Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you done Tarot Cards/Psychic Reading/Palm Reading?

Have you ever tried tarot cards and psychic readings? What was your experience and how accurate was the person?

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Answer by Bipolar Birdy
No, but someone read my cards once and told me that I was not nice to my husband.

Answer by jay1986
i don’t believe in any of that stuff. but a couple of times my friend has done tarot card readings for me, just for fun. i know that it’s just superstition though, and didn’t take it seriously.

Answer by dustylee33
yes I have but i discovered God and his wisdom is more accurate.

Answer by S.
I had my palm read once 3-4 years ago, it’s been 50-50 by far.

Answer by Alicia
I do my own tarot card readings, I turn to them only when I need real guidance and it works for me; the predictions turn out to be correct.

Other than that, I have a sense for things – it’s how I knew I was going to meet the man of my dreams. 🙂

Answer by Cacodemon Dempsey
I’ve taken free tarot readings on line and for the most part it is vague and what you make of it can vary. Sometimes it really does seem to work, after I concentrate on my question before I start doing the free reading.

Answer by Dino
No. I don’t believe in that stuff.

Answer by Noble Angel
yes as a teen and they were very accurate but I did not enjoy being a servant of Satan as it is all witchcraft

I will not go back to those days, it is not of God

Answer by Jeanette
never…thats Satan’s territory, i don’t need those practices, i have my Bible and God thats all i need

Answer by Hestia’s Priestess PM
I’ve been a reader since 1985. I do not make accuracy claims, but instead rely on the BS meter of those who come to me to make that determination.

Some readers are accurate in my experience and some are scam artists. I would trust your instincts with a reader. The ethical ones generally will TELL you up front that certain portions of the reading will be subject to change based on your future actions.

Answer by shonna
I do readings for people. I suppose they are accurate. I really do not know. Most people seem to be happy with the readings. There are some scam psychics out there though so you have to be careful. Like someone else said here, trust your instincts. Another person said the reading can change in the future. This is true. We all have free will and we are ultimately responsible for our fate. Although, I do believe some things will happen regardless with just a few details being different.

Answer by kclightman
I read Tarot, but only for close family and friends. If I know what’s going on in their lives, it’s easier to suggest what the cards mean.

My Mom goes regularly to several psychics and they are wrong very often, and sometimes the vision they have is right but they interpret it wrong. It drives me crazy my mother puts so much store by these guys.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can i get best Psychic Medium Readings?

Answer by Nightowl
The very best I ever had was from a placemat in a Chinese restaurant. It had the assorted animals of the Chinese Zodiac, and told your personality type according to what year you were born. It was more accurate than any other time I’ve ever had my fortune told.

Answer by Jeff
Try a Magic 8-Ball. It’s cheaper, and just as accurate.

Answer by Misscpb

You can obtain free ones from the forums/chat rooms in:-

Lots of Love
Misscpb xxx

Answer by Randy S
You can get your best “readings” through the counsel of friends who know you well, the wisdom of your parents, and your best use of all of your God-given faculties.

Answer by Amanda Lopez or

there both really accurate.

Answer by Rebecca Donaldson
I actually went to an online psychic not too long ago.
I felt she was very accurate and gave me plenty to think about. As far as online readings she is the best I have encountered.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : TTC – whats your take on psychic readings for conception?

Ive had two psychic readings by two famous ladies on the baby and bump forum, GAIL and SANDRA

im still waiting on the conception reading by gail

but sandra sent me one yesterday saying that i will have a baby boy in march with the conception month of august and i will find out in september!! he will be early but healthy and the reading went on!

i got so excited lol
because i just ovulated yesterday so if they are right i will find out in the next FOUR WEEKS !!!

with gail i puchased two readings, the conception reading and a live MSN reading, but on the msn one she said she sees a pregnancy within the next 8 weeks, making it the same as sandra and she also sees a baby boy WOW

but waiting for GAILS conception one as that was only mediumship reading 🙂

SO LADIES what is your take on them have you had one done and it was correct?????

WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK!!! its so interesting

Answer by chic
Ive never had one of these readings however, I have seen many gypsies, wizards and psychics in my time some of which were awsome and some of which were well not haha. If you truly believe you stand a far better chance of getting an accurate reading and to be honest you would be far better going to visit a gypsie rather than getting hooked into the ones that claim to be great online. Given the fact that you used 2 mediums from the same site then there is a good chance that they confer before e-mailing the same person with different information.

However, it cant hurt to hope and she did her job shes got you thinking and has given you confidence that this month is your month.

Best of Luck



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