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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever gotten a psychic reading?

I got a 15 dollar psychic reading at the beach yesterday. Have you gotten a psychic reading? Did it turn out right or wrong?

Answer by jxt299

Answer by Ivy
Nope. I’ve heard it’s a lot of BS.

Answer by Auroch
Hahahahaha. I see in my crystal ball that you just got screwed out of $ 15…..

Answer by g_g
Yes and some are correct

Answer by Marg
I have actually. By 4 women different times in my life. All were amazing with thier predicitions and confirmations. Some of the predictions have already come true.
When you go to a good one they don’t just say random stuff like your gonna meet a tall dark stranger cause really that could be the cashier at a store! They give you confirmations about your life….if your married, have kids, maybe a little about the kids & spouse. Maybe info about your job. After a few of that they go in detail about predictions that will happen. With as much detail as they can. and they ask you throught if it sounds true or is.

The real one are amazing! I really want to go again

Answer by kris
yes yes yes

the psychic readings are found true in my experience, my friend’s and mine are turn quite right.

Answer by PsychicsLive
I have readings all the time. I enjoy the insight that psychics offer about my situation. Just be sure that they are legit. They should not be asking you questions. You should ask the questions, and you should not have to give much information about the situation at first. Make sure the are picking up on what is going on in a specific manor. ALSO, don’t fall for the “I see darkness around you, you need to give me $ $ $ lots of money to clear it up!” Do not let them scare you or use fear tactics.That is a sure fire scam. The good psychics are really caring helpful people that can feel deeply. And remember the future is not set in stone. We all have free will.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is an appropriate amount for a traveling psychic to charge for her work?

Like for a tarot reading, or a psychic reading, palmisty, etc… I want to go to events and fairs and do this to supplement my income

Answer by homertime
whatever she can trick someone into giving her

Answer by Susana
I’m not sure where you are living, but in the UK psychics will charge around £15 – £25 per reading at a psychic fair, with a reading lasting from 20 – 30 mins. I guess that’s about $ 22 – $ 37.

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John Edward performs Psychic Readings on Dr. Phil

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