Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do I have psychic abilities?

– If I, knowingly, think of my mom, she knows that I am thinking about her and calls me to find out if everything is ok (she also has the same skills);

– I know when my phone will ring even when I am not expecting a call;

– Once I was at the office talking to my coworkers and a name poped-up into my head. I uncontrollably said it out loud. It so happens that it was the name of a friend of a co worker standing next to me and she told me that she was just thinking about her. It was the first time I had heard of that person’s name.

These are just a few examples. Can these be considered psychic abilities? How can I hone my skill?

Answer by old school – spuds to you

Answer by righteousjohnson
If you have to ask us…the answer is “No”.

Answer by Yes
You can win 10.000.000 dollars with proving that stuff, go for it 🙂

Answer by Bend
no stop watching thats so raven

Answer by Sad Duck Guy
psychics do exist but you will never meet or be psychic yourself ,psychic’s hide in the shadows of society , real psychics don’t charge a fee to read people or to predict anything , they purely do it because they have a gift they want to share.

You my friend are just a attention whore trying to show us your special in some form or another when your not , you normal just like me or anyone else.

Answer by Bam
everybody has that .. you should just try to improve it

Answer by TheUnionPacifist
Most of these ignorant Christians will say no..Or atleast they call themselves Christians, if you believe God has gifted you, with that gift…Then ok, if you don’t, then he hasn’t…..Follow your heart is all I can say.

Answer by GotMovesLikeJagger

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychics!!!!!!! if there are psychics reading this..please i just lost my dog!!!?

please, please help me! i just lost my black chihuahua, he has white paws and a white face, he also wars a red checkered paw print collar. his name is black, in spanish i posted fliers and looked everywhere..this dog is 10 years old…i really want him back, beacuse he gives my home a very happy environment, although i still have 4 dogs, our house seems so empty without him. please, i would like to know where i can find him. >.< sorry i sound like a moron...but i saw a same question like this about a pokemon game, and it kinda sorta i thought id give it a try. =(

Answer by fashionistaa
That dog is long gone.

Answer by nburns123
Psychics can’t tell you anything. There just people skilled in saying the vague things you want to hear. A more effective means of finding your dog would be to search for it instead of asking crackpots on the internet for advice.

Answer by Mere Griffin
you will find him sitting next to a ice cream parlor whimpering because hes hungry between the days of july 13th to july 16th . he will also have a checkered bandanna wrapped around his neck. i hope my prediction will help you,

Answer by Camryn Road
keep your hopes up but not to high because my very best friend lost her dog this year. She ran away and it was the sam kind of dog but pure black and died. Idk how it died! Did you check the whole house?

Answer by Rock and Soul
I understand…and I hope you find him soon…Here is my suggestion, Call all animal shelters and vet clinics in your area (in phone book) and let them know about Black. Give them a description of him, when he went missing and your contact info….I hope you find your dog soon.

Answer by CHEEKYChicken
Go to the pound and ask, go to a shelter and ask, go to people around the neighbour hood, and ASK! I would do absolutely ANYTHING to get my dog back…

Hope you find your poor little dog!

Answer by marci knows best
Read this article. It will give you all sorts of things to do to help find your dog. And don’t give up. I found my dog after 10 awful days

Answer by Lizzie
I’m sorry but no one is more psychic than you are. Psychics are frauds.

Make many posters of your missing dog. Go door to door in your neighborhood and ask if anyone has seen your dog, and pass out posters. Put posters on telephone poles, in coin laundries, veterinary clinics & hospitals, grooming shops, pet stores, near schools and every where else you can think of. Notify your local animal shelter. Give them a poster.

Right across the top, the poster should say: REWARD!
Under that print a photo of the dog.
Then give the date lost, identifying markings, describe the collar.
>do NOT give the dog’s name< Give your phone number, no other personal information. Many people put in "needs medication" thinking no one will want to keep a sick dog but this trick has been used for so long that I'm not sure any one believes it anymore.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Am I a psychic/or clairvoyant or anything… seriously?

