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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any real psychic readers out there?

I need to ask any real psychic readers am I gonna get pregnant this year? Please be a real psychic I tried looking up psych is online and there just fakes.

Answer by lily
Jst ask God to bless you with a child. Pray about it I believe you get pregnant this year if thats wat u desire

Answer by vis
don’t dwell on it and it will happen sooner the more you stress over this the likely it not will be

Answer by Maj Hewitt’s Equestrian Acad
Sorry, I’m a fake psychic.

Answer by Magen
You should go to

She’s the real deal. I’ve recommended her so many times & each time I do, the person comes back to me amazed and then they recommend her to their friends & family! I actually just recommended her to a couple other people on Yahoo Answers & they messaged me Thank You notes–they were really impressed!

Also–she’s very honest. Sometimes information comes to her and she can get a good picture, but if information isn’t coming through–she’ll tell you that too–she won’t just make up some b.s.

Answer by Megan
right now in your mind you could be rady for a child but right now in these few months i dont see it happening but however december 21st will the the day you get this news

for futher details email me @

Answer by deborahpsycic
psychic here

The problem with getting a free reading is you usually get what you pay for. and remember those poor psychics have to feed their families. so don’t hate.

As far as your question i will first “Preach” why are you looking to get pregnant right now? I see so much going on, how will you find time? and a child is not going to solve all your problems!

Babies will come into your life when they are supposed to… when you are ready emotionally, physically and financially. you have plenty of time.. relax.

you can get some tips to hurry the effort.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how can you tell the difference between a genuine psychic and a charlatan?

those who claim to “read” things.

i met a psychic reader and she claims to do “all kinds of readings” and that she’s licensed by the state. she does have a legitimate business though.
is it worth a try?

Answer by Ogo Pogo
Does she have a disclaimer stating that it’s “for entertainment purposes only”? If she does and wants money it should raise a red flag.

Answer by ?
only a charlatan takes visa, the rest take american express.

Answer by EddieJ
There is no such thing as a genuine psychic.

Answer by azred_tx
Ask the “geniune” psychic to predict next week’s lottery numbers, what you will have for lunch tomorrow, or–a *real* test–what object I have in the back section of the middle drawer in my desk at work.

If they get any of those questions correct then they are “genuine”. If not, then they are a fake.

Answer by paradiseemperatorbluepinguin
If she/he does it for profit he/she is a charlatan, and he/she does it for Love, to help and guidance, then you got a psychic.

Answer by Mintz
Licensed psychics? Do they have to take a test?

Answer by scribblo
Easy. Only one of those things actually exists.

Guess which one?

Answer by allan b
A Psychic has demons but a Charlatan does not. Either way they are fake.

Answer by YY4Me
Anyone who says they’re a “genuine psychic” is a charlatan. Easy, eh?

Having a license to be in business does not mean that the state endorses the product or service being sold.

Answer by Scorpion Mother
If her price is reasonable, and you can afford the luxury to pay for the service she is providing, then it can’t hurt to give it a try, but don’t pay more than you can afford. Just because she has a business license doesn’t mean she is a true, genuine psychic. Some psychics do go through testing and get certified in their area of specialty, but there are never any guarantees. It’s always better to find someone through a referral, preferably someone who has already been to the psychic and can vouch for their accuracy and level of professionalism. It’s more important to look at ethics than certificates. Keep in mind, some psychics “connect” better/stronger with some people than others. Don’t be gullible, listen to your own intuition. If you have a good feeling, then open up to change and give it a chance. If you have a bad feeling, it’s probably something you want to stay away from. You won’t know whether she is worth it or not unless you give it a try, but you do need to be aware of some things so you don’t walk in blindfolded and get scammed.
1) Never hire a psychic who claims to be 100% or 99% accurate – no one, not even a psychic, is right ALL the time. A true psychic will tell you the truth about what they can and cannot see. No one can see and know everything!
2) Keep away from a psychic who offers to remove a curse or cast a spell or perform magic for a fee
3) No psychic should ever make you feel doomed, helpless, or scared into coming back and paying more and more fees to “fix” your situation
A “genuine” psychic is one who inspires, uplifts, and offers guidance and positive encouragement to help you reach your highest good.  You should walk away from your psychic feeling positive, peaceful, and empowered. If you feel good about the insight she had for you, then nothing is lost! If you feel uncomfortable or don’t like her or just don’t feel there was a genuine connection, then take it as a learning experience and don’t go back.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I get the most out of my psychic reading?

