Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : has a psychic told anyone they were going to become pregnant?


My husband and I saw a psychic for Halloween. She seemed pretty accurate by saying everything that was true. We asked when we were going to become pregnant and she said in one year. My question is has anyone seen a psychic and been told this and you did become pregnant? Just curious.

Thank you!

Answer by KC
I saw a psychic and she said I wouldn’t get pregnant, here I am 39W + 4D. That crap isn’t real. Those people are trained to pick up on body cues. One psychic told my mom she was going to get hit over the head and robbed..never happened. Yes, they are entertaining but don’t buy into it. You will get pregnant by your own doing, if that is what you want. Good luck!

Answer by ♥**•.¸Girl Due 1/21/10¸.•**♥
Yep! Hubby and I went to Vegas and we saw a psychic at The Palms who said we or a family member were pregnant with a boy but didn’t know it yet. And that someone in our family would be having a baby girl.. Well considering no one in the family was trying for a baby.. imagine our shock when we get back into town and a month later my older sis found out she was expecting.. the baby was a boy. Also a bit after that hubby and I got pregnant.. seriously not trying we have had sex the same way for 4 years and never gotten pregnant and guess what.. it’s a girl!

Answer by Grow A Set
I once had a psychic tell me someone used black magic and put a curse on me. But guess what? She said she has the powers to remove it too! All I needed to do was bring her two bills of money (the higher the denomination, the more powerful the spell) and she was going to bury them in the churchyard and pray my curse away! Isn’t that amazing? Needless to say, I left.
Sorry about the ramble, I couldn’t resist sharing that.

*sending you baby wishes and good luck*

Answer by Chuckles
Although i visited a psychic i was still a bit wary of what they do.

Its only 5 years later that i shake my head at her accuracy.

She described my pregnancy loss at 24 weeks prior to the reading, told me i would not have another child until i reached 31 and after i had travelled across vast amounts of water. At 31 i would have a baby boy, my partner would not be a natural Australian like myself and would work with his hands.

Ok, i just shrugged, yep, that was fun.

Hmmm, Lets just say that Dec 08 Jan 09 i visited 7 countries, turned 31 late January 09, my darling partner is a Kiwi but an Australian Citizen, employed as a chef and our baby boy is being induced 12th Dec if he doesn’t arrive in the next couple of days.

I walked out laughing at the psychic years ago thinking how would she know, today i laugh at how accurate she was 🙂

Answer by Spangley Amber
I saw a psychic in March this yr who told me that I would fall pregnant within the year to a baby boy. I have been TTC for 8 mnths now and have recently been diagnosed with PCOS which she did not seem to be able to tell me about.
So I am still waiting for my month, however I have had about 3 readings and alot of what they said have come true so I am patiently waiting as I have until next March anyways.

Good luck, lots of baby dust!!!!

Answer by Ram
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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it safe to go to a psychic with a parent?

Will they say anything about drinking alcohol or if you threw a party while they were gone…
I know I sound extremely juvenile and stupid but hey cant get myself in trouble!

Answer by Daniel
From a Christian standpoint, psychics are false prophets who get their info from demonic sources. It’s not safe to seek the devil for advice.

Answer by caitlin.CALAMITY
Do you believe in God and follow the Bible? If you do then why are you going to a psychic? If you don’t then why are you bringing a parent along? Lame.

Answer by Gdschild
Why go to a psychic when you can go to God….psychics get their “power” from its like saying they get their visions from sources where God is the main source and can help and answer all the questions and stuff that you have..try going to church with your parents and then you all get save =D

Answer by deborahpsycic
psychic here

No silly.. Your psychic is not just in it to tell the future and have no care to your needs. Psychics are people to and know that what they say can effect your opinion of the psychic world (forever)

I have been able to give good accurate readings to couples that are cheating on each other and keep my words….from telling on each. If I felt that they were asking questions that needed a little more tact I suggested that they come again and gave “the look” as if to say I have more.

I do not know which psychic you are going to but If she is a good one she will concider your feelings to.

I wrote a blog telling how you can tell if she is good or a scam

A here is some info about me and why I know this stuff

Answer by Magen
Oh my gosh! I can’t believe people actually think that psychics are the devil or are in communication with the devil. They are not. That’s ridiculous. Psychics aren’t getting their info. from some devil. They just have the ability to use their sense of intuition much better than the average person. (Like you know when you walk in a room and you just know someone is looking at you–then you turn around and they are–that’s intuition! Psychics sense of intuition is just more highly evolved/more powerful than average.)

I would think that any decent psychic who would actually know the details of you throwing the party would also know to keep their mouth shut. They’d know that you wouldn’t want them to say anything. And, it’s really none of their business. They’re supposed to be doing you a service–not starting trouble between you and your parents. I highly doubt they’d be rude enough to sit there and cause a fight between you and your parents.

You never know though…
My psychic is online and I just do a one on one thing. Her site is:
It sounds like you’re under 18 so you won’t be able to get a reading through her because you need to pay by paypal. But, I just gave you her site because on her FAQ page it explains how she gets her information and there’s even a link to a youtube video. That would be a good thing to read to discredit the idea that psychics are in cahoots with the devil. Soooo ridiculous how closed minded some people can be. Anything they don’t understand is “the devil” or evil.

