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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever been to a Psychic–and she was RIGHT??


I think ive been misled by psychics in my life, i have taken them way to seriuosly. but has anyone had experiences with them when they were actually right about your life???


Answer by mybeagleboy
i did yes, she was, but not completely, but got a lot correct, many of them read your body and face and know that way, so i did not move once, or even tried not to blink… so she knew stuff though, if you go to one never tell them in advance your name or phone number, that can be looked up on

Answer by crow
yes I do tarot and predict for my family and self ..Im right..I have met many psychics who actually werent anything but nuts. I wouldnt trust anyone asking for money until they show you some hard evidence

Answer by TIMOTHY F
Yes have a good job a family that’s all i wanted.

Answer by lilith
Yes, but only because she could tell that, I was already doubting the guy. – Not because she had any super natual powers.

Psychics read ppl, that’s what they go by.

Answer by braleygirl
No, never have. They are very vague and are con artists. Test exactly what they say. Could it apply to anyone if they interpreted it differently, or do they seem to say several things before landing on one? That is how they work. Also, I am a Christian and I would never go to a psychic because I believe that is the work of the devil. The Bible speaks against this.

Answer by Epona Willow
Yes, I have and yes they were right. I have also visited a few charlatans and they were vague and a discredit to they gifted ones.

Answer by spenderalla1972
Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

Answer by psychic-junkie
Recent feedback………. “Thank you for your guidance in your reading you gave me. My life was full of fear and you gave me strength. You were accurate in what you told me about my problems and you showed me how to control my fears with your insight in the many readings I had with you. I truly hope one day the universe would grant me a wish where I could meet you in person and thank you for helping me through those darkest times I went through. Thank you, you are in a sense a guardian angel in disguise.” Client – Australia

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : OMG, I Really need a psychic reading, click here psychics.?

I need a psychic reading, click here.?
I’m interested in love. I want a man, and i feel like im ready to start another relationship. Psychics, what will my man be like, is he nice?, Kind, funny? Am I going to have a boyfriend? Before I start college? Will I ask him out to homecoming dance in 2 months or the senior prom?

Here’s my birthdate

January 17, 1990

I wanted to call a phone psychic, but they turn me away because I’m not of age yet.

Am i gunna get a nice boyfriend? Are we gunna get married and have children

Answer by kesha
k im psychic and ive been told im really good at doing this so ill give it a try.

To me it seems like your interest in love is a need to fulfill your desiers.. desiers that you feel NEEd to be fullfilled and that is how men seem to persieve you .. needy.. you need to be aware that yourself comes first.. love yourself first before anyone else.. appreciate your worthy and know that you are worth any mans attention. Once you know that you can have any man you choose.

The men who are drawn to you are guys who feel the need to fulfill there needs in return you do that.. but its only short coming. Start looking for guys who are more then just able to fullfill your needs.. look for guys who want to because they care for you because theres more to your relationship then just needs.

In your near future I see you with a well educated guy who cares for you .. the real you, not just for your satisfication but for you as a being. And yes you will meet him when your older.

Right now the choice is up to you and you got to really start focosing on loving you.. people will be drawn to that.. and no you wont marry anyone from your highschool you will get a date but he wont be the one that you could see yourself with in marrige and stuff.

But you will findsomeone and you will get married and will have wonderfull children.. know that and believe in yourself!

god bless,


Answer by Psychic LPN Ed
Concentrate on your school work first.
Yes, you will have a date for future school functions, but he is more like a friend than a partner.
You will meet your future husband while in your last year of college. He will be in your graduating class.

