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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone had a pyschic forecast be accurate and come true?

I had a psychic reader tell me that I was in a bad situation w/a guy a few months back. This was true. The reader then said that the guy liked me and was going to come looking for me by year end. I find this hard to believe b/c even though initially there was attraction between us, he knows that I can’t stand him anymore. Can a forecast like this be accurate?

Answer by Racist Answer Man
Could be.

After all my wife can’t stand me and we’ve been married almost 20 years.

Oddly enough she had a psychic reading that she maintained came true as well. Never told me what it was, but I threw out my copy of MacBeth just in case she was getting ideas.

Answer by Jennifer W
Nope. 😉

Answer by lacey
Yes, but it’s more a case of predicting human behavior.

Answer by SU
Absolutely it can be accurate. Even though he knows you don’t like him, he may still seek you out by the end of the year trying to rekindle a relationship. It doesn’t mean you’ll get back with him, just that he’ll try.

I’ve had many readings that have turned out to be right on the money; even those that seemed a little out there at first ended up being true.

Answer by Bright
Life is dynamic , always changing. Unless the psychic monitor the movements everytime.

Answer by James Q
It is very possible!!! It is just as possible that it will be wrong. Most psychics forecast general things after working up through some statements that lead you into telling them a lot of info. Then after they make their forecasts people have a tendency to notice similarities in it to their life situations. The predictions that are completely false are usually forgotten and only the ones that come close to true are remembered. If I predict that you are going to die someday, it will come true of course because everybody dies… If I predict that you are going to meet somebody interesting this month I will probably be rightly most times. If I predict that you will come into some money this year you probably will and you will attribute it to my prediction even though it was just a guess because in some way most people get surprise money in a years time. But if I say you will meet a 6′ 5″ man with green eyes and brown hair named Larry tomorrow at 4:30 PM, chances are I am going to be wrong..
Psychics are trained, or sometimes just gifted, to observe and to making leading statements etc.. then to make predictions according to the profile they build on you. They can be pretty accurate if they are good.

Answer by Jakefw
The most accurate reading you will experience is one that you give for yourself… stop looking for external validation and take charge of your life.

Answer by Samadhi Sativa
People have problems letting go. that is why there are stalking laws in the USA. I’ve never had a forecast be accurate for me.

Answer by xxamethystnightxx
Plenty of them, but yes, they can be wrong. Psychics look at a probable outcome based on the path that you are on now. Nothing is written in stone. I give readings all the time. No, I am not trained to give leading statements. No, I don’t try to get all the information I can out of the person I’m reading. The way to get the most accurate reading is to just give yes and no responses. If I ask a question during a reading, it’s to make sure that I’m connecting and seeing the situation accurately. If not, then I can’t see, at that moment, what is next. Things don’t just show up as a picture like looking at a tv. Sometimes you see blurry images and it becomes more clear when you talk about it and slowly it pieces itself together. Just remember that as accurate as a reader is, you are in control of your life and can change what you don’t like.
Back to your question, just because you can’t stand someone now doesn’t mean that won’t change. People grow, people change, and life happens. It might or it might not happen. Don’t like a reader stop you from living your life and close your mind to other possibilities out there. They’re here to guide you when you need help, but they don’t dictate your life. If you have questions, never be afraid to drop me a line. 🙂

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why are most tarot readers & psychic adviser such awful liars?

How can you receive 3 different interpretations of the same cards and events? And they always start off with a generic introduction, I see you getting monies soon or I see you traveling or relocating, ya Has anyone else been lied to by a psychic/tarot reader? And what did the lie about?

Answer by <3
Haha, those aren’t lies, just generalizations. Most psychic advisers who you pay for or get advice from the internet are just generalizing the cards or planets. Most people who actually do have “psychic powers” do not actually advertise it or sell readings. People who are “psychic” actually just have good intuition, meaning they have very good instincts and can predict events with little or no outside information. You are more likely to get an accurate prediction of the future from a friend or relative who seems to be good at giving advice. People who give good advice generally have some form of unrealized psychic ability. People who are the best “psychics” take their good intuition and go on a spiritual journey where they take themselves away from people and civilization and just familiarize themselves with nature and use this to access the part of the human brain that is most similar to animals. This works because animals live off of instincts. They know to go after the weakest of the heard, where the safest water to drink, how to reproduce, when the weather is going to be bad and how to take care of their families when animals have no sense of logic or reasoning, they just know. People who are psychic and are very in touch with their instincts possess a gene that has been passed down from before man had tools; when man was an animal. Connecting with nature heightens these instincts for people who possess this gene and help them link their human logic and their instincts to actually be able to control their “powers” and use them to predict what may happen to other people. Most people with good instincts do not think they are psychic and their intuition comes at random. Anyone who you pay to have a reading is just trying to pass off logic as “psychic energy.” They stretch the truth and actually believe what they tell you is true. It’s not a lie, just ignorance.

Answer by ChainLightning ⅜
How about a link for the “scientific fact”?

There is a million dollars for the first person that can prove any type of paranormal ability or event. This has been offered for over ten years and no one has come remotely close. If psychic are real enough to be common, the money would have been won and there would be finally proof. But the only thing we have are people that “say” they are psychics.

It is your money they want, so it is your risk. Until the million dollars is won, psychics do not exist.

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