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Fast and accurate horoscope you can get by psychic reading only

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If you want a reading for 20 mins with an experienced accurate advisor then call me #bitwine

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Just had a psychic reading and it was so accurate #scaryasfuck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Had a psychic reading and she said I had felt frustrated about somethings lately. It’s true! How did she know?

How do psychics do the things they do?

Answer by Geeky McNerdy-Pants
Most everyone is frustrated about one thing or another at any given time. Just like horoscopes, “psychics” make assumptions based on what’s true for most people.

Answer by Stephen Paul
They know all for a mere $ 20!

Answer by StarlessJoy
Most people who have a psychic reading because they are frustrated about something. Though, you definitely can’t rule out the possibility of this person actually being a psychic.

Answer by Steven W
Most psychics either give general answers that would apply to anyone who comes in, for example “You have lost someone who is dear to you” Some though, are very talented at reading body language and can almost tell you exactly what you’re thinking at any given time. They are much fewer in numbers as reading someone’s body language that well takes a lot of knowledge and practice.

Answer by Loo
because everyone is frustrated about everything, dont worry, she does not know, shes just a cold reader.

people with a true gift will not charge and will go into detail.

Answer by Shenaynay
No one is really psychic but some are very good at cold reading.

And as others have said, who is not frustrated at one time or another.

Answer by Jude
That a simple one, I could easly say your going true a hard time”….or your been stressing alot about something. Second I would do some Sherlock Holmes and deduce from your look and stuff about what you might be doing and what relates to you. Its all Cold readings, In the show called Crossing over with John Edwards” they did that all the time

Answer by Christine H
Generally they are very good at reading body language and asking leading questions.

That is not to say that they are all fakes and flakes.

Many, many years ago, I gave a workmate a bracelet to take for a reading. What the work mate and the reader did not know was that it belonged to a very dear friend of mine who I thought was at that time half a world away.

I was given an amazingly accurate reading including that my friend had recently returned to Britain.

The only problem was that it kind of spoiled the surprise when she turned up for my wedding as I knew she was back!

Answer by I’m just me
Well, it’s hard to know. I do agree that unless she gave you specific examples of things that frustrated you, then I would take very lightly what she told you. BUT… assuming for a moment that she was legit… it’s hard to tell how she knew, b/c I don’t know what her gifts are. But me for example… I’m an empath, I feel people’s emotions. I’m also clairaudient, I hear spirits and angels speaking to me. I know a woman, a friend of mine, who gets visions (she sees things, pictures, etc) and channels. clairvoyants get visions. Clairaudients hear spirits speaking to them. Clairsentients feel things.

Answer by ▐▀▀▼▀▀▌ ► G ◄ ▐▄▄▲▄▄▌
They are blessed, I did got my reading does and each and every word he said came true .These things are hard to believe till you experience it

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