Answer by spellbinder1975
Hi Romani,
I really feel, like you should heed Kesha’s advice on this.
Love is not something you should rush into. So, please think carefully before you proceed.Also, I think if you call yourself a witch, you should handle it like one. That meaning, you should try some love magick. If you don’t know most people in the craft spell magick with a “k” to show that it’s different from the tricks people like David Copperfeild, Chris Angel, and David Blaine do on stage. Anyway, there are things you need to understand about love magick before you try using it. First, I’m sure you heard the the old saying “you have to love yourself, before you can love anyone else.” Well it’s true, so before you try to use love magick to find a boyfriend, you might want to try a spell for self love. That being said, there are certain things you shoild not attempt with love magick. You should not try to use love magick to make someone you desire want you back. First off, most witches belive in the three fold law or law of return. The law of return states that what ever energy you send out will return to you three fold, which I belive means 3x3x3. This is similar to the idea of karma. Now, I don’t take the 3x3x3 seriously, but I do think whatever energy you send out (good or bad) will return to you. You should think about this before you try to making someone you already know fall in love with you. If you try to control someone else the spell will probabally fail, or even worse backfire. Also, if you try to control someone in that way the spell might work too well. What I mean is that they could become obbseed with you. They could become stalkers, and if you try to get away from them they could turn violent. Also, you could be the one to become obbsessed. A good example of this would be the movie “The Craft”. The best way to do a love spell would be to ask the Lord and Lady to send someone new, someone you haven’t met yet, into your life. I belive that all gods are the God, and all goddesses are the Goddess, but in this case it would be helpful to specifically call on gods, related to love. You should also use pink candles. DO NOT USE RED! this type of energy is usually related to physical lust, and not true love. Rose incsence would work well for this. Also, while you do the spell try to keep in mind the type of qualities you look for in a boyfriend. Remeber though, that the Lord and Lady know best what we want and need, so try not to be too specific. Once you’ve done the spell, just try to be open and receptive to it’s energies. Love can sometimes manifest in strange places. You could end up falling in love with someone you used to dislike. I know it sounds strange, but it can happen.
Blessed Be,
and good luck

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Should I go back to the psychic ?

I been questionning myself a lot lately, and just by curiosity I decided to go to the psychic 2 days ago. She read the palm of my head and even tho what she said to me was pretty vague and could apply to anybody, she said the truth about me. I paid 10 dollars for that reading, but she told me I’m surrounded by a lot of negative energy, and to heal my soul she would have to charge me $ 150. She clearly mentionned she wants to help me and is willing to let me pay in 2 or 3 times..
So just to make sure she’s not a scam, the day after I went to another psyche to get a different opinion. But it happens that they both told me the same thing about that negative energy that I need to get rid of. And this one would only take 100 instead of 300.. But as much as she seemed pretty accurate, she was giving me too much attitude, and I don’t believe I would be comfortable around her again. So my question is, should I just follow my intuition and go back to the 1st one? Or does it seem like a fraud?

Answer by Rose
This is very obviously a fraud. Psychics say general things that could apply to anyone’s situation so that they’re always right. Please save your money.

Answer by Katie
No no no no no no nonoo!!!!

RULE NUMBER ONE of ANY PSYCHIC SCAM is that there are no such thing as SPELLS that can GET RID OF NEGATIVE ENERGY. If they tell you that there is negative energy and you need to pay hundreds of dollars to get rid of it, it is a SCAM! I do not care how ‘accurate’ that psychic seemed to be, I’m sorry, they are only in it for the money. Both of them.

Try Mandy from Psychic source and get a phone reading. There’s an intro offer to new clients for a free e-mail reading and $ 1 a minute first call. Do not fall for the frauds that say they can rid of negative energy. Only YOU can get rid of whatever negative energy and there is no reason to pay for it. I also recommend Julianna Day from Liveperson (and ONLY her). Make sure you use coupons.

Google ‘how to tell if a psychic is a fraud’ and make sure that you research the psychic outside of their website. Sometimes glowing reviews are not all that they seem.

And always be careful not to spend too much on psychics, as they can get addictive. Use common sense. The “psychic” you talked to gave you what was called a ‘cold reading’ and is trying to scam you. Don’t go back. I understand that you are second guessing yourself but please use your intuition. They do not want to help you. I heard of a case where it was a similar situation and after the person paid hundreds of dollars to rid of a negative energy, and then it didn’t work, the “psychic” blamed that person and told them they were cursed. Don’t fall into the trap.


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