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@legendtweet reread the poynter advice on tweets: be accurate, be credible. Unfortunately, psychic not on list ;-(

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can anyone recommend a psychic that was very accurate?

only people that went to one if you haven been to one then you cant give me advice because how can you say something isn’t real if you never tried it

Answer by كـم هـيَ جـمـيـلـةٌ الـحـريـه
Any psychic appropriatly trained in the art of cold reading is accurate. The most famous probably being Miss Cleo.

Answer by Martin G
accurate psychic…


Answer by Dusk
Edgar Cayce. his secretary took notes while Edgar Cayce was asleep while he laid on a couch. he made over 9,000 physical readings which constitute many books.


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