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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do paint colors have to coordinate in the house, or is it OK for each room to have its own flavor?

I’m getting my house painted. I just received a quote. The guy told me 1 color was nice. Said others were nice 2, but wouldn’t coordinate w/ main color. The colors are Sherwin Williams Quixotic Plum as an accent wall in the family room and Mystic Mauve on the other walls. The main areas would be Latte. That’s where he said the clash is coming.

This is how downstairs flows: Entry way to a 2 story foyer Immediately in front of you on right,stairs. To the left formal area – living & dining. From that room, or a hall, you come to the kitchen w/ a bay eat in. All those wall will be in Latte. Then you come to the family room. The wall facing you will be Quixotic Plum. The others will be Mystic Mauve. His suggestion is to do it Latte and do the other formal room QP. (no furniture yet – wanted the formal red).

What is your opinion? Is $ 1000 +200 4 paint bad? I’d say it’s 1300 sq ft area – plus upstairs hall. The trim would be white – said cheaper to touch up stairrail.
I didn’t like the MM, so trying exclusive Plum. it’s a shade darker. Also trying nomadic desert – 1 shade lighter than latte.

Answer by sally1590
I’m not sure if the price is too much because I usually paint my own rooms. But if you’re paying someone to paint, they should paint it whatever colors YOU choose. If you like the colors and like the rooms to stand alone with whatever colors you choose, go for it. If you do want it to flow, then listen to the man. But that’s the great thing about paint – you can always redo it later if you can’t live with it.

Answer by demi
no every room can have it is own theme and colour but i say keep the dinning and living room quit the same

Answer by red_fire_halo
it’s your house, you can paint the rooms whatever color you want

Answer by JoeReal
Actually you will be the one who would use your home, not according to the taste of critics or artists, so it would be to your taste. We have our rooms painted differently, boys want different colors than girls, but there is a limited range of pastel types that we restrict for their selections.

So it is up to you or whoever will stay in the particular rooms. Of course you will have the major say in what you want in the common parts of your home as to what color you think you can comfortably live with until it gets repainted again. You will be married to it, so it better be to your liking, not on someone else’s opinions. Express yourself as to what you really want. You can always repaint.

Compared to us here in California, the paint job is quite cheap. We did ours by ourselves, (kids painting their own rooms, easy to teach them), and it cost us about $ 800 just for the cost of paints and primer and painting equipments.

Answer by Michelle L
I’m very familiar with latte, just base coated some sample boards yesterday in that color.

What you have to visualize is how much of each room you can see form the adjoining room. For the record, latte does not clash with Quixotic plum or mystic mauve. I think it will be beautiful but you certainly need to pick up colors from each adjoining rooms in (either/or) accents, pillows, rugs, wall art, etc. Bright (not bold gold) yellow will pick up with those colors as well, just a touch here and there. Dabble with these colors on, with their interactive tool.

I would not attempt to give you a price on 1300 square foot area, does this include celings? Is he priming first? Reparing drywall ? Includes woodwork? Get another quote if you are unsure.

My husband is a painter of 30 years, however he does not attempt to do home decorating (that’s my job). My point is that some painters, such as my husband, are not equipped to do home decorating, but some most certainly are. Does this painter advertise home decorating or is he just giving you his personal opinion? If he is giving you his personal opinion, he might lean towards picking what HE likes instead of what YOU like, this not a professional choice. It’s ok to ask him questions about his line of expertise. You have every right!

Answer by Wanger
Why not use the QP and the MM as main colors and instead of the white, use the Latte for all the trim. That would accent the QP and MM very nicely. Good luck.

Answer by TRUTH
There is nothing wrong with having your house with each room having there own scenery.But it has to flow throughout the house.I’m not going to tell you what colors to put in your home but I am just suggesting that warm colors makes the house look welcoming although they can make that area look small,moving your furniture can give the illusion look bigger.Remember you bedroom is your oasis and where you spend most of your time and your bathroom so pick your colors to set the mood and make a relaxed and stress free room.I think that latte is a very nice warm color but you don’t want all warm colors in the house you want to allow light colors in your house to collaborate with the warm colors.Good luck i hope i was some help.

Answer by Dee
i think your idea is very excellent. my mom loves 2 decorate she said she thinks your 100% right. every room should have it’s own color. plus $ 1000+200 is not bad for paint. besides he don’t have 2 live there. It’s your house and go with your idea my mom and i think it would look great..

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