Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : have you ever been to an accurate psychic?

if you dont believe in psychics, DONT answer the question. i just want to know if anyone has been to a psychic and were they accurate or just a joke?

Answer by Splash Log (Level 3… Again)
Yes, right after I smoked crack. He said “you may grind your jaw”.. He was sooo right! Good thing I gave him the remainder of the money I didn’t spend on crack.

Answer by Marc P
accurate psychic

redundant. redo from start

Answer by jeanvaljean1970
“Accurate psychic” is an oxymoron.

Answer by fdrc
ya, once I showed up and she said “I knew you were coming today” . . . . . . wo . . . .

Answer by zahid
Every one of us is psychic, the difference is level of psychoses.

Answer by Stacy X
I went to a lady at a Psychic fair once just for kicks to see what it was all about. There were some things she said that were true. She mentioned that I would be moving that summer. She was correct. She touched a few minor things that made sense. She also said I would be famous but that has yet to happen. I am a bit of a recluse and I hope she was wrong.


Answer by Corey
Wait, so you want to hear if people think psychics are real, but people who don’t think they’re real can’t answer?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychic……..?????????????????

Has anybody actually had an accurate psychic reading before….??
Did they tell you things that happened to you in the past or the future????

Just curious….i went to a psychic…and wanna hear other peoples opinions????????

Answer by dr.sosta
well, i don’t think these things can be true.. it’s insensible

Answer by stephaniech24
i have had tarot cards done, and it was kinda scary how acurate things were, what this person was able to tell me about my past and current situation

Answer by John D
The only thing I can tell you that most (I would assume all but I cannot prove that) psychics are false. They cannot read the future or even your mind. They use a technique called “Cold Reading”. By giving out general statements and refineing them using the sitter’s answers and body language. In the end, it sounds like they provided the correct mind reading and if you believe that, they will tell you the future. Check out this link:

There is a lot of information on the web about “cold reading”. Do a search on Yahoo “Cold Reading and psychic”.

Answer by nani
I got a very accurate reading. I’m a skeptic and I went for fun but it was accurate and very very detailed. It really depends on who you go to.

Answer by clarity
I have been to a psychic who read for me without asking any questions. As a matter of fact, I was instructed not to speak until after the reading was over. Then, I could ask questions if I wanted to better understand what had been said. While I think there are PLENTY of people posing as “psychics,” I also think there are people with true abilities. I do not go often to psychics, but I have had accurate readings.

Answer by Ven
There are real psychics. I have had amazing readings, but this was a long time ago. I have also met bad psychics, or phonies. I usually could tell after they start talking. It’s hit or miss like anything else.

But yes, I have had amazing reading by others. One was just an ordinary woman I worked with at a job. She just told me things that later happened. Amazing things till this day I will never forget. It seems the best psychic readings came from ordinary people without a psychic shop on the corner.

Answer by Russell
Well can tell you this. I have had several readings from friends of mine. 95% of the have come true. I am also Psychic I have told many people that things are going to happen. Some have blown it off and had it happen. They come back to me asking me how i knew. I tell the I just do.

Answer by aviande
i had one and now i constantly go there to have my spirit cleansed all the time. oddly enough i went and she told me that i would end a very serious relationship if i got this job i got, and boom! one day my boyfriend told me he was cheating on me and felt neglected and he left. it was about a week after i went to her. i only went a to get my palm read. it was the best thing i have ever done. she really helped me to remove negative energy out of my life and i mean she did not do any voodoo hexes on me or anything but, i got en even better job, my boyfriend loves me more now than ever before and i am about to buy a house that she tipped me to…if i wasnt a believer before i am now!

