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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do most psychics know that they are being dishonest?

Almost all psychics use a method called cold reading, where they use visual clues from the person they are giving a reading to and very vague statements in order to make people think that they can tell the future or talk to the dead. Do you think most psychics know that they are using cold reading and are being dishonest? Or do you think that they are so naturally good at cold reading that they think that they are really psychic?

Answer by Jack Mania
Oh no, they know how well they’re cheating you of your money.

Answer by Greeny
Do most Christians know that they are being dishonest? By that I mean, do they realize that they’re lying to themselves?

– Greeny

Answer by Lance
No, I think some genuinely feel they have a “gift” and they are probably very observant and intuitive by nature. If you really watch and listen, it is amazing how much you can learn about a person in a short amount of time.

But most are conscious frauds, yes, I believe so.

What they ALL are, is “wrong” most of the time.

Answer by your conscious
I think they are so good at reading people and figuring outcomes that they honestly believe they are psychic.

Answer by -EabhaMae!-
You do realise that 99% of actual psychic people don’t even use it as a money earning tool?

Answer by Jay jay Mae
haha, yupp probably all of them do ….
but some might be truthful, like silvia brown ,,,,
please answer my question too.

Answer by liminal_lady
It’s an interesting question. I suspect that many of them genuinely believe they are psychic, especially the ones who use some kind of prop like tarot cards or tea leaves, because they feel they are using their instincts (ie cold reading) to interpret a genuine psychic message. Of course many of them do know know that they aren’t psychic, especially the ones who do it professionally, but people are as good at deceiving themselves as they are at deceiving other people.

And knowing that it’s fake doesn’t even mean the psychic is a bad person or ripping people off- she may believe that she’s giving people sound information and advice. After all, a good cold reader can you give you some great insights into yourself, since she can tell what you want or fear even better than you yourself can.

Answer by Misscpb
Why don’t you get a reading yourself for free and find out your own answer. Do not reveal any information from yourself and just say yes and no. There are some fakes, but indeed there are many genuine gifted psychic mediums.

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a psychic actually predict your future at a reading?

I’m really into psychology and parapsychology, so for my birthday next week my friends and I are going to have our palms read by a psychic. My mom saw her a long time ago and she predicted she would be pregnant with a little girl by the end of the year. Then her birth control failed and along came me =) that’s a little weird but, being obsessed with the paranormal and psychology that’s an amazing “how you came along” story, and I had my mom tell me that story all the time as a little kid =) has anything like this happened to you?

Answer by Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
No. And I have gone to pleny of psychics. They will say sort of generic things that may or may not happen. I have an interest in that stuff and I still go to psychics, but I take it with a huge grain of salt. But it’s still fun, I think.

Answer by L. E. Gant
You do know that birth control methods are NOT 100% effective?

I’m NOT psychic, but I used to do astrology, palmistry, numerology, tarot and rune stuff when I was working my way through university. My “prediction rate” was better than 80% (most psychics are under 40%). Why? Because I can spot patterns long before they become ‘visible’ to the average person. Plus I seldom did ‘cold’ readings – I knew the people and what they were interested in.

So, I’d ‘predict’ something based on what I knew and could surmise. Most people want the predictions to come true, and do everything they can (often subconsciously) to make them happen. I, as ‘medium’ and ‘psychic’, was just someone who gave them permission to do what they wanted.

(BTW, I NEVER claimed to see the future or to know more than anyone else. I did the stuff simply as entertainment, not to fleece the people.)

Answer by Wage Slave
Before we met, my wife predicted her daughter was pregnant. Her daugher laughed and said, “Don’t be silly mother, I’m on birth control.” A week later she called back and said, “Guess what Mom, I’m pregnant!”

I have had tarot readers predict my future with a vengance- new love, problems going away, etc. I have known tarot readers who could see when a relationship was dead and one party was just hanging on. These were over the internet so there was no chance of a cold reading or reading body language.

There are lots of frauds out there as well. I went to a palm read in New Orleans who was about as wrong as she could be. “There is somebody waiting in the wings for you…” pure B.S.

Good luck. Be discerning. Don’t be snowed, but don’t go in with a closed mind either.

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