Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are the psychics on chat websites accurate?

Answer by tim k
there is no such thing as an accurate scamm artist as this is what the are,lets just think about it even if sidekick abilities are possible do you think it would be over the internet .
there is an old saying believe nothing of what you here and only half of what you see

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psychics readings accurate ?


I called a psychic off of to get closure to the recents loses that have occured. I lost my aunt and 6 months later, my mom passed away. So I really just wanted some closure since no one could tell me the exact reason my mom passed. But she ended up telling me that she saw a picture of a little boy and asked me if I was a mother and I told her no. She said that I’m going to be a mother to a little boy soon.

So are psychic readings accurate? Has anyone seen a psychic and have their readings come true?? Any insight would be wonderful ( except for rude comments (: )

Answer by Carlos K

Answer by Bend
psychics are false how can a human possess the power to see the future

Answer by Avondrow
For a given value of accurate! The use of hot and cold reading, counting hits and passing over misses and above all the use of Barnum statements, can create the illusion of accuracy.

I have used such techniques myself in demonstrations, and had people insist that they were accurate even after I had explained how they work!

Answer by Kristy Smith
Sometimes yes, sometimes no

Psychics pick up signals of information and then it’s up to their brain to interpret it. Sometimes they interpret incorrectly…. and sometimes they probably pick up information about someone else’s, but don’t know it

Answer by interested1208

Not being rude, just honest…

My guess is that she asked you a lot more questions than she gave you answers… they make guesses based on how you repond to those questions. It’s called ‘cold reading’. Please look it up, it’s more than can be covered here. For ‘predictions’ or what they pronounce as something a dead person is telling you, you have no way of knowing if they are right or not.

What if you accepted her ‘predictions’ as fact, you would probably change your life to match, either creating the future you think she ‘predicted’. Or worse, creating a life that is worse by chasing something that never existed…

As for your baby boy, are you presently pregnant? You know that she has a 50-50 chance of being right… What if you planned never to have children? Would you change your mind just to get the boy she ‘predicted’???

All the best to you, my condolences on the lose of your mom and aunt… be skeptical first…


Answer by Damn!
Yes SOME psychics are real and some are fake. I would just guess the ones you get on a site like would be fake.

I have had psychics tell me very useful things and yes, they were true…so the ability does exist…the psychics I saw charged very little to nothing money wise. And I find the more the ‘psychic’ is interested in money, the less accurate they are.

Answer by drea
Definition: Belief that a spirit part of humans survives death of the physical body and can communicate with the living, usually through a person who serves as a medium. Some people believe that every material object and all natural phenomena have indwelling spirits. Sorcery is the use of power that is acknowledged to be from evil spirits. All forms of spiritism are strongly condemned in the Bible.

Answer by Thomas J
Please don’t tell me it was an overseas call; whilst trying not to be rude they are literally robbing you over a telephone call simply by proving comfort you could just of easily gotten from a family member.

The main thing that I’ve noticed with ‘psychics’ is their reading are so incredibly vague they can apply to almost anyone. Take for example say they were trying to guess the size of your passed family members and told you that they are ‘sensing’ (More like guessing) that they were average weight. Can you see what they’re doing? They can never give accurate readings, it’s a guessing game while chucking in common phrases like “I’m sensing”, “Their energy is really strong” and anything that’s pretty out there. An example from your phone call would be her saying that you’re going to be a mother soon, she didn’t give a date but only tells you soon so it’s determined by what you consider to be ‘soon’, which leads in some pretty credulous, naive and impressionable people.

A magician named James Randi has offered prize money of 1 million dollars to any psychic that can clearly demonstrate some type of supernatural power. This competition has been going on for over 20 years and so far nobody has won the money, why? Because if they don’t already have enough of it by scamming people that happen to be going through rough times looking for closure and support, going on the show would show them to be frauds.

I’ve thrown a lot of information at you so I suggest you have a read over this a few times and you’ll eventually understand the point I’m trying to make if it isn’t already clear. I’m sorry for your loses and wish you all the best. Here’s some good advice, stop blowing your hard earned money on these con-artists!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Seeking all Psychics!!!?

I’m curious to see just how accurate self-proclaimed psychics can be. I have a few questions I’d like for them to answer about my future. If you don’t want to answer, you don’t need to. I thought it’d just be interesting to see.

-What career will I have?
-What is the name of the man I will marry?
-How many children will I have?
-Is the project I’m working on now going to succeed?
-How will I die?

Answer by ANDRE L
Cold reading is a series of techniques used by mentalists, psychics, fortune-tellers, and illusionists to determine or express details about another person, often in order to convince them that the reader knows much more about a subject than they actually do.[1] Without prior knowledge of a person, a practiced cold reader can still quickly obtain a great deal of information about the subject by analyzing the person’s body language, age, clothing or fashion, hairstyle, gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, level of education, manner of speech, place of origin, etc. Cold readers commonly employ high probability guesses about the subject, quickly picking up on signals from their subjects as to whether their guesses are in the right direction or not, and then emphasizing and reinforcing any chance connections the subjects acknowledge while quickly moving on from missed guesses.

Answer by Bella
Sweetie, my uncle one time went to a psychic when he was in his twenties ,who told him that he was going to die by the end of that year.

And guess what happened? All year long he was in a constant panic, until the end of the year came
and nothing happened.

These “psychics” get their information from the demons who know most of our thoughts ( since they have implanted many of them in our minds, plus hear us speaking our thoughts and desires verbally)

They know what your past has been like ( since all demons are in well connection with eachother, and have been there to witness it)

They usually have a slight idea of the future, but it’s limited to what has been revealed to them about it from overhearing peoples plans for their future, and the people that the demons plan on orchestrating you meet, and orchestrating that happen to you.

Do NOT put your faith in them! But look to God / Jesus and His Word ( The Bible) for guidance in YOUR life.

(Romans 8:28) “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God.”

(Proverbs 3:5-6) “Trust in the LORD with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

(Philippians 4:6) “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.”

(Psalm 55:22) “Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you.”

(1 Peter 5:7) “Give all your worries and cares to God, for he cares about you.”

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