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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a psychic reading? Was it helpful, or useless? & what was the reading about?

Have you ever had a psychic reading? Was it helpful, or useless?

Answer by mamayango
Never but I was told it was fun………..

Answer by ♦Violet♦
My Catholic friends took me to a church, and I had to accept the psychic thing to be polite.
She made me write everything down ._.
It consisted of crap like ‘Jesus loves you’ and ‘He will guide you’.
Oh jeez…

Answer by Saira

She predicted a lot of things she couldn’t have known about. I went to see a psychic back in 2002 and one of the things she predicted was that my cousin Karen will die in a car crash in 2004 of July. I just ignored her thinking she was bullshitt but it turned out she was accurate. Karen did die of a car crash in July 5 of 2004.

Answer by Cleansing Power
I had a psychic reading with a lady who was able to read 100% of all my thoughts down to the very last detail even though I had told her absolutely nothing about the situation… however her predictions weren’t very helpful…

she gave me instructions to follow that were very vague and unreliable and when I failed to follow them down to the very last letter, I had to wait 1.5 years for a second opportunity which I also blew away just as soon as the first one came…

I know that when I look for constructive answers from a psychic, I rarely if ever get one. In fact it seems they are programmed to deny requests for helpful answers… they only help you in ways that aren’t beneficial and don’t prosper your cause….

Just think about it, if they are operating by a false or evil spirit, that spirit will not be willing to help you accomplish a righteous or legitimate goal… it will only help you accomplish goals that are destructive and harmful.

This is why so many psychics are fat, obese, unwed, divorced, terribly sick or coming from broken homes…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do psychics predict things because they actually happen or because they MAY happen?

I had a psychic reading a year ago. Most of the predictions did not happen. Is that because I knew what to expect and changed the course of events, or because he was just wrong? John Kane is the psychic I had a telephone reading with and I felt he was reputable based on his weekly program with my local radio station and the DJ’s experience with him.

Answer by ek 5
Anybody who tells you they can accurately predict the future is a lier.

Answer by IAmSmartYouAreNot
they predict whats going to happen as of now without a randomness factor put in so as of the minute when you called he saw only what was going to happen as of that minute any thing could have changed it

Answer by SR
Many people find that when they get these kinds of readings done they feel they did things to change the course of events. What is interpreted from these readings should not be taken literally in any way. From any psychic reading that is done, they are chance events that can happen from that one particular reading. If you were to go to another psychic on the same day and a similar reading was performed, it is very unlikely what the second psychic predicts will match what the first one said. It is all about interpretation.

Answer by Kitty
They tell you a lot of things that you already know (“you’re lost”, “you’re looking for a meaning”, “you need some guidance”, etc), but that’s the reason you went to them, right? They know nothing about you and you unknowingly give them information about yourself. It’s very sneaky. They don’t know what’s going to happen; they beat around the bush about what may or may not happen sometime in your life. If it happens, you think they were right, but most of the time no one really remembers most of the “reading”.

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