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hi there… my name is Rachael Gabrielle DuCharme and was wondering if i could have a free short psychic reading for whats in store for me in 2012- i was born April 5th 1990. at 8:10 am in the morning, and i was born in Santa rosa California.

also i had two psychics tell me that i am going to have twins! but both of them said different things- one said i was going to have twin beautiful baby girls and the other psychic said i was going to have twin boys. but they both saw twins. and i have had twins in my family but one of them died… and they were identical twin girls and i told these psychics nothing about my twin aunts until after they mentioned it. so that was pretty amazing- and i really want twins too!!! it would really be interesting to know who i would marry who will get me pregnant with twins.

i know i’m bound to get mean answers on yahoo so if your going to answer my question please be nice. and hopefully you are a real psychic. thanks so much for your time have a great day

Answer by Bhagat Ram Handa
Keep yourself free from such junk questions,dont get panic or much concerned, it is not in ur hand, the time will come, the process of biology will at the time u willmet your life partner maintain physical relation in whick Nakshtara or status of the planets then & there……Leave thinking so much of the inner of the future Be Relaxed & concentrate on your present carrier. Be happy.

Answer by Aschatria Xyana
Honey, don’t worry about that, and don’t listen to bad answers on yahoo, because they are probably from some teen or troubled person who heals frustration taking it down on the other people.

Erm, well- I can tell that you are more interested about mentioned partner ( lol) because you are slower in the relationships than your relatives, or girls from your family.

By the logic, for the twins there is more biological factors involved, but also a stroke of luck or God, and about the time and 2012 predictions – clairvoyant can predict some things, but not specific and down to the exact date.There will be time, and there is time for everything.

The best I can wish for you is nice summer love, beautiful wedding and gorgeous baby girl.
Stay well

Answer by Shelly
Hi Rachael

Seems like you are going to have your hands full then!

Did the psychics say you were actually going to give birth to twins, as it could be that you meet someone who already has children, that happen to be twins, and then go on to have your own with the person?

It can be amazing when you are told the same thing by two different people, the only worry is that it can be the only thing you think off. Keeping an open mind and not focusing on these things can sometimes be the best option. Instead of looking for that person to come into your life, you need them to find you.

I have found that looking for free readings can be hard, however there is a site that i sometimes use, as they have occasional free offers for the like the first ten minutes. I have just had a look and they don’t have any on at the moment but they do have a special offer on, the site is

Hope you find this helpful and good luck for the future

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Suggest me a free website which can provide me a free complete birt chat and can tell my future?

Answer by ?

Answer by SaggiMC and you can get a FREE chart picture, 2x reading and free six month transit report by Robert Hand. BUT

Astrology cannot and does NOT reliably predict anything and if you think it can or should, you are mistaken and have unrealistic expectations and no doubt you will end up disillusioned and frustrated with astrology. Astrologers are not clairvoyants, so perhaps lower your expectations here.

Perhaps you should read this thread entitled: astrology predicts meanings, not events

Please read what astrology can and cannot do;_ylt=AuqEGTF7uwRHkpZNAVsKgWnsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120901014738AAV7k9s
perhaps this thread will help you understand a little more

I have noticed Vedic astrologers on here (which aren’t many) make sweeping statements or *declarations* and don’t EVER back up any of their answers/theories with *any* astrological explanation whatsoever. Even when the do respond they usually give out (illegally and against Community Guidelines) a personal email or personal website in the hope that gullibility will ensue and they could make some money out of you in the not to distance future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there clairvoyant/psychic reader who can read my life, love and health for free?

I lost my job and I am piled under a boat load of bills. Please don’t post answers for psychic reading in websites like or, I am NOT intersted in computer generated websites or pay by the minute chat room psychic readers. Thanks

Answer by The Count
I would answer this, but the last time I answered a question dealing with Psychics, the answer was pulled by Yahoo because the asker did not like MY opinion , which is what was asked for.

Answer by rhio9
If I type in a reading for you — I evaluate your love life (very comprehensive), look at your career choices, health and wellness projections (5-10-20 years into the future), over-view of your soon-to-be (long-term) legal battles over debts, law suits, collections and bankruptcy possibilities, cultural and social changes effecting you personally, over-all travel indicators, general sickness prospects and hospitalization, your astrological marriage and divorce cycles, spiritual journeys you will take and their ultimate outcomes, etc. etc. — well, if I were to do that I charge by the letter. Can you afford it? This little response right here would have cost you more than $ 250 @$ 5.00 per letter. Can you really afford NOT to know your future at those rates?

Answer by Fireball226
look up Rochelle Gordon who will send free info….others in person are not free and wont come true anyway

Answer by sybil_the_soothsayer
You are the author of your problems here. You will only listen to what you want to hear but you don’t know what that is…such a closed heart and mind! There is a fatherly type male in your life that treats you as a child for selfish reasons, he wants to keep you where you are. You will not see your options in life until you remove your own blindfold and look. The answer is known to only you and you need to stop trying to find the answer in an outside source. And also, stop being so self-centered…and stop being addicted to drama that is self created…


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