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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I get a free psychic reading please?

I was curious if this psychic reading is real, so I wanted to check here.
Just basic information about me, my goals and future etc.

Answer by missemotion75
I am seeing music around you,i am getting the feeling of needing it when things are going wrong,or in deep though.I am also seeing some sort of habit or addiction involving a male around you.I am feeling on the fence between wanting to do two things with my life,and i am seeing the word “artist”which i take to mean drawing

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When a psychic “Reads” a person, do they tap into the person’s Moon or Mercury?

I’m seeing how all of this with astrology and psychic abilities connects. If a psychic reads thoughts or sees things, it’s their Moons or Mercuries that connect?

Answer by Misscpb

I believe when reading a person, you are tapping into their aura and spirit/soul. I believe that the aura is an electromagnetic energy field, it is made up of various colours that surround the body. The aura can be seen, felt or sensed, and it usually extends anything from a few inches to many feet around the person. The aura absorbs energy/information and also transmits information from yourself and other people, animals, objects or the environment. Within the aura it is possible to access information not only about a person’s spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state, but also about their past, present and to some extent what is coming into their future. Semyon Kirlian (1939) found a way of photographing the colours and energy of the aura called ‘Kirlian photography’.

People (especially those who are very sensitive) are able to absorb/translate energy, emotions, thoughts, feelings, positivity, negativity and health conditions from other people’s auras, objects and environments. For instance, a person goes to their friend’s house for a party, when they arrive there is a very strange angry atmosphere, yet their friends are talking and showing no signs of anything unusual. However, later on they find out that prior to their arrival, there had been an argument. That is an example of how the aura of people and the atmosphere can be sensed. Another example is when a person meets another person for the first time and takes an instant dislike to them (even if they have not spoken or done anything to offend them). They then later on they find out that their feeling was correct about that person. Most people in life have experienced talking to somebody, only to walk away feeling totally drained. Again, that is because the other person has been drawing energy from their aura/energy systems.

Below are some links that you may find interesting.…
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Answer by fury1162
Typically what they’re doing is Cold Reading

It’s classic age-old set of tricks by mentalists and magicians where they can attain the same results a “psychic” by simply relying on some simple psychological principles, such as confirmation bias, recency effect, and the Barnum effect.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had a prediction about your love life manifest from a psychic?

Has anyone ever had their predictions manifested from a psychic reading? Like if you asked them if your ex would come back and they said yes. I would like to know if it actually has happened.

Please don’t even bother answering saying only God knows the answers, psychics aren’t real blah blah blah etc.. I believe in God but I also believe that there are gifted individuals out there that can read people’s energy.

Answer by Simple Jack
A psychic told me I would meet someone, and that would would do stuff.

And not long after, I did meet someone, and we did do stuff! The prediction totally came true!!!

Answer by Discover
Yes, and she was wrong completely… ruined my life for several years.

and psychic activity is not a gift. the bible condemns it. it is NOT listed among the gifts that the bible says God has given to humanity.

The difference between the biblical approach and occult approach to the future (Psychic Realm) can be seen in the areas of the source of information (God or Satan), phenomena (Scripture, prophecy, divinely ordained implements or occult, pagan methods), and outcome (glory to God through trust in His will or individual confusion and perhaps destruction from trusting in the devil’s way).

Answer by oli
Ever wonder why psychics live in such dilapidated houses? You should.

In high school a psychic said I would marry my then boyfriend. I didn’t, thank God.

Answer by owain
If you believe in psychics why don’t you ask them if it’s true.

Answer by MOMMAH
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Answer by seane
There are some good psychics on this new metaphysical site :
Ebay banned readings in Sept 2012 and some of the readers on there, who had thousands of reviews, are now on this new site. Might be worth looking on there ?


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