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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone had a psychic reading that was truly accurate?

Who did it and what did they say?

Answer by codrock
If they did, it would be explainable as co-incidence. Either that or they unknowingly FED the psychic the neccessary info.

Total bunch of frauds.

Answer by Ishamael
I had a Tarot reading by the brilliant Lon Milo Duquette, probably the best living expert on Aleister Crowley, and a great magician in his own right. He predicted very accurately the occurrences in my life. He told me about the changes I could expect in my life, and they came. He spoke of my path, and it has been confirmed through other means.
I cannot offer any specifics here, for the obvious reason, but that is the way to distinguish true psychics. They offer enough details for you to know if they’re right or not. It should be noted that psychics work with probabilities and your freedom of choice may make their reading impossible, or at least changeable.
Another psychic I have seen, is one who helped the police to catch criminals. It was fascinating! She predicted in my presence a woman would be having a girl(it wasn’t even noticeable that the woman was pregnant) and it came true.
She touched an object held my my relative, and described the feelings the relative had experienced once.
That was amazing.
I should also say that for every true psychic, there are maybe 8 fake ones, who delude you deliberately, or untintentionally. If they overcharge for their sessions, no matter how good they are, be careful. True gifted don’t charge hundreds. They know they will have their money because they have talents. Others are more greedy.
Hope these guidelines help you.

Answer by MissKathleen
I went to a psychic, Old Knell Kerfoot, in Rosenberg, Texas and paid her $ 15 for a truly accurate reading. It was just a joke with some friends from work. I never expected her to tell me my future.

She said my husband was leaving me to find a new life. But there was someone else for me with long brown hair, blue eyes, 5 foot 10 inches tall and we would have a country life and a love that was wild but true.

Well, my husband divorced me and never remarried. I now live with my boyfriend who is bipolar, and we live out in the woods in West Tennessee in a cabin on 4 acres. I love it – we can have our music as loud as we want without disturbing anyone. Chip is 5 feet 10 inches tall with long brown hair and blue eyes. We’ve been together for 7 years now and we’re both very happy.

Answer by hurst3

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics, using the weak side of humans. What do u believe?

When we can’t find an answer on a difficult situation, we become vanerable, been there, devorced bringing a child on my own in a small society. There was a time or two, had a reading. Recently broke up from a nice relationship. I wanted to know why, had a psychic reading. I have come to a conclusion that all these psychics are excellent acters, bombarding ur mind, to do things, such as move on, make new friends, start dating new people. Be strong. And people in weak times, we think that they are so accurate. They see nothing, they just lead u to do things that are more possible to happen to any human. AND PEOPLE PAY ALL THESE MONEY, just to get there hopes up, that they might find a better job, that there ex will return etc. IF only we all had more confidence and self esteem to see with clarity, we would just see things simple and do what is realistic good for us and our beloved ones. GIVE ME UR OPINION ON THIS, does this thing as psychic realy exist or not?

i belive your question is why to long and borring………..

Answer by newyorkgal71
Yes, many are “attuned” and can see and hear things that others can’t. It’s more of a “high sensitivity.” Have you ever answered the phone and “knew” who was calling before you heard their voice? A hunch, to “do” or not do something. Example: I was going shopping, but, “something” made me change my mind and go home. I was luckly, part of a building fell down a few seconds after I walked under the scaffolding.” “Hunch,” “Psychic,” “Mother wit,” whatever, saved my life and I didn’t die in the crash of the building. It’s what, in the old days, was called “Mother Wit.”

Answer by producer_vortex
It is very subjective. I believe some people are real psychic, but
these are few and far between. The rest are scam artists, telling
us what we want to hear.

Answer by opinionatedkitten
I agree with you for the most part. I think the best “psychics” out there are good psychologists, who are quick at figuring out what you want to hear, and guessing things about you based on limited information.
Others are sincere, but are mostly flakes. They believe they have a talent, but their success rate tends to actually be very low. They’re well-meaning people, but I still wouldn’t waste my money.
I do believe there might be genuinely gifted intuitive people, or people whose minds work in ways that escape most of us. Police forces sometimes call on people who have been known to give surprisingly accurate answers on murder cases to see if they can’t help them find a lead. But I don’t believe these people advertise in the paper for $ 20 an hour.

Answer by AJ…
I believe thoroughly in psychics and having been to the Spiritualist church have met many very good ones. It is just as credible, maybe more so, than the typical male god and religion model, really amounts to the same thing without the mass people control of an organisation telling you how to live your life, and without male conformist agenda.

What I don’t believe in however, is wasting my money on two-bit future forecasters, and unless one is associated with the spiritualist church I don’t go near them. Real psychics don’t so much try to forecast the future as there are many paths we may go down, a choice issue for most of us. More, they connect us to our spiritual guides who are there to help us grow as individuals, at our own rate in our own way through many lives.

I find it ironic that so many people believe there is no such afterworld for psychics to delve into, but will then trot off to church to touch into their own version of that same afterworld.

Answer by psychic-junkie
Pro’s and Con’s

Follow these simple guidelines to find sound psychic insight from the pro psychics and avoid being taken for a ride by the con artists and charlatans.

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