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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : can someone give me a free psychic reading?

I just have one question. Ahmm. When will I meet my soul mate? If I already met him or near me. Please tell me if he is my friend or what.

Please answer. My name is Jienelle Gallardo. Born November 23, 1992. Female. Just tell me when is it. It’s okay if it is just a year. Thanks.

I am just hopeless in love.

Answer by low69z
Yes he will be me…

Answer by Nick
Sure, December 22, 2012 would be my best estimate. Too bad the world will end December 21, 2012……

Answer by Keith H
You are 16 and desperate. There i read it. It will be in 2056 by the way, a man named Seymour.

Answer by jack
well i am too. are you hot in anyway?

Answer by Fundamentals
yes you have meet him he is not to tall about 5’8 about 150 short dark hair his name sounds lke jerry no john no shawn maybe it he is not a close friend but you do see him from time to time the connection is there i also think he wears glasses or something with his eyes maybe the color or something

Answer by Gabriella 🙂
go to this and sign up just lie about ur address and phone number after u sign up go to the pyshic that has “free chat” i got 6 minutes and a i swear to god!!! she was on point i had ask her about my career and if acting is good for me and every thing she said was amazing and true plz check this out and let me know how it goes

good luck and plz tell me how it goes it went great for me and i hope for u to

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you Know if Your psychic?

Im Not saying I am, But I am really curious about it. Like do psychics hear voices from ghosts? Because My mom, My dad and I were wondering it. Be specific please.

Answer by Batman™
You aren’t..Why?
There are no such things….

Answer by tom52312
IMO there is no such thing.

Answer by Robot Devil
If you are psychic you would know things before they happened. They would come to you in dreams or visions.

Unfortunately, you’re not. That slice of bread you ate is gonna give you the runs. It was mouldy.

Answer by joshuamateo35
well i watch some shows and people like those pretty feel it…but you can also see ghosts if there is any or know the future by a dream or something or writing it down it paper by this writing i forgot…if there were ghosts around someone would feel a cold breeze like really cold…..
heres a site about …well…psychic twins!
heres a site about a show that a dude and his crew travels to different haunted places and stuff…
hope i helped!

Answer by Spirit World Messages
Hello Kristen

A psychic is a person who can read information about a persons past, present and potential future.
A medium is a person who practices mediumship which is communicating with the spirits of people who have passed away/died. There is actually a legal religion for people who are mediums and that religion is called “Spiritualism” and they have spiritualist church’s around the world that do free mediumship readings for people and services. It is nothing like a regular church as there is no bible etc, the only belief they have is that once the body physically dies, the spirit/soul lives on in the spirit world (what some people say as heaven), angels and a god.

There are various ways that people can use their psychic ability. Some people just know the information, others see it as either an image/picture/film slide in their head our outside their head as a vision, others may hear information as thoughts in their head and then there are people who feel what is happening/wrong etc. Here are just some very basic examples of people using their natural psychic/intuitive ablities:-

* Knowing what the next song will be on the radio, or singing the song then suddenly it comes on the television.
* Thinking about your friend/family and the exact person suddenly telephones you. Or the telephone rings and you know who it is on the phone.
* Visiting some friends and feeling that something is wrong, even though they are acting as normal. Then later on you find out that they had a huge argument before you arrived. You would have been sensing the energy in the environment and that was what you would have felt as you arrived at their home etc.
* You know what a person is going to tell you.
* Somebody starts to tell you a problem they have and you instantly have the answer in your head, and you are not sure where it came from.
* Dreaming of something and then it comes true/happens in the future (precognition).

Take Care
Spirit World Messages (ps Ted says hello)

Answer by Amethyst33
The water signs in astrology are the most psychic. But in different ways. Cancer often has prophetic dreams and often do not know why they had the dream until it is manifested in “real” life usually within a few days. They are most psychic of all signs. Scorpio is also psychic but in a different way. Scorpio has a “knowing” and they feel things in their “gut.” They should always trust their gut instincts as this assists them from being at the wrong place at the wrong time, etc. Pisces can be very psychic also. They are able to “soak up” the emotions and feelings of another, a group, a room, or even a spirit. They are like a “sponge” absorbing all into their being. Very psychic. Another place to look for psychic ability is to look at the sign and placement of Neptune in ones chart. Neptune rules all the “intangibles” in life. That which we cannot see. Also any 12th House activity can infer psychic ability. Aquarius often gets “flashes” of insight very quickly and then it is gone. Aquarians need to pay attention to these flashes of insight. However, any sign can be psychic. Psychic ability is often family trait and is passed on from our ancestors down the family tree. Good question. Hope this helps. Good luck and Bless you and your family.

Answer by susan
Being psychic means you can know things without any physical reason. There are many ways being psychic (or being intuitive) can manifest itself. You have another answer that details some of that.

Being psychic is built into the way we speak…”got a vibe,” “have a bad feeling about this,” “gut feeling,” and so forth.

Most of the time people dismiss psychic events as being a coincidence or an odd thing that happened. Of course Hollywood has created such unrealistic expectations that it is ridiculous. Intuition is a very quiet thing, which is why so many miss it,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the job of technical helpdesk?

I have got a job in technical helpdesk.I am btech.Please tell me,is the job suitable for a b-tech?What is the actual job profile,what i have to do?What will be the yearly income and if the work experience may shown for a software job.Please tell me the details.

Answer by TBA
There are no standards. “Technical helpdesk” is used for a very wide range of jobs and tasks. I’ve never heard the term “b-tech” before, so I can’t comment.

“Technical helpdesk” could involve taking phone calls, reading faxes and emails, talking to walk-up customers, walking around to people’s desks, driving out to client sites, or all of the above.

You might be serving the general public, school or university students, employees of any industry or type, in-house staff, company customers, third-party requirements, or any combination.

It might involve technical troubleshooting, diagnostics, repair, training, learning, teaching, escalating, writing, logging, liaising, analysing, systems administration, network administration, workshops, classrooms, speaking in front of groups, report generation, monitoring, installing, decommissioning, cabling and recabling, equipment transport, equipment relocation, editing, wiki maintenance, newsletter production, attending meetings, setting policy, user admin, password resets, IT security, configuring, tuning, tweaking, reading, and being at least partially telepathic and psychic.

The actual stuff you will be responsible for can be anything at all. If it’s got lights, buttons, keys, a screen, goes “beep”, uses electricity, has wiring in it, has metal or plastic in it, “looks technical”, or is just something that no-one else above you on the corporate ladder wants to do, you might find that you have to take care of it. This can be anything from hand-adjusting the regular expressions making up the corporate firewall rules or brainstorming on the new version of the SOE, through to endless, mindless data entry off grotty bits of paper and people asking you to repair the broken electric kettle.

And yes, I have personally done or sat next to the person doing ALL the above things in various “technical helpdesk” positions.

The only way to find out what it’s going to be at any given employer is either to work there for a while or to ask someone who’s already been there six months.

If you want a very rough approximation, though, the bulk of work at the majority of helpdesks, most of the time, involves taking phone calls and emails from people who are having problems with their PC, trying to figure out what the problem is, and walk them through fixing it, preferably in the minimum amount of time. Sometimes you’re lucky and you get documentation covering the most common problems and how to fix them.

However, in any helpdesk job there will always be a couple of problems or tasks which will make you ask “What the flying moose ears are they on about?” Only the details vary.

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
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