Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone in the Sacramento CA area know of a reputable medium?

I’ve searched the web and can’t seem to find any mediums in the Sacramento area. I’m not looking for a psychic and I don’t want to call one of those hotlines.

Answer by Conscious UK

If you want a mediumship reading, try your local spiritualist church below, or phone the other ones around California to ask for a reputable medium ok:-

Central Spiritualist Church
2500 Marconi Avenue #209
Sacramento, CA
Tel: 916-652-4568

First Spiritual Temple
1101 National Avenue #1328
San Bruno, CA

First Temple of Spiritualism
874 Woodward Road #33
Manteca, CA
Tel: 209-825-3940

Golden Gate Spiritualist Church
1901 Franklin Street
San Francisco, CA
Tel: 415-885-9976

Inspirational Spiritualist Church
14284 Beach Blvd.
Westminster, CA
Tel: 714-891-7291

Spiritualist Chapel of the Pines
457 Grass Valley Highway #7
Auburn, CA
Tel: 530-823-1816

Spiritualist Church of Revelation
200 West Colorado Boulevard
Monrovia, CA
Tel: 626-256-3403

Spiritualist Church of Two Worlds
1550 San Leandro Boulevard
San Leandro, CA
Tel: 925-930-6663

Spiritual Science of Life Church
729 Morse Street
San Jose, CA
Tel: 209-887-2043

Summerland Spiritualist Church of the Comforter
1028 Garden Street
Santa Barbara, CA
Tel: 805-965-4474

Temple of Spiritual Truth
732 North Sierra Way
San Bernardino, CA
Tel: 909-825-6809

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why are my envious stalker and my ex boyfriend she stole from me still obsessed with me?

For more than one year, they have been cyberstalking me, hacking my computers and phones, spying on me. Why? Now that they are happily married, why are they still obsessed with me? Do they still feel SO inferior to me? What’s wrong with them? Is it just their mental illness?
Do they realize that their being criminals and delinquents will be prejudicial for their children, unless they want to have their children sent to prison. I foresee with difficulty their children becoming upstanding citizens, instead of criminal like their parents.
Whoever wrote the answer below, you must be confusing me: I am a strong believer and I never try to diminish others. I would never mock someone about their acne. There is no way my ex-boyfriend wrote that, he is not THAT mentally unbalanced.

Answer by Naguru
God alone knows everything. There could be various reasons. Sky is the limit. It is difficult to know the real intentions or motives of all the people in the world.

Answer by ll
How many chances do you want me to give you

“As long as the person who cries every day (which is highly abnormal) is not a psychopath turning the tear tap on just to manipulate you. BTW: People who cry every day are mentally ill.”

I cried sometimes it’s because I want you to know how hurtful I feel, but mainly because the words you said are really really hurtful! I tell you not for you to say I am mentally ill, I tell you so you won’t feel guilty. Why are you so selfish! Ive given you enough chances, everything you say I remember, and it hurts me everyday! lets name a few, when i was constantly sad about my acne cause I felt like you should find someone prettier, all I get from you is nougat face or eww blackheads. I beg you, I dont want to see you again or read anything you write anymore!

Really, many times I did many things FOR YOU. but you are so selfish, all you care is yourself, you never put yourself in someone elses shoe. I am sick and tired of you. Thats really the truth. I used to be so happy before I met you, then I kept trying to perfect myself so I will for once in my life feel like I deserve someone like you, but I keep failing whick made me sad. In addition, you would sometimes point out my flaws, then i just forgave. I am really mad at myself for forgiving you so many times, who in the world would do that after being called worthless, pathetic, etc…

And I forgave you so many times even without you apologizing! why am i the one who is always apologizing and you never ever at least ONCE in your life apologize for things you said!!! things you said were always so hurtful, things that I would always cried about. things that I am deeply sensitive about. Even if Im ugly, doesnt mean you are treat me like shit, im a human being jsut like everyone else who has feelings.

Even if I told your dad about this, it wasnt for me!! its so they would believe you have psychic abilities. You have someone to talk to, I have no one,

and you always give me indirect messages while Im often upfront honest with you about how I feel but you never talk to me directlya bout anything. how do you treat me and how I treat you is totally different!

lastly, you do take everything for granted~! everything! not just the chances i give you! period

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of any good genuine psychic websites that I could get a reading from?

About a specific question or two? I’m willing to pay a small fee.

Answer by lonely but proud
no,but let me know whn you find out!

Answer by odd_raw1966

These are a few you can try. Hope this helps.

Answer by adherentofgod

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on phone psychic reading

Looking for a Phone Psychic Reading? See This Interview with Psychic Medium Cheryl Murphy


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