Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any Wiccans willing to be interviewed for a student project?

Must be in the Los Angeles, CA area.

Comment with your name, phone number, and city in Los Angeles that you live in. This is for a project in which I must learn about a new religion, and for the media of our project we are making a short film so you must be willing to be filmed. Thank you soso much!

Answer by Kat H
you may want to change your media if you are looking for people to interview in LA and asking on here… i’d’ve been willing to be interviewed in text, however, florida is a bit of a trip… maybe mixed media will work? try looking in your local phone book for pagan gathering festivals/groups/covens. group activities tend to pick up this time of year anyhow with samhain and solstice and yule all coming. Search for anything “new age” “wiccan” “pagan” “witch” “witchcraft” or “holistic” perhaps even try psychics and those sorts who have offices locally (don’t call miss cleo, lol) i think that the best start to your journalistic expedition would be a metaphysical shop, magick shop, or something similar.

Answer by Tareksgirl64
You might ask your question in the religion and spirituality section. It is under society and culture. I have seen wiccans there.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are telephone psychics the same everywhere?

The link below is to a short UPI story about a Moscow crackdown on phone-in psychics being charged with fraud, for doing what telephone psychics do, convincing people they are cursed and then charging money to remove the curse over the phone.
I personally have no doubt about the actual fraud, but I’ll admit to having mixed feelings about the legal charges. People have to know what they are getting into when they call these ‘psychics’, and nobody made them call, and nobody is forcing them to pay for something they don’t want. I say if people are gullible enough to allow themselves to be fleeced by strangers they themselves call on the telephone, then they are getting exactly what they pay for.
On the other hand, why shouldn’t psychics be required to show their qualifications and obtain state licensure such as nurses, accountants, plumbers, and other professionals and tradespeople must do? If their powers are real, they should have no trouble demonstrating them, in order to prove they are worthy of licensure. Make sure the people get what they are paying for, in other words.

Answer by The English Ghost
A very good question indeed – well posted!

Well, this is only my personal opinion, but I would never ever trust one. One of the laws of the universe states that to prostitute a God-given gift for money is simply not on. Those who do will surely lose it. Those people are in business to make a profit, remember, and they do – and can distress people into the bargain.

Just my humble opinion, of course ………


Answer by Furious Unicorn
All people obviously don’t know what they are getting into when they call psychics, don’t forget that some people are not very bright, mentally ill, or their bull**** filter is just broken. That’s why we need laws to protect those people from fraud. You’d think it would be obvious that a Nigerian prince doesn’t really want to deposit five million into your bank account, but apparently for some folks it isn’t.

All psychics are lying thieves since they are taking your money and not providing the service as advertised whether or not they charge you extra to lift imaginary curses.

I must have been out the day the Universe issued the rule book on what you are and are not allowed to use your gifts and talents for. Strange isn’t it that the Universe doesn’t mind people using real gifts like musical or mathematical ability to make a living but gets all snakey about the paranormal ones.

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