Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have anybody receive a free email reading from psychic source? Was it good?

This is my first time trying it and i am anxious to know my result. Out of curiousity, what does your reading say. Was it accurate?

Answer by Shenaynay
If it seemed accurate it was probably because it was very general and could apply to anyone, this is known as the Forer effect – there are no real psychics.

Be careful, offering free psychic readings sounds like the first step in some sort of scam.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are Mediums & Clairvoyants really accurate and can they actually hear and talk to souls?

If so, what is a good one to go to around the melbourne area?

Answer by Brodes

Answer by advisor
some can but sadly most are frauds

Answer by Heart of man
Even the ones that are real are not always accurate. You get truth and non truth in equal amounts. Has to do with balance

Answer by Tedward
Nope, or it would be admissible in a court of law. Think of the murder cases it would help solve for example.

Answer by Chuckles the IPU
All I ask is for one person….who ever it is. Go and win the prize money from Randi. There is so much nonsense on here about how “I am a psychic, I just can’t prove it” I honestly want to believe but no one can do anything more than a good guess at this point.

Answer by sissyk11
yes they are real i am one i dont know what my type is called if its one of the two your asking about. but i see and hear spirits i have visions and my dreams come true and when people are going to call i know, and i know like if there was an accident or like if someone is hurt. basically i can tell who is calling and i know before i pick up the phone if something is wrong. but i dont know if like getting readings and stuff is real because i cant control when it happens i do not use these abilities for money. heres a fun fact for all of you non believers did you know that the police do work with psychics. they do solve murder cases and missing people cases. most police still refuse to work with one but if you ever talk with one of the police that have worked with one. Or know a police who had a psychic solve their case they would tell you it is real no one believes any more because of all the fake want a be psychics out there discrediting the rest of us. most real ones will refuse money or do not even use their abilities for people so i think mostly all you will find are fake.

Answer by Ron
They are accurate according to the laws of chance alone, and they most certainly can’t hear and talk to souls, it would be a lovely idea which is why the belief lingers on.

The two greatest psychic investigators of our time Harry (the Great) Houdini and at present James (the Amazing) Randi have between them scoured the entire planet over the last hundred years looking for a genuine psychic/medium/clairvoyant, they haven’t found a single one.

James Randi and ten other organisations worldwide have challenges up to a $ 1,000,000 to anyone who can prove their so called power, he will even allow the participant to set up the protocol for a trial in which he takes no part, the protocol is also mutually agreed between both parties, still not a single winner.

Sylvia Browne for example is claimed to be the world’s greatest psychic, have a look at this Youtube which again contains JR’s challenge.

The $ 1,000,000 is held by Goldman Sachs and the balance is available for inspection on the web at any time.

EDIT: “What is most interesting about this data at this juncture is that it seems to be trustworthy and accurate in these specific cases.” but not a shred of evidence!

I’m sure James Randi et al keep up to date on medium/psychic/clairvoyant ‘research’ it’s in their interest to do so, with regards to the laboratory research you mentioned, don’t forget that JR is an expert in investigating such practices as part of his challenge, it’s important to remember that the discredited Uri Geller fooled the top metallurgists in Universities all over the world into believing that he could bend metals with the power of his mind alone, SCIENTISTS CAN BE FOOLED BY A CLEVER CONJURER JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.

EDIT2: A poor excuse ‘Running ….’ and ‘Voices…’ here is a list of just some of the applicants since 2004, still no winners although there are plenty of people willing to try, next excuse please!

If just 1% of all the mediums/ psychics/clairvoyants in the world are genuine, JR would need an army of investigators to check them all out.

Answer by John S
Some gifted individuals have demonstrated what parapsychologists call ‘anomalous information reception’ in controlled laboratory studies. These represent perhaps 1 percent of those who claim to be mediums and clairvoyants. However this research, while impressive, does not show the source of this information. It might be the deceased or it might be some other source. What is most interesting about this data at this juncture is that it seems to be trustworthy and accurate in these specific cases.

At the same time, it is also true that a large number of claimants are delusional, misguided or even fraudulent. So there is a good chance that with no other guidance, you might encounter one of them.

