Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Psychic Readers/Tarot Readings accurate or real?

What does a psychic reader really do? and what does a tarot reading say about someone? I wish a talented psychic reader could come across my question and can tell me a lil something about me here so that I can shift my perspective because I’m very curious.

Answer by tud1963
They’re a load of nonsense provided by conmen/conwomen to exploit the vulnerable.

Answer by bryceh12321
I question your intelligence for even having to ask this question.

Answer by Crock a duck
No and no.

Answer by nahga kihri
Of course not.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
There’s a difference between a psychic and a tarot reader. Psychics claim to be able to read things about you without any tools… similar to mind-reading or aura reading. I’m not sure how it works, but some psychics also use tarot cards to help them get a read.

Tarot readers don’t have to be psychic. The cards are a combination of symbol systems. They can be used to get perspective on a situation or person by applying the images on the cards to the situation at hand and seeing how it could apply. It’s a combination of logic and intuition.

Answer by Starboy138
Accurate and authentic psychic readings all depend on the person doing the actual reading. The problem here is that there are a more phonies out there than actual authentic psychics. If you want an an accurate reading, you really must work hard to find an accurate one.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Know any good psychics?

Seriously, I’ve had a couple of really accurate readings and a couple that were obviously total crap. Does anyone know a good psychic who does phone readings at a reasonable rate?

Answer by Karl
The only way to find the good ones is to think really hard that you need a reading and what your telephone number is. The one that calls is good. If you have to find them, they’re not good.

Answer by yr2square
Were they accurate or just things you wanted to hear? Take all that stuff with a grain of salt. I know a few psychotics, though.

Answer by tirama11
Hun honestly, just live your life. They don’t even know what they are operating in. Astrology, Numerology, etc; shouldn’t be the deciding factor in how your life is going to go. You can have your best life, if you make a decision to. Save your money and pray….

Answer by Ron
The law of chance alone states that if you go to several psychics, some are bound to be more accurate than others.

Some so called psychics may also be better at ‘reading’ your body language etc and ‘feeding’ you back information that you have given them in a way that makes you think that they thought of it first.

It’s a very deceptive and skillful (albeit crooked) art called cold reading, if you read my link on James Randi you will see how it’s done and how a lot of people are conned out of their hard earned cash.

When the Great Houdini went to a psychic to contact his recently deceased mother, as a magician he easily recognised all of their tricks, he was horrified and spent the rest of his life exposing fake mediums all over the world during his magic shows, he never found a genuine one.

I’m pleased to say James Randi is following in his tradition and has offered $ 1,000,000 to any psychic who will take up his challenge, many have tried and failed, the best known ones who regularly appear on TV and radio have refused to try, lest they ‘kill the golden goose’.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psychics real? Are their readings accurate?

So I went to a psychic the other day for a reading. Most of the stuff she told me she was right like she told me that I kept putting a smile in front everyone but I wasn’t happy inside. I feel trapped and that I was confused about everything. The thing that got me was when she said that I want to express my feelings to someone that’s close to my heart. And it’s this guy who I still like from high school. And she told me that there was betrayal which is true because my ex friend started dating him when she knew I liked him. And then she told me someone from my past is coming back in two years. And she said it might be him. But she told me there’s gonna be a lot of heart aches and headaches. And she also told me that he liked me very much but jealousy came in and people told him lies about me…well I just wanna know…is this true? Like can this actually happen? Thanks

Answer by Sas
Most are tricksters and are “reading” body language or asking vague questions. Others are actually getting their info from demons – which is why the Bible warns to have nothing to do with Spiritism. It is very dangerous to open that door as the demons will come in.

Answer by TB12
What the psychic told you was a generic answer that applies to just about everyone, you’re the one that took what she said and connected it to events in your life. What makes a successful psychic is the ability to read people, has nothing to do with telling the future. Same thing that makes for a successful salesman or con man.

Answer by Chris Q.T.

this may guide you hun

follow your heart always kay, God is right within your heart, the center of your chest

your heart is what shines upon all humanity

Answer by V
I 100% believe in psychic abilities but what she is telling you is VERY general and also the same exact things that other scam psychics would tell you. I’ve been to many – fake and real ones – and the fake ones say the same exact thing all the time.

“you’re a very creative person…”
“you have many jealous people around you..”
“you’re unhappy and are having troubles in your life..”
and on and on…

But there are many real reputable psychics as well. If you are in NYC – i recommend Therese Relucio ( She’s to the point, fast (so you don’t wast time), down to earth and easy to talk to. She also tells you everything she gets even if it is not good news. She told me I was going to lose my job because someone was spreading these rumors about me – sad but she was correct.

Do your research before you go to any psychic at all, and be careful! Feel their energy out and if you get bad vibes, don’t go there.

Hope this helps!

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