Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone been to a psychic? If so did she/he tell you anything that came true?

Did she/he give you a time frame on the events that you were told would happen? I want to know if any of you have been to a psychic and whatever you were told actually happened. Like she/he might of told you someone will die, did that person actually died?

Answer by Brook
Yes, and no.

Answer by v72
no they are big fakes.

Yes i have, no the never have. worst $ 50 i ever spent.

Answer by *Invisible Pink Unicorn*
Only person that’s come even remotely close to being real is Sylvia Brown!

And I can’t afford her readings…

Anyone else is a huge fake

Answer by MOTHRA
Once a psychic told me my grandmother would die. And she did. You know how she knew? Everyone dies. She just chose the most likely person to die soon.

Invisible Pink Unicorn: Sylvia Brown is also fake.

Answer by dbwalk1973
A. If anything a psychic predicts actually comes true, it’s a complete coincidence.

B. Everybody dies, so that’s a safe prediction.

Answer by Master CYLINDER!
We got a reading while visiting New Orleans.

The reading was spot on….but backwards. Her “fortune” came true for me and mine came true for her.

Weird coincidence.

Answer by hvnly11
sad to say,but yes i have been and no the have only told lies

Answer by Panther
Am getting that you will spend a few more lifetimes in ignorance before evolving into your Soul’s purpose.

Answer by Superb 🙂
Yes, i went to 2 of them. And they told me a bunch of events, but one is supposed to happen when i am in 8th grade, and the others when i am old enough to go to college and get married.

So i didn’t get a time frame, and none of them have came true… yet.

Answer by Erin
The only psychic I ever went to was a total hoax. But I knew that before I went to her. I looked at it as a form of entertainment. Of course I know someone with a name that begins with P. Of course I work with numbers (on my paycheck, if no where else). Of course I’ve dealt with sibling rivalry (you already asked me if I have any brothers and sisters). You get the point.

Answer by Hank
I tried many online psychics and was never happy with the readings I got. They were too general and could be for anyone. Then a friend swore by this witch – so I tried her out. She was very specific and told me that I was going to lose my job in one month (I did). Then she pulled my ex’s name out of the blue. She even told me that my mother was going to fall and break her hip (she did). I have been going back to her every 6 months and she is always very accurate. If you want a reading I would suggest going there first. Her website is

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in fortune tellers and mind readers?

if yes-tell me more, and tell me why.

Answer by Candy Girl
I’ve never had a mind-reading experience, but I have visited psychics. Some were total bull, but there was one who gave me a very accurate account of how things were in my life, things a person would only know if they knew me personally. I had a friend with me, and this psychic predicted some things about her. My friend was sceptical, but soon found every word to come to fruition. I used to read tarot cards, and gave people pretty accurate readings. Not always, but enough to make all my friends believers.

Answer by tim k
i believe some people are very good at reading people that is seeing what personality type they are and then telling them what they want to hear ,the cold reading technique is a well practiced style of these predict the future all you have to do is look at the past ,so no i don’t believe that these people have a special link with some other dimension or spirit world they have a skill in reading people and telling them what they want to hear

Answer by Cocomcloven
I believe in fortune tellers because I have had a vision. As far as mind readers I think that they are just made up but who knows.

Answer by TheSpirits
No person can read minds only use telepathy which is communication of the brain.Sorry:(. Fortune tellers i think can be stupid scams that get your money. But some rare people are born with special senses to tell the future.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Anyone who’s had good experiences with psychics in montreal?

how accurate?
who and where?


Answer by Reiki Chick
I saw a fantastic psychic in Montreal a couple of years ago.

She worked out of Charmes et Sortilege on rue De Grand-Pre. She was an older heavy-set lady with short hair. I can’t remember her name, but I think it was Theresa. She used tarot cards – the Tarot of Marseilles deck (which is long with pictures in blue, yellow, red and peach.)

Anyway, I’ve been to psychics many times and do professional readings myself, so I am able to spot a faker a mile away.

This lady was completely on the money and I would go back to see her in a heart beat.

I attached the website for the shop. However, please don’t be put off predominant french on the website. The staff all speak english, and my reading was in english.

I thought they also had an english version of the website but I didn’t see it right off. So if you want any help sorting out what the website says, feel free to email me.

If you see her you won’t regret it. She’s da bomb. 🙂

Answer by ksantiMIA
why consult a psychic? Find someone who is enlightened to consult. Enlightened people are always psychic and can lead you in the correct directions. While only some psychics are enlightened. Many just have a gift they use to profit from

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