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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any established spiritual and holistic companies in the UK? Tarot readers and psychics?

Thanks guys – can you supply me with the names of any psychic, tarot, clairvoyant related companies and businesses in the UK, the more established and well known the better? Thank you,

Answer by Julie Weaver
I saw the stupid answers you got with your other question, so hopefully I’ll be able to help.
There are a few companies that deal with Tarot and there is The Tarot association of the British Isles and there is that has lots of links so you should be able to find some uk based companies there.
I have a tarot blog at thats got links to stuff like Michele Knight so have a look at that.
If they aren’t helpful enough try searching for ‘uk tarot reader’

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a such thing as psychic Christians?

I DO NOT mean palm readers or terror cards or gazing balls or whatever that stuff is–people who work with that are sinister.

Answer by Hey Hey
No , but God does give people wisdom to those who seek it.

Answer by Codey
There’s psychotic Christians i know that much.

Answer by Happy Penguin
anyone who uses terror cards is sinister in my book! Think it got a bit lost in translation there.

And the answer is no. There are no psychics, christian or otherwise.

While there is certainly more to the human mind than we currently know about, I am certain that talking to the dead is not a reality, and at best a self delusion, and at worst, a scam to part the recently bereaved from their cash….

Answer by Coram Deo
Not psychic but prophetic and other gifts of the Holy Spirit such as discerning of spirits can sometimes seem similar to psychics but are far more accurate because the gifts are God given and Holy Spirit empowered.

Answer by Kurtis
When you say ‘psychic Christians’ you mean people who can foretell the future? Well, these people are called prophets. Hardly anyone today is a prophet, as most of them were a couple hundred years before and after Jesus was born and died, but I’ve heard of people who had prophetic visions of the future to help them out at a critical moment.

In saying this, there are stacks of false prophets too. Try not to fall for these ones.

Answer by homechrch
Psychic is also sinister, if only you will receive it.

‘Psychic’ comes from the Greek word ‘psuche’ which means ‘of the soul, coming from the soul’. As such, it refers to someone who receives information through the soul (ie. the mind, the emotions and the will). Now – if you will receive it – ‘through the soul’ is not the proper channel to receive truth, because it is the realm through which evil spirits work and plant their suggestions, but not the Spirit of God. You will never receive anything from God through the soul, or ‘psychic’ means.

How do you receive from God, then? Well, the Holy Spirit speaks to people through an entirely different means, which is a pure means, and it is his special avenue – it is through the spirit which is in man, through his own spirit. When information comes to you through the Holy Spirit speaking to and through your spirit, then that is not ‘psychic’ at all, it is ‘spiritual’.

There are lots of psychic Christians around, actually, but most of them think they are receiving ‘from Spirit to spirit’ but they are not, they are receiving ‘into the soul’. These are they who have strayed from the truth in what they believe and are now into ‘the wild and wonderful’. Their meetings are more like ‘pandemonium’ rather than where the Spirit of God is.

You must know what I mean. These strange manifestations are not of God and anyone with a modicum of commonsense and a knowledge of the Word ought to know that. But so many of them will not listen to warnings, until they make ‘shipwreck’ of their faith.

That is what playing with spirits does, it destroys everything in the end and leads away from the knowledge of the true God. But many Christians are deceived and choose to go after these things because they give them strange thrills which have brightened up what was otherwise a rather ‘boring’ Christianity. Because they never really knew God in the first place, they are like children playing around with whatever amuses them.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What would happen if you pretend to be a different person and went to a psychic?

So if you went to a tarot reader or a psychic and starting adopting a different persona, and making up a problem that you want help with, what would happen? Like would your energy get mixed up and the psychic would start saying true things about you?
@ mr Poision: loool

Answer by Mr Poison
You would be hunted by demons haunting your sleep in a psychotic psychic way like in the film Ghost.

You would upset the Yin and Yang of the tarot reader and could cause the second coming or the arrival of the anti-Christ.

Save your money and try a dose of reality…

Answer by Hopp24ycat
Not that I ever believed, but I’ve been to Tarot card readers and not one single thing I’ve been told was true or ever came true. No horoscope, palm reading or anything else has been true.
In spite of this, I do not mess with Ouija boards. I once saw a card table that was used by the family of a fellow student go right out of control. It was bouncing and nobody was touching it. it wasn’t a fake. The only way it could have been faked was for the student to somehow get into the building when it was under construction ten years earlier and then somehow arrange for this particular teacher to have this particular class in this particular room.
It was pretty scary and I have come to the conclusion that these things are best left alone.

Answer by Shenaynay
Nobody is actually psychic, so it would depend how good an actress you were, if you seemed fake the person pretending to be psychic might catch on, if you were convincing they would just make up whatever it was they thought you wanted to hear.

Answer by lolit

Answer by Voices In My Head
That would tell you something about the psychic. I have to tell ya, I think psychic things happen to people, but I don’t think it’s a pay to play deal. Don’t spend too much and take it with a grain of salt.

Answer by Scarlet MacBlu
The reader would probably interpret his or her impressions through the lens of whatever false personae you were inhabiting. So, lets say you are married but claim that you are single… the reader, if a good one, might talk about your husband, but believing that you were single, would be talking about him as a boyfriend or even father-figure or teacher (or however you feel about your husband). We would probably pick up that there was someone special, but we wouldn’t consiously know what to call him or how to interpret it based on the false information you’re giving us.
The reading you get would, on the surface and in the details, be completely rediculous, but when you got home and picked what was said apart, you’d probably find that it was eerily correct as an overall impression.

We get impressions, but we don’t know everything. It would be very rude to do what you are suggesting… why lie to people? What could you hope to gain by telling lies to someone who is trying to help you?

Of course, if the psychic is just a scam artist or merely an entertainer rather then a genuine diviner, then you’d still be getting your money’s worth since you’d still, presumably, be getting entertained.

Answer by Betty The Chaser
A couple of times like that and you’d blow their cover !

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