Claims by skeptics that the lack of anyone winning various offered prizes do not replace good research. The fact is that most while many have financial backing, they are conducted by individuals who for the most part are unaware of the current mediumship research or are a priori biased against a positive outcome, which it turns out is meaningful in this context.

Answer by Running Deer
If you really want to deal with a Psychic, put a real question out on y!a. See what kind of results you get. You will quickly see who is and who isn’t. There will be no doubt about it. Contact one or two of those with what you really want to know. I do not trust people who have real or on-line psychic shops to sell a gift they got for free. Also, one can be in New York and read someone in Melbourne just as easily as if they were next door or in the same room.
Regarding the “million dollar challenge” – read the terms of it. When someone is stupid enough to do this, they are going to be put on display for the world to see and flock to. Not a pleasant thought.

Answer by Voices In My Head
Psychic things do happen to people, but I wouldn’t put much stock in people who say they can hear and talk to souls and charge people money.
I also wouldn’t put much stock in The Amazing Closet Queen and his publicity stunts. That “million dollar challenge” isn’t open to everyone, only people with a “media presence” who are willing to sign their rights away and let The Amazing Closet Queen decide what the rules are. Read the contract/application.
For a high school dropout The Amazing Closet Queen is a very tricky businessman.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can someone who is psychic tell me something about me and my future?

This is a serious question. I am curious about my life and wouldn’t mind being suprised by someone who can do an accurate reading.

Answer by Failure By Design ♥ [Suspended]
I need your full name, address and bank account details first.

Answer by “Wee” Joe Citizen
I’m getting a vision….

You are going to pay someone money for nothing.

Answer by Jezus, Son of Manly likes Secs.
You’re incredibly insecure, and willing to believe anything. As a result you will love more than you will be loved, and will most likely live a life of heartbreak.

Answer by Tycoon
I seeeeeeeeeee.. the color blue.

Answer by vanderthunderbolten
If theres a Hell below – we’re all gonna go!

Answer by Richard D
I predict you will waste Yahoo points asking pointless questions.

Answer by Assiduous Truth Seeker
Accurate reading of your life?? I’m sorry but there the only way to get the information you require is to examine your past, and make a change for the better or for whatever you want.

Answer by Bard’s Babe
Yes, I am psychic I see you spending a lot of time on the computer asking stupid questions in your near future.

Answer by Ali Brooke ♥
You ‘ re gonna get married, divorced, and married again .
With your second marriage you ` ll have 2 kids . Boy & Girl .
Names ? Girl is A, Boy is J.
You ‘ re gonna live a long life ,
and die at about 95 – 100.

I guessedddd. xD

Answer by MarD.
what the heck,
you love chicken, but want to be a vegetarian…you hate strawberries, because they burn your mouth…someone far away is very sorry for how they treated you, but you will never forget and may never forgive them.. how was that for a free reading??

Answer by bengito
are you functionally retarted?

and i agree with the person who said “you will contract AIDS”

Answer by hill
dont look ahead your future is clear no worrys about anything you will do great things but try cause you need to not give up so keep trying or you will fail

Answer by xoymmasox
seriously like really…people ask the dumbest questions like a real physic is going to tell you your future over the internet when they know nothing about you come on. No offense but when asking a question like this you should expect stupid answers…like mine ha sorry

Answer by Amp it up!
If you are a Male, you will live a happy long life.
If you are female, you’ll have 5 kids, and … two of them will be handicapped. Sorry, but that is what i’m getting from the stars.

Answer by sexypanda2
One day you will die.

Answer by ‫‬‭‮‪‫‬‭‮yelxeH
I’m sorry, I can’t do a reading unless I have something you previously owned, preferably something that was given to you in exchange for goods or services (working for it bonds you to the possession more tightly which helps the reading). If you’d like, I’ll give you my paypal account so you can help me help you out.

Answer by Alicia W
you shouldn’t actually rely on someone to tell you your future. you should let whatever happen! you really shouldn’t get in to that whole psychic or astrology stuff if you are a christian.

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