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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Chick fil a called but didnt leave a message what should i do?

I dont want a job but my parents made me turn in an app at a local CFA. Well they just called my phone but didnt leave a message. I know it was them bc i googled the #. What should I do? why didnt they leave a message Should I wait until they call again?

Answer by mark
If you want the job call them and say your callerid showed the number and of course who you are.
If you dont want the job wait for them to call back.

In some cases a company just needs people and the first ones that can contact will be offered the job.

Answer by Simpson G
What should I do? – Nothing
why didn’t they leave a message – I have no idea, I’m not psychic
Should I wait until they call again? – Yes

If a week passes and you don’t hear back, call back the restaurant you turned in the app to, ask for the hiring manager, and say “Hi, this is Ditzy Doofy and I turned in an application a few weeks ago and just wanted to check on the status of that. Have you made any hiring decisions yet?”

You DO NOT call back the number they called from. You DO NOT call and say “I saw you on Caller ID”.

Answer by Nolan Adams
They Probably Did Not Leave A Message Because: They Probably Did Not Knw Who U Was Or They Did Not Notice The Number. And Yes Wait Until They Call Back. They Should Call Real Soon.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is It A Regular Practice For Police To Enlist The Help Of A Psychic To Help Them Investigate Crimes?

I was just watching a show where the psychic helped police on Court TV, and i’ve heard about this happening before. Was just wondering is this a regular thing that happens, or only in cases that police have an extremely difficult time finding any leads, and aren’t getting anywhere on the case?

Answer by Heinz M
On TV, yes.

Answer by glamour04111
in some cases where murders take place

Answer by fr_chuck
No, it is almost never done

Answer by Psychic Daniel
It is not a regular practice of law enforcement to enlist the help of psychics on a case. There are a few exceptions where it is done but you aren’t likely to hear about it. They are more likely to turn to psychics when they feel they are at a dead end or anxious to catch a serial criminal.

Often it is the victims family that will get psychic help and encourage the police to consider them. There are many famous psychics who are approached by law enforcement on cases. And there are many psychic detectives staying busy helping law enforcement. The NBC show “Medium” is based on the life of a psychic who worked with crime investigations.

It’s common for psychics to provide this particular service without a fee. And often, it is just easier for everyone concerned to make an anonymous tip through a phone call.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it possible to have a psychic connection with someone?

So me and my friend are like sisters. We’re completely alike seriously but she moved to Washington but we still talk 24-7 to each other. When we were going to sleep, I heard stuff moving around in my room so i freaked out and ran into the living room. I got on the computer to see if she was on and tell her what had happened and sure enough, the same thing had just happened to her. Can someone explain?

Answer by Rockstar
yes its possible, im psychic, i know a girl in the UK who has ability, anyway she went on a trip to italy a while back, and one of the days she was there, i kept imagining she was in trouble and i kept imagining someones arm swinging like a punch, turns out she tried to break up a small fight and a lady swung at her. she told me…i live in Texas and i sensed that 5000 + miles away…also when i talk to her and i sense she feels bad…my heart starts hurting like a real pain and i ask if hers does and she says yes, but when shes happy i sense it, i have a deep connection with her i guess. So YES psychic connections are REAL

Answer by willowthewisp
Yes you can be on someone elses wave length. Its weird but i cant explain it. Just some people i think grow out of their intuition as kids others develop.

Answer by Phyllis Newman
Yes, you can. Me and one of my ex’s have a psychic bond like that.

Answer by briar_angel
i think its completely possible. im in california and one of my best friends moved to lousiana. huggggge distance! we havent seen each other in almost 4 years. about a month ago i had plans to go to a school play with some friends and was about to go. but out of nowhere i was hit with this sensation that something was seriously wrong and i felt the need to check in on her. i checked myspace and sure enough she had sent me a message that was the equivalent of a suicide letter. i called her and as soon as she picked up the phone i started to feel almost in pain from feelings of depression and desperation. its been ages since we’ve seen each other but i had the feeling that something was wrong and was able to call and stay on the phone with her for 3 hours, preventing her death. it was pretty crazy. for some reason we have always been able to tell if something is wrong with the other person and to what extent. so i guess what im trying to say with my story, is that yes i believe psychic connections are possible and that i believe i share an emotionally psychic connection with my friend.

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