chance of coming true. That proves nothing. What is needed is a statistically signifigant collection of predictions and the actual outcomes.

On the other hand, I read an article about the government cultivating “abilities” among some persons, and they really did receive (usually somewhat foggy) images or impressions that could be correlated to events that the subject could not have had any knowledge of. They went so far as to give latitude/longitude coordinates and ask for impressions. In those circumstances and with that kind of verification, the results are intriguing.

Answer by ZorbaZiv
Pro’s and Con’s

Follow these simple guidelines to find sound psychic insight from the pro psychics and avoid being taken for a ride by the con artists and charlatans.

Answer by pnn177
Erick its about time I tell you of your special powers.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions


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