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Vine’s 2013 psychic predictions, copyright2012: She’s one of the most accurate predictors in the world. #dementia

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The Psychic Twins made accurate celebrity predictions on national TV January 15, 2007.: via @youtube #Oscars #winning

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hmmmm….: 2012 Psychic Wold Predictions Part 3 – Most Accurate Predictions – Medium & Author Joseph Tittel

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2012 Accurate Psychic Predictions, Vine Psychic – All Came True!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how accurate are psychic predictions?

A psychic told me that I’ll get a girlfriend by the end of the year and my carrer choice is a good choice. How can i know if they are accurate predictions?

Answer by Kyle B

Answer by Indrid Cold
its all lies

Answer by pebbles
If psychic’s were real then wouldn’t they be able to predict lottery numbers and be rich?

Answer by Wade H
These things are only so accurate as they are general and unspecific.

Any career choice is better than no choice, can’t go wrong there.

And, if you’ve allot riding on the question and paid the “psychic” $ 1,000,000 in gold I’m personally sure you’d get a puppy for Christmas ~ and it would be a bitch.

Answer by starcherub
They are accurate if you follow through with your girlfriend-making activities and career choice. They are inaccurate if you change your mind. A psychic sees the future, not lives it for you.

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.