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Have you ever wanted a psychic reading? You could get one today…

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for last psychic reading client: My Jade Buddha has nine lives. We just had another near miss when it fell again. ; )

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How To Get A Free Psychic Reading

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does a psychic reading through email really work?

I ordered a psychic reading online and I’m now wondering can a psychic really connect with you through an email? Has anyone had this done and had success? Dont they have to be near you in order to get a reading?

Answer by Alain Suggar
I can’t see how they could.
To test it, simply get another reading using a different email address. If they are the same it works, if not, it’s a scam.

Answer by .
it is possible. I have given reading online for free, and I don’t make money off it. but been told i was giving out correct predictions.

Answer by rp
no not really they just know how to tell you stuff that makes you feel like you need them to tell you more

Answer by Been There
I have known a great many so-called “psychics” … I can’t imagine how they could give a distance reading.

Yes, I know they’re supposed to be picking up on subtle vibes, and that there is really no such thing as distance in our universe … but the truth of it is that their impressions are just as easily coming from their own unconscious as they are to be coming through from an outside source. And their unconscious impressions depend on the subliminal signals you give off … which would be unreadable from a distance.

I have gone in for psychic readings without my wedding ring on, and the psychics have talked about when I will meet a man.
I have gone in dressed in old blue jeans and a faded T-shirt, without makeup, and the psychics have talked about when I will have money, and when things will be financially tight.
And there are some things that are just to be expected … people go to psychics about love, money, and health. Answer any one of those areas, and voila – a reading!

My sister thinks she psychic, but everything she talks about is unprovable (so-and-so died, and this is what he’s saying) .. or rarely comes true. Yet, before the days of call-display, she usually knew the phone was about to ring, and who it was going to be.

Answer by Your # 1 Answer
i do psychic readings by email
i provide psychic and free answers by e-mail

email me if you like to speak to me

Answer by Chris Q.T.
yes, they need your information, haha not to sound creepy

but i gave my most trusted psychic reader as i call her lol, she’s like a close friend to me already but i’ve never got in touch in a long time with her

anyway information would be like

ur current location
current zipcode, city, state

ur birthdate, maybe birthchart

& some information about your relationship, situation & such & such =]

mines a beautifull miraclee and success

currently my future success is to meet the love of my life in the future
my reader says i’ll ‘Run’ into her in 3 years last year
so i now have 2 years left haha =]
she sensed the number 3 so yah

& she told me my past lives that related to who i am today
2 of my important past lives
1 relates to my fear of drowning or water i think lol idk
1 relates to my fear of losing one parent

1 of them was in europe or w.e & my past-life wife died by alcohol
my other past life’s wife died with my daughter in my wife =[
& he lived alone & died by age (but not alone literally ^^)

hope this is enough to help u lol ^^

& btw my reading was free xD i met her here on Yahoo

Answer by susan
No one has to be near you to get a reading or to give a healing either, for that matter. Reiki people do long distance healing work all the time. They only need to connect with your energy. Time and space do not affect this kind of connection.

Now, finding someone who is genuine is another matter.

Answer by Rev. Lynn D.
I psychic can do a long distance reading with no problem. The spirit world is not bound by time or distance. The problem here may be that you cannot be sure who is doing the reading when you order it from an online service. Is that person legitimate, honest, ethical and accurate?


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