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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any realy psychic-mediums here?

What would you recommend to write down your channeling?

a tape-recorder? a leather note-book? or microsoft word?

Answer by Dr. Truth
A leather note-book.

To prove to you that I am a psychic medium–

You are sitting at a computer… yes… sitting at a computer and you’re on the internet… surfing… hmmm… surfing Yahoo! Answers…. asking questions….

Answer by Punky (Punk Atheist)
If there were, they would have emailed you your answer before you posted the bloody question…

Answer by Aurora Ryynänen
There are no psychic-mediums here, sir; try the next aisle to your left. This is the psychic-large section.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do i need in order to become a psychic medium ?

I am really into being a medium, and now it’s just driving me crazy. I am always thinking about spirits and becoming a medium and it’s driving me to the point where i just wanna become a medium and stop worrying about it. Yes, i know to stay away from boards and potential demonic spirits, but my question is: Do i need like a special necklace, or does one need to be born with the power. I can feel things in my dream , but every night i have mostly the same dream: me being able to change things for example it was snowing in my dream so i made it sunny and bright. I have had weird experiences such as on time we were getting snow-cones and there was a mosquito light(a light that attracts bugs and kills them) i kept staring at it for some reason. And i was just messing around , trying to be funny, and i snapped my fingers- the light automatically turned off.. Another question i have is, should i try to become a medium alone…. i have never contacted my spirit guide ever… what do i do and is it safe to do it alone, please help.

Answer by Semtex
To become a medium or psychic you have to either become deluded or become a liar. There’s no such thing as psychic powers, belief in such things is stupid.

Answer by michael r
well, theres is a pecking order. You must first start out as a psychic small and work your way up to medium. Eventually you might be able to be a psychic large.

Answer by Javi
Being a medium and staying away from spirits is impossible -.- all spirits that speak to humans speak half truths to deceive

Answer by Francis
To be a successful medium you need:

No care for evidence based reasoning.
A love of money.
A talent for lying.
A sense of theatrical timing.
A love of guessing games (“I hear a name, it starts with a J, no? well maybe an A did this person have a pet…?)
No feeling of care for the bereaved.

Answer by Chi girl
You either have extra sensory abilities or you don’t. No one *decides* to have them.

It sounds like you feel relatively powerless in your life, and are fantasizing in order to deal with it.

Answer by Beau Nobo
You have to be somewhere between a psychic small and a psychic large.

Answer by Kimberle
Every once in a while I peruse this site of ignorance and even dare to comment on a question so full of hate ful ignorance in its comments I have to respond this is one of those times.

First I am a tested, proven, highly respected Psychic Medium, & Channel I am called on by various police agencies and have worked on many cases. All that was listed regarding what I do as a psychic is not only so ignorant and backwards I’m not even insulted only have pity for those who chose to display there fear closed little minds daring never to venture out of their trailer parks.

To Asker:

You can not learn to be psychic or a medium or channel as for myself and other well known intuitive it is something we are born with. Your knowledge & understanding of what a real psychic or psychic medium is and does is limited if your as interested as you say there are many great books that are clear and describe in detail what the truth is about psychics their abilities and such.

For starters YA will only give you wasted energy dealing with the lower end of people lacking any life experience or real knowledge only getting to the 5th grade after all does limit them 🙂 Feel free to contact me off list i you want more info.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic mediums

Psychic Mediums Suzanne and Jean Vincent Psychic Reading in Pittsburgh

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