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Look what I found on @eBay! Spiritual/Psychic 1Hr Phone reading Personal & Det

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for previous phone psychic reading client: Thank you for the lovely compliment. They update my psychic reviews here:

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for last phone psychic reading client: Just the fact I cooked is a miracle. The beetroot & goat cheese salad is divine.

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Best & Gifted Good over the Phone Psychic Readings

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have u ever had a psychic reading on the phone?

A phone reading I would say.Was most of the psychic saying was true or false?And how much did you pay?

psychics are of the devil stay away from that garbage

Answer by just me
Psychics are a scam. I can tell your future: You gave your money away for nothing.

Answer by EarthShod
The truth in your phone reading depends on the psychic with which you choose to talk! I work as a psychic on several telephone networks, and the price the client pays for the same service is based on the network, since the company takes a cut out of the psychic’s pay. For example, right now on my business site the price for my work by telephone is $ 1.89 per minute. On Psychic Power Network, the client pays $ 1.99/minute to talk to me, on LivePerson, the client pays $ 2.29 per minute to talk to me, on Keen the client pays $ 2.39 per minute to talk to me, on Psychic Cosmos the client pays $ 2.79 to talk to me, on Most Gifted Psychics, the client pays $ 3.53 per minute to talk to me, on AskNow a the client pays $ 4.29 per minute to talk to me, and so on. As you can see, it is in your best interest to find your favourite psychic outside of a telephone network! He or she gets paid the same (or more), but you get a better price!

Answer by Lucky13
psychics by phones are more likely are scams, it’s best to “face” a psychic in person…but even that is not safe.

i really do think some psychics are real.

Answer by Sadhara Satguru
Hello JoJo

I have had phone readings & as a psychic I have worked via the phone.

What you pay depends on where you live & which company or individual you use.


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