Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a good fortune teller/psychic in Montreal?

I am specifically looking for someone who reads tea leaves (Tasseography). It’s so hard to find. However, at this point i will settle for anyone…as long as they’re accurate, and not out to take your money.

Answer by Haresh(Harry)Nathani
A psychic reader will tell u some points about u but will not be able to predict what future has in store for u. But a vedic astrologer will certainly tell u more about ur future & all possibilities. Yes it is not free, u need to pay consultation charges. If u r prepared contact

Harry…Professional astrologer
+91 9867214103

Answer by lala
I am living not really far from Montreal ; but I do not know anyone who is using tea leaves for prediction . The best way to find a good physic or tea leaves reader ; is asking to your relatives and friends and acquaintance .this way you can have information on them if they are there for money or if they are honest ; but its impossible to be accurate at one hundred percent [ I am a physic ] Only God knows everything ; and he is not ready to give us all his knowledge about our future ; I wish you Luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you beleive in psychics or people having the potential to hav those abilities?

I am just curious and i promise i wont call you a freak or report you or tell you you need to go to a facility or institution if you i said im just really curious.

Answer by gutbucket
No, those people are either deluded or a con-artist, usually the latter.

Answer by Mr. Gerbick
Nope…Nothing supernatural exists.

Answer by AuroraDawn
No I don’t. It’s a fraud.

Answer by Ed
No, most “psychics” are con-artists to be honest.

Answer by Modus Operandi
No, not in the traditional sense. I don’t believe in psychics that charge money that’s for sure. There is a small study going on called ‘supernatural maths’, and I strongly dislike the word supernatural. Should be called supernormal. But anyway, this study is guessing that some people have natural ‘intuitions’ and can make SOME accurate predictions.

Psychic? No. Most psychics = fraud. Intuitive people. Yes.

Answer by Frou Frou
yes, i believe that we have a biological ability to do and see, think, feel, and know, things that we dont yet realsie we do

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it true that tarot cards can usually only predict events within 6-12 months at the most?

I have had several readings with psychics who use tarot cards to confirm what they see and it would be a comfort to know that the events they saw are going to happen in the next year and not 2 years from now.

The last reader I went to predicted a new job offer and relationship said that if these things weren’t going to happen within the next 12 months it would have been difficult for her to see them in any great detail or see them at all.

Answer by anarchy4ever28
I don’t mean any offense to you or your psychic, but I think the statistic is one in every 300 people that claim to be psychic actually are. They are most likely using the excuse to cover their act.

Answer by emilycarrillo0285
I do tarot readings and it’s actually quite reasonable. If you get a tarot reading today and try to predict events in next year or two, the details are massive and VERY vague; to which you probably forget by then.

They work better when you want to know predictions within 3-6 weeks (these are more accurate and more detailed), 3-6 months gives you a general idea, a year is too far.

Answer by vid
I’ve been reading Tarot for more than half my life, and one of my specialties is an all around reading of your life. My readings inclue romance, finances, work/career, etc. However, I usually will not read for more than a year because then it becomes iffy. The Tarot tells us what will happen if we continue doing what we’re doing now, but people and choices change, and that’s the reason why I don’t do more than a 12 months reading or question. Hope that helps…

Answer by KdS
No — I’ve done readings that predicted events with cards which took several years to manifest.

You can of course specify what timeframe you want to look at when doing a reading, and some readers think to do it — especially if they hope you might come back for more readings once the timeframe is up.

If your reader was a psychic though, most psychics I have talked to can only see a year or two into the future. Cards, however, are another matter entirely.


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