Answer by mickdotcom
I think that psychics are frauds. But I am open minded. If there are any real psychics out there, prove it. My email is Send me something that will prove me wrong. impress me with your ability. Come on, don’t let anything but the lack of psychic power stop you

Answer by sweetmammaearth
I believe we are all blessed with talents. Some may be more aware of their innate abilities more than others. I believe we as a civilization have evolved so much that in the future our sensitivities will increase and it will be more normal than not to be aware of these abilities and to percieve them as being the norm. Anything is possible and we as humans have proven that over and over through time. Quiet your mind and allow for the inner voice of wisdom to be heard. Most of the “psychics” who are proclaiming to have special abilities charge outrageous fees for their services. I do not agree with that. It should be a more reasonable exchange. I myself have been aware of my own gifts and do not abuse them by trying to earn a buck by charging some deperate person who needs insight into a situation. I do believe in the use of cards and other such tools to invoke and arouse our own inner voice to be clear. I also believe it helps to be aware of the synchronicity in life. allow nature to speak to you. Become one with the universe and it will hum a tune to you in a language that you will understand.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychic predictions?

Has anyone actually had a reading from a psychic and their predictions have been accurate and come true. I have recently had a reading off a recommended psychic and all i did was tell her my name and she came out with so much accurate information, it was incredible. I checked her credentials and she was definetly the real thing. Im just waiting now for the predictions to come true!!! Has anyone else had any similar experiences!!

Answer by jooker
I was told I’d hear from a gullible person looking for assurances that they were not gullible.

I wonder if this qualifies?

Answer by Baby J
there are some things that are very easy to guess about people, and some of the things psychics say are so broad that almost anyone would agree with them. try calling and lying. if she doesn’t think your lying, or call you on it, then she’s not really psychic.

What you have worked so hard for for so long will finally become a reality,
the one you are looking for will soon find you

Answer by Kitty
Utterly bizarrely and quite uninvited, I can predict things. Not things I want to predict but sometimes I know very clearly that something has happened before it has been announced. A notable example of this was the day I woke up and said to my Partner ‘How sad, Prince Rainier has just died’ It was my waking thought. He said (because by now, he has become used to me simply saying these things) ‘Right Darling, let’s turn on the Television and see’. This was at about 6.30 a.m. There was no report on the News. At about 8.15 when we were driving to work individually, he called me from his Cell phone and said with a stammer in his voice ‘It has just been announced on the radio that Prince Rainier died two hours ago’. I laughed ‘oh very funny’. It was true. I am as far away from my own mental image of what a Psychic might be like. I am Sophisticated, professional and pragmatic and I have always thought that Clarvoyants & psychics were charlatans but fairly regularly I simply ‘know’ that something is about to happen or has just happened. I never thought I would say this but your Psychic may have this ‘gift’.

Answer by awestbankthang
Yea.. I try not to make that a habit because most of it isn’t of God, but I’ve been to a reading once.. just for fun & the things he came up with were true. Some predictions have come true as well.

Answer by j_doggie_dogg
Yes. Many Psychics are excellent at telling you about your past, with specific details which could not just be guessed at through cold-read techniques. It is amazing. However, the ability to tell the future is a completely different thing. In fact, I have found that the best predictions when it comes to seeing the future is one’s own intuition. I know a LOT of psychics, and and they are good with their family and loved ones, but a bit more hit and miss with other people (something she predicted will come to pass, but probably not all of them). There are lots of tools to develop your intuition. There are tarot cards, scrying, pendulum, runes, magic 8 ball, dice, huge list so you should probably just go to a metaphysical shop and browse and see what grabs you. Personally I use a singing bowl in a highly charged magickal place to enter a state to see things, but that’s just me.

Answer by mand
I’ve had a tarot card reading that was scarily accurate- she nailed my past, and some of the events (very specific events) she told me would happen have happened. Im waiting to see about the rest of her predictions.

Answer by majic
yes i have and yes they did – i insisted that the things she predicted would never come true, but they did – she’s been doing it for about 50 years and has a large faithful following, so she must be doing something right

Answer by Stardust2020200
yeah I had a great experience. try an email or a phone reading with and ask specifically to do it only with Shelly. email me to let me know how it goes if you do use her.


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