Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of a good Medium or Very accurate psychic in Los Angeles?

More than anything I would like a Medium some one that could speak to those who have crossed over.

Answer by Bindy M
I know a couple of larges here in NJ.

You shouldn’t pin your hopes on psychics.

Answer by diggem
yeah call dion warwick and her psychic friends network they may be able to help

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who is the best, most well known and ACCURATE PSYCHIC in the world?

I am wondering who might be the MOST astonishingly correct “super-psychic” out there. If anyone could give me some names and contact info, that would be great. If you could also tell me how you found out about them, or if you have had any personal experiences with them as well, that would be wonderful! Thanks!!!

Answer by arianaluvsinuyasha
me bitch!!!!!!

Answer by melissa
Slyvia Brown?…(gah couldn’t spell her first name right >_<)

Answer by free4all
I would say, that would have to be JESUS. People for centuries have been making comparisons of his predictions to modern day occurances.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you do reiki or any kind of supernatural healing?

I will trade you:

Free and accurate psychic readings, dream interpretation, and spiritual advice about the future from the angel of God in exchange for free reiki healing

Answer by ladyren
There is no such thing.

Get an education, honey. That stuff is just all pretend….but I think you already know that… it’s all just a scam.

Answer by Doonie – Atheist Fackwagger and RMonkee Hater
reiki works and I have used it successfully…

Answer by Nun’yaBusiness.
Reiki is a legitimate means of healing; so much so the NHS – national health service – in scotland has compiled a list of alternative therapies it’s now rolling out across hospitals throughout the country. Combined with it is Tui Na – chinese acupressure – and acupuncture (Actually using the needles). Why don’t you go read up on studies done on its effects psychologically and physically instead of simply deriding it as nonsense. Pro tip – Wikipedia isn’t a reliable source.
So STFU ladylame.

Anyway, I do not do Reiki, though there should be plenty of support groups online that can help you with it – especially in your local area.


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