Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can any ACCURATE psychic or clairvoyant reader please tell me if I will settle down?

I am not looking for a bunch of people to tell me psychics are fakes or frauds or don’t exist. I already know that they do. I am looking for someone with the gift of second sight to tell me if they see me settling down and if they can get an initial or description of the person. Do I already know the person or have I yet to meet them? Thank you in advance. And since I am also psychic, I would be happy to read for you in return if you wish.

Answer by Dane
You’re not looking for people to tell you that Psychics are frauds? Then WHY did you post this question???

Answer by Agnostic Libertarian
Your future is not set but for the future you make for yourself.

Answer by Methane Mama
What you want is a free reading because you’re too cheap to pay them for their “service.”

Most of these people already live like church mice and here you are wanting free handouts.

Of course, I don’t really care. I’m satisfied to laugh at you for believing in such foolishness in the year 2014, while having access to the internet.

Answer by Joseph

Answer by Auroch
Psychics are fake and you’re wasting your time.

No need to thank me.

Answer by Evan
How do you know real psychics exist?

Are you psychic?

I’m sure a person claiming to be a psychic would be happy to help you with your question. I wouldn’t trust their answer, though.

You should ask someone who knows you.

Answer by Leo D
No, because you are a strong, independent, black woman who doesn’t need a man 🙂

Answer by Simple Jack
I shook my psychic orb for you. It said, “my reply is no”, making your other questions moot.

I don’t need you to read for me, my psychic orb tells me everything.

Answer by mila
You have a desire to meet a perfect partner, it's not magic. Write down the characteristicsyou admire and post Iit somewhere you can see it daily. Notice the people that you meet, listen to what they tell you about themselves, and you'll pinpoint the person the fits your agenda as if they came to order.
The danger od psychics is you may get a reading that is very negative and like the above exercise, in this case you'll expect a negative outcome – and get it.
In both scenarios, it's ultimately you that decides your fate.
Don't give up uour hopes on the whim of others.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : HELP! Was this psychic real or accurate?

I just had a reading, (it was over the phone), and I asked her to focus on a couple of questions I had in mind. I first asked her about a specific graduate school and if I would get admitted. I made the mistake of saying it was a competitive school, so that gave her a clue to make a prediction.
I’m not really sure if she answered my question. She said that I shouldn’t focus on the name of the school or how popular it is, but rather I should have different schools in mind. She also said that the school I would get into might not be my first choice, but it would still make me happy. However, she stated that I still might have a chance at my first school,
Okay..with that being said, either way she is “right.” Either I get in or I don’t. Come on. I could have made that assumption myself right?
I also asked her about a certain ex that I had in mind. One of the first things she asked was, “have you guys stopped talking?” Well…shouldn’t a real psychic be able to figure that out?
She also asked me how my relationship was with my father. Again, isn’t that something a psychic shouldn’t have to ask?
Has anyone ever had an accurate reading? How can you tell? Isn’t a good psychic one who doesn’t ask any questions? Or is this something that they have to do for basic knowledge/insight for the reading?
Please let me know your thoughts! Thanks!!
Codex…what are your thoughts on her prediction about my ex? When she asked, “Have you guys stopped talking?” Is that a red flag? Shouldn’t she know this?
I had one psychic tell me my ex would change and we would get back together. However, this psychic is telling me no and that the likelihood of this happening is him using me as rebound and me being hurt again. I would believe her, but she had to ask if we were still in contact and how my relationship w my father was..kinda fishy ya know?

Answer by simonxl2003


Few people just making fool of other people.

youre relationship with your father, only two people can tell you better,


Sorry, but there is ZERO shred of evidence that psychics are real. They all use the same techniques… Cold Reading, Warm Reading, Chance Questions, they are pros at conning and should be avoided. Please never give your money to a psychic they are not worth the penny. I am seeing that you are beginning to doubt the psychic which is a plus. I would recommend looking into James Randi and Derren Brown about Psychic Phenomena.

Answer by Codex Buranus
I do admittedly feel sympathy with a psychic where the client is troublesome and demanding and expects that she ought to “just know” absolutely EVERY detail already and won’t give any background. That said, I also agree that your psychic was doing some cold reading (saying neutral or general things that can apply to most any situation) to try to boost her success rate with you. Yet it also could be she’s one of those who didn’t want to bear bad news and so tried to soften her “no” answer with a bunch of advice finished by “but you still could get into your first pick, maybe.”

The best psychic I knew and used, I initially would try to give as little information as possible about my inquiries; but the thing was, she saw snippets of visions rather than a full story, so she’d do her best to make a guess as to what the stuff she was seeing was but would often predict wrongly… often, time would pass and I would realize she’d been right in what she *saw*, but she guessed it to be a different circumstance or guessed some key element like the timeframe to be totally off. I knew one girl who used the same psychic and asked about her boyfriend at the time. The psychic told her she saw them parting ways but then reuniting on a trip and eventually getting married, all very detailed. Well, she did break up with that guy she was with… then met and married a totally DIFFERENT guy but under the same conditions that had been described; the psychic just couldn’t tell the difference between the fellows.

Here is the thing: not all fortune tellers are psychic, and unless they specifically advertise that they are psychic I would say don’t expect it of them. Some people just read palms, or cards, or astrology charts, or whatever and do not see any special visions or the like. Of the remainder, I find it’s rare to find a really good psychic who really sees visions and doesn’t just cold read, but even then they may not actually understand what they themselves are seeing.

Answer by Roddy
There are only two kinds of psychics. The cons that want your money and the nuts that really think they are psychic.

It is unfortunate that you believe in such things. Chances are you always will.

Answer by JulianGreene
There are real psychics. However, the problem with a phone psychic is that she is expected to be “on” all the time. I don’t think psychic powers work that way. I think she was being intuitive, but she did tip her hand with a few too many questions. She may be psychic, but if she’s tired or not her best, any of those things will diminish what she “sees” (clairvoyant) or “hears” (clairaudient).

I personally prefer tarot readings — a good reader can still read your cards and give you the answers you are looking for whether or not they are “psychic.” An even better reader, of course, is one who is psychic, intuitive, imaginative and creative. All those things make for a much better prognostication.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find an accurate psychic?

I really need some advice and I’ve been searching for an accurate psychic but I can’t did one. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Answer by cheir
A psychic using the demonic can accurately describe past events but not so for future events.

Answer by Jaridian D
I can’t point you in the direction of one, but I can point you in the direction of at least beginning to become one yourself. 🙂 If you’re genuinely interested, feel free to email me. 🙂

Answer by rudy
I’ve heard that there are some very good Nigerian psychics.
All you need to do is send them your full name, address, your bank details and your date of birth and they will tell you what ever you want to know as well they will send you a $ 30million inheritance that you weren’t aware of as a bonus.

Answer by Changed Again
there are none but you will be alright. just give it between five and seven weeks


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