This is long,I tied to be as thorough as possible
Ok, So I always, since I was a little kid just felt as if I was something more, on a mental level…. not anything like smart just different, its hard to i have power or something But I want to know if I have psychic ability, I mean I know it’s not strong if I do but it’s just a lot of little things. Like DeJa Vus or be in situations where I can tell you EXACTLY whats about to happen. And I know everyone gets them, I just get them a lot and I stopped telling people because they were getting irritated with the frequency of them. Secondly it’s a lot of little things that I “predict” before they happen, like at the casino the other night I kept “thinking” about the numbers 564 in that order and was in my (crazy) head thinking its 456 not 564 but then I end up winning $ 564 dollars that night. Another thing, I went to the store for my aunt to get her some cigarettes and was thinking whats the difference between short and long cigarettes, and that was my thoughts for most of the ride, obviously not a smoker. and when I got to the gas station they only had shorts left… its just little things like that that happens. Another example is when I randomly decided to start looking up how long does a car transmission last, just out of curiosity because I just had got a car about 4 months prior, long behold my transmission went out the next time I drove that bad boy. One other time I can remember is when I was doing homework and I randomly stopped and thought, “why am I doing this class is cancelled tomorrow anyway” There was absolutely NO indication that my biology professor would email the class and tell us it was a death in the family and class is cancelled for the next day. And it was like an hour after I stopped my homework. Its just little things like that or I would know what song is on the radio before I get in the car, as do many people claim. And I almost always pick up the phone and check right before a text comes through and know that I got a text before my phone lights up vibrates makes a noise or gets a notification and I usually know who its from even if I’m not expecting a text. but its things like that or I would “know things before they happen” like my friend called and I said congrats on the award, she said “what award?” and later on that day she end up getting a surprise award banquet in her honer that I honestly knew nothing about and she thought, still thinks, that I was in on it but I really had no idea, it was only 8 people that planned it ans new about it and they tried to tell her I didn’t know. It just felt like she told me she got an award the day before and I forgot to congratulate her on it or something. But its little things. Oh yeah sorry for all the examples but I can tell when someone is coming with good or bad news to me and can generally tell how big of news it is. So does this sound like I have a gift? or just coincidence. I’ll accept both. I’m just starting to wonder more and more because there are too many coincidences that happen to me. Please help, preferably someone who knows their stuff.
Thanks for the feedback, to Kira, I know it is so weird but the thing is it happens to me ALL THE TIME! Thats why I started to think. This one time I just had a very very intense feeling my uncle was going to die and it came from no where. He was a healthy 52 year old man. I just had this gut feeling, so I called to check up everything was A OK and then two hours later sudden heart attack. Things like that make me wonder. All the examples were just a few things like this happen far to often.

To Crazy Dan, thanks for that I will look for stuff on it. I don’t necessarily think I can change the future just generally predict it you know? Its just really weird but when I think about it, the things I predict can be predicted by looking and observing things.

Answer by Kira
I would say that you are more perceptive to patterns in your environment, and are subconsciously able to calculate and extrapolate experiences in order to predict outcomes. (predicting how long a text response takes using previous experience with text, predicting song on the radio based on station it is set to, feeling something was planned for your friend based on past performance, etc…)
If you think you are psychic, I suggest writing down these intrusive thoughts, because right now what you are writing about here all seems to be hindsight, aka, “That’s so weird; I was just thinking of that!” Well we have countless thoughts throughout the day, and some of them are bound to connect with something that will happen. That doesn’t make us psychic. That is coincidence. However if you can weed through these thoughts and write down what feels important/odd/intrusive which then turn out to connect significantly to a future event, I believe you would have a possible case for extrasensory perception.

Answer by Crazy Dan
I mean I suppose everyone has “feelings” of future events.

Oddly I had several weird feelings of future events all of which became true. I began researching it as well because of fascination with things. I felt it was a bit too odd sometimes that something come true, especially really bad things. What I can gather is that you have something known as a “subconscious mind” which I suppose a lot of people do know of but perhaps never really given actual thoughts on. The fact is you had to “think” of all these things for it to have happened. There are several times in a week where I suddenly got this idea of a movie in my head, something I haven’t seen in a while, and suddenly I see it on tv. There are other times where I think of something like a song or something on the radio and suddenly hear it.