Don’t worry about it one way or the other. They prob. won’t say anything and even if they do you can deny it, saying she must be thinking of someone else. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Tarot or Palm readings real or just money schemes?

Do you believe in Tarot or Palm readings? Or are they just a money scheme? How could I find a reputable tarot reader in my area if they seem to be a dime a dozen?

How does visiting a tarot card reader work? Are there any other types of Psychic/Fortune-telling methods that you find to be more accurate?

Answer by Jody
Personally I think its all garbage.

Answer by Mickypoo
There is no method for telling the future without the existence of information and data. Anyone saying otherwise is deluded by religious faith, self interest or greed.

You can divine the future through logic only but only with an accuracy based on the amount of available information. Life is a variable based on many variables.

Answer by believer_in_jesus37421
Let me ask you a question: Do you think the devil would like for you to get involved in these practices? The answer is yes—and that should be a solemn warning to you.

The Bible is very clear: If we want to please God, we will avoid everything that has anything to do with the occult (even if it seems innocent or harmless on the surface). The reason is because occult practices of any kind could involve you with spiritual forces that are opposed to God and are, in fact , in league with the devil.

I know that is a strong statement—but I can’t emphasize strongly enough how spiritually dangerous it is to follow Satan’s way rather than God’s way. When the Ephesians who had practiced the occult became Christians, they “brought their (magic) scrolls together and burned them publicly” (Acts 19:19). They knew there could be no compromise between their old way of living and God’s way.

Don’t try to resist the “pull” you feel toward the occult in your own strength. Instead, by faith turn to Christ and ask Him to come into your life and give you the strength of His Holy Spirit. Don’t be deceived, but come to Christ, who alone is “the way and the truth and the life” (John 14:6).

For a FREE easy-to-understand study Bible e-mail me.


Answer by Taka
well i will tell u this: there´re some guys who are just fake, and there´re some that are real ones, but u must take care ´cause those people ´ve demons around them or even inside them and if u´re not protected you´ll faint, now how would u can be protected? only with jesus blood, i mean , if u let him stay in your heart an accept him, telling him that u were on the wrong road he´ll save u, and he has already beaten those demons so they can do nothing in u.
do u wanna know another type of future telling? there are Prophecies that jesus can give u, and those will be 100% true, ´case fortunate tellers some times are wrong ( most of times)

Answer by Evan
I recently went to a card reader. She told me my next job will be in the western U.S. and I told her no way I’m going to New York on my next job. She, right then, had goose bumps and told me that it was definitely west. I went home and a couple of days later my boss called and said the job in NY was canceled and they were sending me to New Mexico. Then I got goosebumps. Still not sure what to believe however.

Answer by Stank
Well I believe.

I can give u a reading…without cards..
What do u want to know? I dont charge.

If you do go to someone I would say if they ask for A LOT of info then they are a fraud. All they should need is your name. THATS IT. If they ask for birth date sometimes it is because they are using astrology like “oh she is a libra so she is this way, that way, etc”

Answer by Artorius
Money schemes. It’s highly improbable that a set of random cards taken from a shuffled deck, or natural lines on the palm of your hand, can for-tell your future & unveil your past.

Answer by Faesson
You should read a little more about Tarot before you characterize it as real or “not real”. MOST of the interpretations of the cards is what gets people to believe. If you want to know if you will hit the lottery, there is no “You will hit the lottery” card in the Tarot deck. Someone flips over the 7 of Wands and says “Ah, good fortune is in your future!”

Bah. Save your money and buy chocolate. I guarantee it will make you feel better than the stupid cards.

Actually, the meaning of the Seven card is “To Take a Stand”, as in “Tarot is bunk”.

Answer by LiveReadings
Yes. Yes. You can go online or get referrals from someone you trust.

See my blog on how tarot works and why it’s not always accurate:

I myself use Delphi or Jennifer online here as they have given me 100% accurate readings 100% of the time. They are not always online:

You can also find me on Skype at

Good luck.

Answer by paintingj
Palm reading can be fun to do I can’t imagine it would really give you any guidance about your life or the future.

Tarot cards I think are at least partly “real”. There are clearly things beyond the world we see. Do Tarot cards tap into this? I would tend to doubt it. I think Tarot cards true power comes from you. The cards have do not really have any meaning until you interpret them with aspect of your life. And I think that process where you think about things in your life is the real power.

I do my own Tarot Readings. I am not certain how I would feel about someone else reading them for me.

Answer by clint b
It depends.

In the case of tarot readings, I think that tarot readings can provide a new perspective. Friends can do the same, but the tarot cards you draw will not hold back their appraisal of the question you ask. The cards may be off, but sometimes they cause you evaluate your problems from a new perspective that leads to solutions or better understanding.

In my opinion, tarot readings are for entertainment, but they can also lead to new thoughts and approaches to to your problems.

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.