Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are online psychic readings accurate?

No idiots or skeptics please.

How accurate are they? How can read or feel another persons energy or whatever when technically all you see are afew words on a screen?

Answer by Rocky
I have no idea how i should feel about how gullible you are. every single psychic who has taken part in a properly controlled experiment has failed dismally. every single one.

Answer by Blaise Rascal
You are a five-year-old giraffe from Turkmenistan who is studying to be a carpenter.

Answer by brooklyn
“No idiots or skeptics please.”
Great, so no one can answer. You’ve cut out both idiots (people who believe in this nonsense) and skeptics (the intelligent people who’ve studied the mass evidence piled against it).

Answer by Father Earl
I know more about science than you can ever hope to know.

Answer by Twilight
It never works… I’ve seen countless questions in which the asker request no skeptics, no bias comments, no “non-believers”, and so on and it never works… I get so sick of reading the morons that have nothing better to do with their time, they have to come online to yahoo Answers and make fun of and insult people they don’t even know.

I’m sorry, love, I can’t apologize enough for these simpletons and rude actions and comments. Though I am sorry you had to listen to them all…

Anyhow, onto your question, eh? Truth be told, love, if you’re asking how they can do it online, you should first be asking how they can do it at all. Some of the more famous psychics could predict natural disasters that would take place clear across the globe. They didn’t have to be anywhere near that spot or some cases even that person, to know what would happen there or to them. So if you really stop to think about it, love, the Internet would make it easier for a psychic to get a “read” off of any person—anybody from anywhere.

The Internet has certainly made it easier for fakes to make a profit, but it has also made it easier for real psychics to help more people.

I hope this helps you some, love. Much luck in life to you.

Answer by dueshy
it depends on how much information you give them. if they can feel you through your wors and explanaition of your situation, they should be able to help. try this
but make sure you really explain your heart and whats going on

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Website that a army wife was a pyschic?

I cant remember the site it was through a “NING” site. She was a army wife that gave free pyschic readings and it was free and you could make a account. I think it was hope tree or something like that. If you could help please. thanks.

Answer by Go Cubs
you don’t know how to live life if you trust what some psychic says. psychic is latin for psycho

Answer by Sarah
I’m not sure about that but I know this one.
She is a well accurate psychic. Very helpful to me.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychics would you be able to give me a free psychic reading?

most of what i have heard is that they need something like a feeling a presence from the person asking the question do you feel any from me? im interested to know how it all works since i have never had a reading before and a few of my friends have and they said it was quite accurate. so im asking to know what will happen in my future if you find anything too personal out please send it to me by email instead

Most psychic readings are done in person so the psychic can pick up you energy, read your aura, whatever. On-line psychic readings are the most difficult to do accurately because you’re far away and it’s not like your personal energy is being sent out over the Internet.

All I’m picking up is stomach problems, either you’ve had them or are going to have them but it’s not specific. It could be something as mild as indigestion, constipation, or mighit indicate something more serious such as intestinal cancer or ulcers.

I sometimes pick stuff up over the Internet, sometimes I don’t. I have no idea why.

The last person who I answered asked us to tell her what her mother died of and I was right on the money when I said “heart attack” but I got a strong reading from that family. I’m not getting much from you.

Answer by Rob
im not psychic but i think your good at drawing or some kind of art. thats all i can pick up.

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