The problem is that it’s literally impossible for you to change or alter the future especially a future of someone else – like the death of the professors family – but no doubt it’s too odd of a coincident that at that particular time that somehow what you thought came true. So the question comes down to if what happens would have happened anyways without you having thought of it? Or does your thoughts have some influence on the matter?

So in all there are some deep research in the subconscious mind. The general theory is that you start finding or noticing things only when you feed your mind to believe to look for those things. For example, if you think you’re going to die of a heart attack, sometimes those fear may be true because you subconsciously do things to aid in you having the heart attack. Or here’s another crazy one I always had is the time 11:11. When I was a teenager somehow I always looked at the clock precisely at 11:11 and I thought it was a omen. That was until I somehow forgot about it and it never happened or occurred again.

There are several books out there that you could load up into your kindle or borrow at a library. Just look up subconscious thoughts and you should find some books on it. Really good introspection and something interesting I think.

Answer by Caligula
I think you’ve asked a really interesting question. I have a few suggestions that might help you decide for yourself whether you are psychic or clairvoyant, and then I’ll tell you my own beliefs.

I suggest that you start looking into what is called parapsychology. That’s a field of academic study into the kind of phenomena you believe you might be experiencing.

I suggest that you read this book: (And no, despite the subtitle, I am not suggesting that you are foolish. Neither are the authors. They would believe you are mistaken, though.) The book is about some of the ways that human minds – all human minds – work, and how easy it is to misinterpret our experiences.

I also suggest that you read this book: This author is looking at the ways people who believe in paranormal phenomena – like psychic phenomena, including clairvoyance – think differently from the ways people who use scientific methods think. He looks at a variety of paranormal phenomena, including parapsychology.

And if, after reading both books I suggested, you still think you’re psychic or clairvoyant (my guess is that if you spend time to read two books, you won’t just wonder any more. You’ll have a clear opinion), I suggest that you go over to and consider working with the Randi Foundation to come up with a way to prove it, using the scientific method. You’ll have insight into how scientists think and into the kinds of objections they are likely to raise when you explain how you came to believe you are psychic or clairvoyant, and so you’ll be in a much better position to present your abilities in such a way that scientists (not including parapsychologists) might be convinced.

My own belief is that you are making extremely human mistakes. For example, you remember all of those times when events seemed to bear out some kind of knowledge you had before things happened, but you probably don’t remember the times when you are thinking of the number 762 but nothing related to that number ever happened. Everybody makes that mistake, because our brains are always looking for patterns that might help us predict events. When we come up with patterns that don’t work, there are no major consequences; but when we come up with patterns that do work, they can help us avoid bad things happening to us. Therefore our brains have evolved to “find” patterns when there really aren’t any.

I have come to that belief after believing strongly in psychic phenomena when I was a high school student, so I have some understanding of where you’re coming from. And no, I don’t think “I grew out of it, so I am more advanced than people who haven’t grown out of it yet.” Sometimes people start by believing A and then come to believe B. Some people start out by believing B and then come to believe A. And some people believe A or believe B and stick with those beliefs. All I can tell you is what beliefs I used to hold and what beliefs I have now.

I have found both books very helpful in understanding some of the things my mind does and the ways that people who are different from me think. I’ve read the first one twice, and I read the book that was the “first edition” of the second book before reading the second one. I think you might find them helpful, too, whether or not they cause you to believe the same things I do.

The people at the James Randi Educational Foundation will absolutely not believe that you are psychic. Period. But they are the kinds of people who constantly want to test their beliefs by trying to find ways that they might be wrong, and they will work with you to come up with a way *that you agree will work* to prove that you are psychic. They are a very respected organization, so if you are successful a lot of scientists will take you seriously; and the $ 1,000,000 wouldn’t hurt either. 🙂

Whether or not you actually read the books I have suggested, I wish you the best of luck in your search for the truth.

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