Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know of psychic earthquake predictions?

I live in Southern California and have been hearing different earthquake predictions, both psychic and scientific. Has anyone heard about this? Apparently there have been many accurate predictions from both sources.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychic predictions?

Has anyone had an accurate psychic prediction and has the prediction come true

Answer by Orn
I knew you where gonna post that question!

Answer by cool gal tanvi
no.but i know that ti never comes true.

Answer by Elle
I have. I have precognitive dreams, they always come true.

Answer by milly_1963
Yes many : )
I go to a New Age Spiritual Church and we get a Reading every week to help and guide us through rough time.
And all mine have came through even if it has been up to a years after the reading.

Love & Blessings

Answer by sparkloom
last week i went to lake tahoe on vacation. my friend’s dog ate one of my shoes. i was really bummed out cuz i liked the shoes.

when i returned home, suitcase salley, my good friend owed me a favor from the week before and promised to get me something. turns out (without asking, mind you) she had got me a pair shoes worn by eminem. and they were my size exactly, and i am no longer bummed.

this was definitely a case of syncronicity rather than psychic… but i thought i’d share anyway.

Answer by pretty
i guess i have… it’s so wierd that i don’t know what i should do… i always have a dream which is always repeated… i remember all the details but only some come true- like in (dreaming) school, i meet the one i love in one of the pavillions… that incidence came true… but one scene didn’t come to reality- the moment we bacame like boyfriend/girlfriend… hehe… how i wish….

Answer by curious_soul
Yes, I was told in 1997 that I would meet a man with wonderful kids and that he wasn’t from here (USA). She described him as a tall blonde with blue eyes. I was also told that I would be moving to where he is. I was told I would move somewhere near water. She also said I would be in my 30’s when I do this and also have a child with this man in my 30’s. Well, in 2003 I met that man online and his kids are adorable. We love each other and he is from London. I am thinking about moving there. He isn’t too far from the Thames River. I will be 30 this year and he already asked me last year to have his baby so we will work on that very soon. My man is 6’2 blondish hair and gorgeous blue eyes. Another thing she predicted was the death of my mother, she died in 1999. She said I would inherit some money and I did. She also knew about my past relationships and described each guy. She was really gifted.

Answer by piraterachel
You will pee today, and poo also.

Answer by Ginger
I have had dreams that actually came true, especially if I write them down…

Answer by psyic
yes I have precognitive dreams. Some times I can see things that are going to happen even when I am awake they always come true.

Answer by nichellecomicbookgirl
Oui, I actually had one last week. Two bad experiences was when I woke up one morning and ‘sensed’ something wrong, and later I found out that my pregnaut aunt had LOST her baby. The second time was almost two years ago when I was being overly sensative and crying for no reason that day except just having a bad feeling about something again, the next day, I found out my uncle had died. There’s ups and downs to the psychic ability and mine, got me in and out of alot of trouble before but those last two predictions I mentioned was just horrible.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can I tell people I’m a psychic if I make accurate predictions and what will they think?

I have a record of making predictions that have come true, some in my journal, one big one I posted online a month ago which recently came true and a lot in my head to the point I am not surprised anymore – some are small things I predict or psychically know about people or things continuously but I keep to myself for fear of what others may say or think. Sometimes I only look at someone and immediately a lot of their info comes to me which I later look up online to find that it is true.

I think I have a big gift but don’t know what to do about it. Will people think I’m crazy if I tell them? I’m scared of what their reactions will be considering many psychics have a reputation for being a quack. I can’t predict everything of course, so I don’t know if I could be a good “psychic” for people – I can’t predict things that others want me to, only the things that naturally come to me which is a lot and I don’t know if there is a reason for having this skill.
I’m glad I asked because I appreciate the honest answers.

Answer by αнυηуαα♥
I’m sorry but i would think your crazy because i don’t believe in things like that. Sorry.

Answer by APE GIRL
don’t tell anyone keep it to yourself.
they’ll think your a wacko just like i do now.

Answer by born2booze
i wouldn’t mind if you predict my future. i have a sixth sense too where i’m usually never wrong. like for some reason whatever i tell someone to do i’m always right on makeing desitions and stuff. i have never been proven wrong on something yet. psychics are cool

Answer by K
Ok. I would say to keep track of what you’re doing, practice, and network with people who have similar interests and ideas. From my experience, depending on your age and location you will get varied reactions when you talk experiences like the ones you’re having. Younger kids (teens) tend to not take it too seriously while young/middle aged/older adults tend to take you more seriously. I hope your parents are supportive of you because that would make things a lot easier. If your parents aren’t accepting hopefully someone in your family will be.

I myself have have had similar experiences and have worked with paranormal investigators, “ghost hunter” enthusiasts, pagans of all shapes and colors, holistic healers, I reiterate that networking with like minded people as well as testing and training yourself are perhaps the two most invaluable keys to living with psychic gifts. If you can DEFINITELY get the book referenced to below. It’s great, easy to read, and accurate. If you have any questions about your experiences or about the paranormal, “supernatural”, or whatever feel free to message me. I’m always glad to help if I can. Best of luck to you and have fun with your gifts!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

Psychic Predictions – Sarah Palin & Kathy Griffin

Written by Goddessmother

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