Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are fortune cookies less accurate than Tarot cards?

Why would one method work better than the other? Pros and cons?

Answer by The Wicker Man
well, since taroteers can apply cold-reading on their client, and fortune cookies are default phrases, i’d say that tarot are more accurate in saying what you are willing to pay to hear. but it’s not the truth, not necessarily.

Answer by T R
Not necessarily. Fortune cookies are much cheaper than Tarot card readings, especially if you buy them in bulk. Just keep eating cookies until you get the fortune you want!

Answer by hislady
fortune cookies are mass generated, and the fortunes themselves aren’t geared toward anything or anyone in particular. It’s just a nice thought some guy wrote down on and printed on a piece of paper. I saw it once on a Food Network program.

So there are no pros to this one. It’s just fun (and yummy).

Tarot cards by themselves do nothing. They’re not magic cards. And anybody read them. But it takes a bit of working with them for them to pick up your energy and for you to accurately know what it is they’re telling you. You have to know your cards. They read you, you put your energy into them when you touch them and when you shuffle and think about what you’re asking them, they merely help you gain insight into a situation. The key is that you already know the answers. It’s already inside of you. They’re not fortune telling cards.

Pros… I’ve gotten some really good readings from people who have practiced for a while and are really good at reading the cards.

Cons? You have to know your cards and while you CAN read for yourself, it’s often very difficult to attain a truly unbiased position, which is what you need in order to get an accurate reading. When reading for yourself, your emotions WILL influence the reading.

So, all in all, tarot is better, as cookies are just a treat and not at a fortune teller. But like all things in this area, don’t waste your money on someone who wants to charge you a fortune. There are good readers out there who will do it for free.

Answer by faithless
“Fortune cookie payout
The U.S. Powerball lottery drawing of the March 30, 2005 game produced an unprecedented 110 second-place winners, all of whom picked five numbers correctly with no Powerball number. The total came out to $ 19.4 million in unexpected payouts. 89 tickets won $ 100,000, but 21 additional tickets won $ 500,000 due to the Power Play multiplier option.
Powerball officials initially suspected fraud, but it turned out that all the winners received their numbers from fortune cookies made by Wonton Food Inc., a fortune cookie factory in Long Island City, Queens, New York. The number combinations printed on fortunes are reused in thousands of cookies per day. The five winning numbers were 22, 28, 32, 33, and 39. The sixth number in the fortune, 40, did not match the Powerball number, 42”

Based on this wiki article I will have to say that cookies are more accurate.

Answer by wushuboy001
The pros of fortune cookies are many.
1) You can easily do a self reading with no training whatsoever.
2) They seem to be more accurate than tarots.
3) My favorite benefit is they are usually accompanied by a nice chinese dinner.

The cons are
1) You might be hungry in an hour.

Tarot readings dont even come with a meal, just a bunch of BS and cold reading. Plus, you spent all your lunch money on some psychic, and now you are still hungry.

Answer by tsr21
This is a joke question, yes? Both are equally useless with regard to predicting the future, of course.

Answer by xxl0st_ang3lxx
fortune cookies are made and sold in bulk. they are mass produced and have NOTHING to do with JUST u. tarrot card readings are very personal, and MUCH more accurate

Answer by stephie
ok look fortune cookies are made in america, they were started in america…they are not true…they are a joke. you would have a much better chance with a tarot card… which is prolly fake to.

Answer by Mari
Yep…one is machine made drivel, the other is just plain weird.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who is the most impressive psychic, real or otherwise?

Possibly a police psychic or an entertainer…

Answer by Night Otter
I suppose it’s which ever one has the greatest number of people fooled and is raking in the most money, since there are no actual psychics.
Sylvia Browne maybe?

And BTW the police don’t use psychics, that’s just another tale the psychics like to spin.

Answer by chainlightningâ…ś
The Amazing Kreskin is still around. Wish I could find the clip of Benny Hill doing him.

Answer by Rev. Dr.Mysticfogg
The one who understands the gift and uses it as an avenue to reconnect the rest of us! < The GIFT is not to be used to self promote >


Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
John Edward, no doubt is the best. Even with his smarmy presentation style and obvious cold reading, his marks see him as a compassionate guy.
The secret to being a good psychic is style. A psychic must be able to be dishonest and without conscience while appearing caring and sensitive. No one has it down like Mr Edwards.

Answer by John
I’m going to have to go with Gary Spivey on this one. It’s not because of his cold reading powers. It’s for something even more impressive. It’s like a white aura around his head. See photos at the website below.

Answer by Tunsa
The most impressive psychic in my opinion was Edgar Cayce. Cayce spent 43 years of his adult life answering questions and performing readings for people on everything from “where is my dog” to “how can I relieve my chronic headaches”. There are thousands of cases documented at the A.R.E. in Virginia, and hundreds have been verified as accurate and legitimate.

Cayce never charged for his readings, and he never claimed to have an unusual power. Many of his readings were performed with absolutely no knowledge of the patient and even when the patient was not present. In other words, cold reading cannot be attributed to having been used in all of his readings.

Often, when a questioner was in the room with him, Cayce would respond to their questions before they were asked. He could provide details about individuals with only their name and location.

With over 14,000 documented readings, unexplainable knowledge of people, events, and medical techniques (he had only a high school education), and the generosity to provide his readings for free, he is the most impressive psychic of our time.

EDIT: I have to revise my answer. The most impressive psychic to have ever lived would be Jesus Christ. Healings, psychokinetic transformations of water to wine, creating matter in the form of loaves and fish, clairvoyant knowledge, precognition of his own death, levitation, and, finally, rising from the dead. Events of this sort have never been equalled or witnessed and recorded by so many people.

Answer by inteleyes
I am not going to monkey around like the others that have answer here, I am.

Answer by Netta
Dixie Yeterian

Answer by Alice
In my opinion – Definitely Deb Webber.

She is amazing, you should look her up!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where I can talk to a psychic online for free?

I want to know this. please give me answer.

Answer by Smarty
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