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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in all aspects of the paranormal?

Or do you pick and choose? Do you believe in ghosts, but think psychics and past life regression are a crock? Do you believe that only people can become ghosts at death, but not animals? What about other things labeled paranormal, like aliens and cryptids?

Answer by pearlmar
No, I don’t believe in any of them.

Answer by Heather
I’m skeptical about all of it really. Here lately I’ve been reading into possessions & exorcisms.. But I believe if ghosts are real then all of it might as well exist too.

Answer by annie42
I keep an open mind. I tell ghosts to go away..they already had their turn and now it is mine! I was intrigued to learn that apparently there is a teen in every house ,according to many sources, that a poltergeist is witnessed. This scared the pants off of my son when he read this as his sister was a teen at the time! I don’t see the attraction of calling ghosts, unless trying to solve a murder or saying good-bye. I believe in aliens but this does not come under the paranormal category to me. I have never seen a cryptid but that does not prove it’s nonexistence to me. I believe animals have souls and can be ghosts.

Answer by Anna B
I totally believe in the Paranormal. I think there are scams out there but I also believe that some people can actually see the spirits and I believe that there is something to look forward to after death and I believe that animals sometimes wander the Earth as spirits I mean if Humans can so can animals. Past life regression is so not a crock because I have known someone who has experienced it. I believe you have to keep an open mind and not judge people who believe in this cause no one knows for sure.

Answer by …ahimsa parmo dharma…
I just keep my mind open…

Answer by Lady Winter Wolf
While I try to have an open mind, I do take most things with a grain of salt. The things I believe most in are things I have experienced myself, such as ghosts, divination (psychic ability), past life regression and empathy. Experiencing them makes them tangible to me.

I give aliens, UFOs and cryptids some credence from all the sightings and evidence gathering, and I’m not so snobbish as to believe that humans and established species of plants and animals are the only living things in our universe.

Conspiracy theories I am not big on, as they usually come from paranoid minds with no basis in evidence or proof at all.

IMHO of course.

Answer by j
The paranormal often asks a different or non-physical level of proof-acceptance.

Physical evidence is most strong in areas such as and present.

Even as physical science has had many false theories, even misrepresented evidence, and observer bias, so too is the paranormal rife with falsities.

Some authors who imo are worthwhile:

“The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet,
“The Mindful Universe,” Henry P. Stapp,
“Ethical ESP” and “Watch Your Dreams,” Ann Ree Colton, and
“Man’s Psychic Nature: Elements and Structures,” Aivanhov.

Reviews at

Some popular sources:

Answer by msi_cord
There is one key word in your question that shows why this should not be under the science category. That word is “believe”. Paranormal activity should instead be put either under society and culture or religion and spirituality.

Answer by inteleyes
I believe these because I have experience it big time….

Spirit guides….100%
Heaven in a sense….100% If God is real, so is heaven
Aliens….perhaps 75% I have experience an UFO once
Satan…75% in dreams…and hell
Past life, Reincarnation….100% I have memories of two, 3 if I count this one.
Animals have souls…100% My dog came back


Answer by Thomas E
No, I’m a bit choosy, according to personal experience. Ghosts, psychics and the spiritual dimension are quite real and honest- everything else ranges from probable to utter bilgewater.

Answer by vackermi
Yes,i do according to what i know.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Any psychics or mediums out there that can help me?

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Answer by Mr. Owl, PhD
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Answer by Selketchina
Yes, 2 (3)

Answer by bryan b
No. There aren’t…..

Answer by Birdman

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Answer by Nedspeak
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Answer by interested1208
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Answer by jd spoonworthy
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Answer by [O]peration [I]raqi [L]iberation
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Answer by ♡ נєѕѕу !™
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there a part in living organisms which can’t be physically damaged/destroyed?

The presumed immaterial part is soul.

Will that part continue existing after being severed from the physical part for a limited time (the remainder of psychic energy that will vanish without being maintained) or for eternity (may exist separately, time doesn’t exist for it)? Will it be conscious and/or have senses?

What are different views in religions and philosphies on it? What scientific evidence we have?

(not sure where to post this, neutral language will be appreciated)

Answer by Nym880
the hip bone is strong enough to break concreat but it can be destroyed.

Answer by Alan Turing
Doesn’t exist.

And if it did in some strange sense, you couldn’t verify it as it would not be testable.

You can always define something that is a label or concept that isn’t able to point to something that it corresponds to in reality. That is a quirk of words. And it causes us a lot of grief when people start running around crazy about God and other things that are only words that don’t point to anything. When they start saying that God requires us to be such and such they have stepped over the line of moral behavior and are now acting immorally as they cannot verify their beliefs about how we should behave.

Answer by Barney
Yes, we are the spirit soul. We are temporarily in this body. Along with the body we have a mind. Your body changes every 7 years. Every cell, molecule, everything is different. The matter that makes up your body is entirely different every 7 years, so obviously we are not our body. Also, we can observe our mind just like we observe a tv screen, so obviously we are not our mind. Never is there a time when we do not exist. The soul can not be moistened by water or withered by the wind. It is unbreakable.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on live psychics

The Psychics “Alien” Live at the Garrick Hotel

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