I’ve never had a psychic reading before, but I stumbled into a little hippie store the other day and booked an appointment with a psychic (tarot reader) for this saturday. My mother passed away when I was young, and I didn’t get a lot of answers regarding her death. How can I get the most out of my psychic reading? Should I ask her questions? What has your experience with psychics been?

Answer by It’s so clear now!
the time to grow up is now

Answer by Francisc H
Pay double.

Answer by Headbanging Atheist
On your 7th Birthday it will be better. That is in a week I believe.

You believe in psychic readings? Only infants do.

Answer by Angel
Firstly let me explain to you that being a psychic without being gifted is actually a sin since it is pleading from the Devil for power.

If you cross such person and allow him/her to use the Devil to intrude your life you will be a major sinner.

Of course there are alot of fake people.

But the safest and most significant way is to ask a Priest or your heart.

Questions are just words you ask to satisfy curiousity. You won’t die from it.

Say there is a secret..

That every question asked .. God has already implaneted the answers deep within your heart.

Answer by john m
give me your money and i’ll answer all the question your may have.

Answer by andyallwood
I’m sorry to inform you of this but psychic reading is a sham, don’t bother wasting your money on this.

Answer by


Answer by SadharaSatguru

Well you would have been by now.

For contact with a loved one you need a Medium, so the Tarot Reader will be a Clairvoyant, with or without Mediumistic abilities. So you may not get the answers on that level you wish.

I hope that it went well for you.


Answer by Miss E
I’m a psychic medium, I can give you a free reading *i usually charge*
you can ask questions, but mainly I tell you what i see/hear/feel.

If you’d like to know more, please email me at

good luck with ur experience

Answer by in case of emergency mike angel.
just dont ask questions that make you look like a Fool: Beginning of adventure. Enthusiasm. New opportunities beckon. Unlimited possibilities. Pleasure. Passion. Rashness. Obsession. Mania. Folly. Thoughtlessness. Lack of discipline. Immaturity. Frivolity. Delirium. Spontaneity. Levity. Unrestrained excess. Infatuation. Indiscretion. Tendency to start a project without carefully considering all the details. Reluctance to listen to advice.
The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. The Magician: Originality. Creativity. Imagination. Self-reliance. Skill. Willpower. Self-confidence. Dexterity. Ingenuity. Flexibility. Craft. Masterfulness. Self-control. Deception. Sleight of hand. Unity of thought and emotion. Determination to see a task through to completion.
The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced. Queen of Wands: A sympathetic and understanding person. Friendly, loving, honorable and chaste person. Practicality. Feminine charm and grace. Capacity for meaningful expression and love. Gracious hostess. Sincere interest in others.
The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude. Two of Wands (Dominion): Mature individual. Ruler. Attainment of goals and needs. Boldness. Courage in undertakings. A dominant personality.
The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Knight of Cups: An invitation or opportunity may soon arise. Arrival. Approach. Advancement. Attraction. Inducement. Appeal. Request. Challenge. Proposal.
The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. Page of Swords: A person adept at perceiving and uncovering the unknown or that which is less than obvious. Insight. Vigilance. Agility. Spying. A discreet person. An active youth. A lithe figure alert to unknown dangers.
The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. The Lovers: Love. Beauty. Perfection. Harmony. Unanimity. Trials overcome. Trust. Honor. Possibly the beginning of a romance. Deep feeling. Development. Optimism. Letting oneself go. Freedom of emotion. The necessity of testing or subjecting to trial. Struggle between sacred and profane love. Examining. Yearning. Possible predicaments. A person deeply involved in the emotions and problems of a friend or relative. A meaningful affair.

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.