Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can you change psychic predictions?

I have this psychic friend that predicted that I would be unemployed and will die at age 52 when I grow up. It turns out that he is also pretty accurate too. He has predicted many things that has occurred. Can I change the prediction by studying a lot harder in school? Would that change the results? please provide me a straight foward answer.

Answer by Secular Humanist
Psychic predictions are changed all the time.

From what I’ve observed, whenever a psychic prediction turns out to be wrong, the individual who made the prediction claims that the cosmic situation changed. They will say that the prediction was true when they made it but subsequent events caused another outcome.

Answer by ℒ’amour est ℒe chaos
Yes. The future is very unstable so the further into the future a prediction the less likely it is to happen because there is so much decisions and choices that can be made in that time.

Answer by knightrider2007
Through God you can change anything.

Answer by Loki LaufeyJarson
Psychics are not real. There has never been one who has produce enough evidence to show they had psychic abilities.

Answer by A Canadian Atheist
Understand that ALL psychics are frauds. Period.
Ignore what he told you and live your life.

Answer by robert C
there is one thing about psychics , they have a 50% chance of being right or wrong, when they are right they crow about it, when they are wrong they will generalise about it and show you how close they were . they will always show good they are after the event . so take no notice of your friend , he is scaring you into a pessimistic life and an early grave

Answer by Bob
I predict you will

Answer by cork

Answer by Doubting Like Thomas
Simple experiment:

Get twelve pairs of dice.
Mix up some epoxy and brush it onto the inside bottom of a shoe box.
Roll one pair of dice.
Whatever that number is, put that many pair of dice in the box, and tape the lid on.
Shake the box.
Let it sit for a day, while the epoxy sets up.

Have your friend tell draw you an exact picture of the positions and numbers of the dice.
Open the box, and your friend will be a psychic, or a bad guesser.

Answer by bikenbeer2000
The future can’t be predicted. It’s as simple as that. Pay no attention to it.
In reality I expect that this psychic is far from being ‘pretty accurate’. How many correct predictions can be definitely verified as having been made before the event predicted? Just taking his word for it doesn’t count. Of those, how many were specific and not just something vague that was likely to happen anyway? I’m betting none at all or a rare lucky guess.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you think psychics can be real?

I recently had my bf break up with me. I was so distraught I went to a psychic. She said that he would come back to me in 5 weeks. She said to leave him alone and he will be in my future. Do you think she might be right?

Answer by Yay Me!
yes they read my mind and make me do bad things like believe in jesus or any other fairy tales augh!!!!

Answer by Terry
I’d be willing to bet that she’s full of shit. How much did you pay her? I would be willing to tell you the same thing for half that amount.

Answer by Sly Katt
Possibly. I have seen stranger things happen. I did a tarot card reading for a lady. It indicated she was pregnant. Turns out she was.

Answer by Jeremiah164
Psychics are all based on them telling you what you want to hear. Watch Penn & Teller’s show BullSh!t, there’s one episode they don on psychics and explain the techniques they use to convince you that they’re real.

Answer by arch9angel
well you have two options, wait the five weeks and contact him or don’t wait the five weeks.

Answer by Joshua
Probably not. If you seek God, you will get a more clearer answer. If you don’t then God has plans for you and is doing what’s right and what’s good for you. All you need to do is be a Christian and to believe in God and his only son Jesus Christ and to let God take control; Let him lead you to the right path.

Btw, most Psychics are scam… Really, their Voodoo crap is all Satan’s work… Or just plain Gibberish.

Answer by Amber Nichole <3
I think there are some real ones, but for the most part its just people spouting out crap.

Answer by Rj
We are all psychic. But we just don’t realize it. It’s been in history. But that history was destroyed. We all done things we can’t explain and at the time we think it’s a coincidence. The coincidences are the evidence. All I can say is I seen evidence. It’s real. You have to see it to believe it. Theres been people who proved it but they been takin away or killed. Haha… I’m going to get some thumbs down on this one, but it’s true.

Answer by tonks_op
No. Let him go and get on with your life. Someone much better will be coming, but not for maybe a year. So just enjoy being free and discovering yourself for now.

Answer by BrokenEye †he New †es†imen†
Oh yeah, the people are totally real, but their powers ain’t.

Answer by Mr McKenzie- Skeptical Christian
When scientists or scholars analyze the specific predictions psychics make, they find that most of the predictions are so general that it is impossible to verify whether or not they are accurate. But the accuracy isn’t the main reason people keep returning to physics. The thing people are looking for isn’t truth but comfort. They want to know that everything will be alright. They want to know in a world that can be confusing and disappointing, there are good things in their future.

Some of the biggest supporters of physics are Hollywood celebrities, whose careers are regularly to roller-coaster ups and downs. Bill Burns is one of the best-known physics to the stars, according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly: “His name is Bill Burns, and Hollywood stars and execs swear by his powers of prediction. Here’s a peek behind the curtain:”

“For a hour-long session, costing $ 275, the barrel-chested 61-year-old Boston native gives insiders a sixth sense about the biz… Working from the name or photograph of a person a client wants ‘profiled,’ Burns enters a trance-like state. ‘I get an instant knowing about who they are in relationship to the question I’m being asked,’ he says. ‘I can immediately and intuitively visualize the person’s motivations, hot buttons, reliability, and integrity.'”

Even more bizarre is a cable television show called The Pet Psychic, which aired on the Animal Planet network. Host Sonya Fitzpatrick claims to communicate with animals so she can tell their owners what the pets are thinking. “If I was an old fake, dear, they wouldn’t be spending all this money doing my TV show,” says Fitzpatrick. But when there’s money to be made giving people the comfort they desperately want, who says a little fakery won’t go long the way?

Answer by meepozoid
He will be coming back, but not quite in the way you think. You need to cool it with romantic relationships for the present, and focus on yourself. You’re going to find someone else in about 7 months who’s much better suited for you… he’ll be standing with his back to you, talking to someone you know. When the someone you know introduces you, you’ll feel a spark.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is the SSAT’s Prediction for your SAT score accurate?

The SSAT predicted my score on the SAT to be 1950. Is this accurate? Will my SAT score be a little higher then this, lower then this, or exactly this?

Answer by Common Sense
We (and they) are not psychic.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

Best Psychic Reading – Accurate Predictions

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