Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

Answer by antiyahoo
there is no such thing

Answer by Molly6969
Look in the back section of Cosmo, they have free 3 minute readings

Answer by deep_thoughts

Answer by blindgaurdian21
heres one
i see in your future
i see a farm
i see a sheep
i see a goat
i see that its $ 5.99 a min
would you like to know more

Answer by Big Bird
OK first of all im not gracing that question with an answer. Psychic readings and horoscopes are tools of the devil. If you are struggling with something. God is the only answer. He can heal and help you more than anyone. I dont know if you are a christian but if you are not I would engourage you to pray and seek God and you will be healed. Thanks for reading sorry its not the answer you wanted. I hope you take my advice. God Bless.

Answer by spot
If the below web address doesn’t work, type in “keen free offer” on your web search. You get 3 minutes free.

Answer by DiannaLee
Hi. Check out MSN. Also, check out Rochelle Gordon on the computer. Rochelle is pretty interesting.
Good Luck

Answer by calibluz
not physic readings but a pretty detailed horoscope reading.

Answer by rosemary_gaines2000

Answer by JJ
Yes i see that you will be answer and that you will choose a best answer and he will get ten points. That was a freebie O.K

Answer by aphrodite_02
You have problems. And no, I am not stalking you.

Answer by tricia1971
In the end they all charge you! LoL

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know, personally, a good, open-minded psychic that gives free readings?

I’ve always wanted one but have been too shy to ask. And of course the internet is full of scams from people out to get money. So does anyone out there know anybody or is a psychic themselves? I’ll settle for a sample reading if that’s all that’s offered.

Yeah i realize that not everyone believes in this kind of thing, but i do. So don’t be a douche, please.

Answer by Vintage Barbie
Read this answer slowly and thoroughly: Psychics do not exist.

Answer by Desiree
All psychics are scammers after money, sunshine.

Answer by Dreamstuff Entity
There are no psychics.

If you’re susceptible to belief in, well, nonsense like psychics , there is something wrong with your thought process. Either you give credence to claims without any evidence, or you have flawed standards of evidence. In either case, you owe it to yourself to read Carl Sagan’s “the demon-haunted world” to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

Answer by Dogstar Rising
The answer to your questions are as follows:

47.9, an aubergine but only if you wash it first, and you can but it’s illegal in 47 states.

Answer by Oleg
i think psychics dig into your subconscious or something

Answer by House is in the Hizzy.
i can help since i am a psychic in training and i haven’t really developed it much but here is a sample of my reading for you: You are gullible,you have a mother,one of your family members died and his or her heart stopped, you have a nose.

Answer by Corey
Have you sought Bertram R. Forer?

Answer by cj_74hodag
Those things are incompatible. People pretend to be psychics to make money. A true psychic does not exist.

Answer by mia delight
You are a generous person, you would rather give than receive.
You are in a service type job,I keep thinking medical…

You were a daddy`s girl, you are just learning to be calm with your mother.

I see a cat that is black and white, you either have or are looking at a small white dog lots of hair. You like birds like parrots.
You are always fighting to keep fit, but you look good. You have brown eyes and dark hair.

You are easy going and have many friends but just one real close female friend. Many know you but few really “know” you. Right now you are not in any special relationship.You do have a friend but the relationship is young.

Answer by Tom
Here’s a great helpful link on the subject:

Hope it helps xxx

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

Answer by nhiz__image

Answer by musicianvargas
no I don’t know

Answer by solveme
Ask God

Answer by psychic-junkie
Here’s a few tips on free psychic chat rooms, phone psychics, online clairvoyants and tarot readers.

Answer by jamesdraven
I usually do palms and or cards. I find palms to be more accurate as to the past then cards, so I trust palms to the future more than cards. However Seeing as how I do not have you palm, and I am at work and do no have a deck of cards either. I am going strictly clairvoyant.

Lets start with the immediate present.
You are a female.
You are at two sets of cross roads. meaning you have two decisions to make.
one decision is a simple A or B.
Were as the other offers a multitude of options to pick from and may even be allowing you to pick multiple combinations of those options.
I am not clear on your age. I am guessing 23. I could research your Yahoo profile to make sure of this but 23 is either your age or a really important number to you.

Now for your past.
“To garuntee the future you must acknowledge your past.” -Me

Your childhood was amazing unlike many others around you. However you might have found it hard to believe that at the time. But if you look back at what you know now. Knowing the **** that your friends had to go through, it makes your life look a little better.

You did have a few bad things happen in childhood but nothing that either of us wants to share.

You have two siblings. I am guessing an older sister and a younger brother. or the exact opposite.

I have three names that are either part of your life, were a part of your life, and or will be part of your life. One name will fit into each of the 3 catagories.

1.Pat – either Patricia, or Patrick.
2.Rob – either Robert(Bobby) or Roberta(Bobbie) or Robin.
3.Will – either William(Billy) or Wilma

Your Present.
“To know where you are is,
to know not where you are going” -me

The first cross roads (A or B).
You have these two choices becuases, you deserve both of them. We both know that. However you have to choose.
On one hand choice A is a Fixer Upper.
On the other choice B is a Sure Bet with minor investment.

You have to ask yourself if you are ready to take on A.
Or if you want to take the Sure win with B.

A is going to take some work. This is certin. It will be Months maybe even years before you see a positive turn around on this investment. However once it turns around and the profit starts rolling in. The shear AWw expressed by your friends and family will have the memory of Choice B fade like a desert rainbow.

Choice B however will pay off within a week maybe a month.
With minor investment comes minor profit. If you take this easy road you will be stuck in this loop for about 3 years. At the end of which time you will come to your senses and find a something new.

Multitude of Options.

Just a joke…. but what would a reading be without lucky numbers.
daily pick ………. 3 7 9 in that order.
pick 5 …………. 3 7 9 15 42 any order.
and if you have to pick a sixth go with your 23.

Seeing as how I dont have you infront of me for feed back… all I have are calvoyent feelings. Thusly I can advize you specificlly as to which options to choose.

So here are pros and cons in the mulitpul choice.

pros |||cons
The color Red |||The colors Green or Blue
The numbers, 23,3,7,9 |||The numbers 32,6, and 0
Names starting with M |||Names starting with P,A, or J
Fire, Earth, Wind |||Water, Emotion
Next time you see Helen tell her to shy away from anyone named Wayne.

I am willing to give you a reading as often as you wish.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free psychic readings

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