Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psi balls and physic powers real?

and physci powers?
i was looking on this website and although i ofund it hard to believe, i could understand what they were saying, we only use about 8% of our brain so we could have physic powers with the other 92% etc.
and it was explaining about psi balls (balls of energy) and how to make them, it was kind of weird becasue i could feel my hands repelling agaisnt each other slightly, in a ball shape.

so are psi balls real? are physic powers real?

Answer by wushuboy001
Most of us use 100% of our brain, welcome back from the land of urban myth. And no, psychic powers and psi balls are not real.

Answer by Ron
First of all let’s sort out this myth about using 10% of our brain, it’s a total fallacy.

Now to PSI balls and psychic powers, there are some very clever so called psychics out there who have conned millions of people with their tricks, remember Uri Geller and his spoon bending, he was exposed as a fraud by James Randi who offers $ 1,000,000 to anyone who can prove that they have ANY paranormal powers, under controlled conditions.

Answer by Tunsa
There are a number of myths and fallacies circulating around psychic abilities.

First, only a small amount of our total brain capacity is used at any one time, but overall, nearly all of your brain is used. There is no indication that there is a hidden part of the brain that is used for psychic abilities, though there is some indication that certain people activate specific portions of their brains when they are being tested for psychic abilities.

Psi balls seem to be a creation based on the concept of chi used in martial arts. You’ll find these represented in video games and movies. Chi is a very interesting concept and it has applications in healing, health, and martial arts. There has never been any energy balls that have been measured as emitting from a human. Scientifically, psi balls haven’t ever been detected.

Now, psychic powers have been observed in laboratories, but probably nothing like what you might think. There have never been cases where people have been able to throw objects across the room, be 90-100% accurate in predictions of the future or in seeing what is happening in other rooms, or in “reading minds” at a high rate of accuracy. That’s only in movies. Psychic abilities have been shown to exist at a statistically significant level in many closely controlled laboratory experiments, but they are rarely more consistent than 35% of the time. Typically, experiments have shown small variations from chance, but the results are as significant as many other experiments in the social sciences.

These sorts of results indicate that psi events are occurring, but not at a level dependable enough to have long reaching applications. The science continues to get better and to become more convincing in the scientific community, but there is still a long way to go.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get my star sign chart?

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics and anyone with precognition?

I’ve always had dreams and being able to predict things. But lately its gotten stronger. My dreams are so accurate and now I have these premonitions while I’m awake. I’m a Christian and believe my dreams come from God. But recently I met this guy and I really like him. Ever since I met him my predictions happen more often and are more accurate. Does he have anything to do with this? Has anything like this ever happened to you? Help please I don’t understand any of this!

Answer by Dáwn®
I dont understand why you would need help with your intuition, i would use a bathroom cleaner that kills odor causing bacteria .. consider yourself helped ..

Answer by the clown in the sewer
within the next week, you will use the bathroom. oh my goodness. i think im psychic too! you aren’t. you are delusional.

Answer by Zombie
You’re asking for “psychics and anyone with precognition.” I think you’d have better luck asking for orcs, elves and wizards. At least then you could bask in the silence, as opposed to attracting a bunch of weirdos who think they have magic powers.

Answer by choko_canyon
IF you believe that you have precognition, and IF you think your dreams come from a god, then you need to seek professional help. Seriously, unless you’re just a typical adolescent with a belief in mystical powers, you really need to address your delusions at the clinical level.

Answer by Dangel5
Maybe he is your Soul mate and it just seems strong when he is around. Only with My Husband. Just Pray and let God Give you the answers. God Bless

Answer by Elita
It’s possible that the guy you like has an ability I’ll refer to as “awakening” others. The more he’s around you the more your abilities will awaken until they reach their highest level. The more you are with “an awakener” talking, cuddling, doing other physical acts, and even texting the more you will awaken. The more intimate the activities and the more frequent, the stronger the awakening potential.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

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