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I’m watching a psychic give accurate psychic readings to couples that have rocky relationships on The Bill Cunningham Show.

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Go to Tarotbysal for ACCURATE psychic readings ­čÖé

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are psychic readings?

A Psychic told my Dad that bad things were going to happen to my family. She described how I’m going to die. I’m so paranoid and cannot get over this. Should I believe it or not? I don’t understand how a psychic can predict how someone is going to die. Help please. This has made me depressed and very paranoid.

Answer by Kelsey Grant
Never ever go to a psychic!!! They are the work of Satan. Sorry.. Must sound like a nutter. :L Never believe them. They are just UGGH. Don’t be depressed or paranoid. Never go to or believe a psychic. Go to a counsellor if you are still scared. ­čÖü

Answer by Dare
It might be accurate if it came from an astrolger, but any old tom dick or harry telling you they are a psychic is bull. Do your research if you believe in these things, ie natal chart, palmreading etc to get an ‘overview’. Do not worry, i pray all will be well for you and your dad.

Answer by Julia
its nonsense, very few psychics are genuine and any genuine psychic would NOT go scare mongering like that. she must be a charlatan cashing in on people vulnerabilities

Answer by Joycelyn
This is so not true. Nobody can predicts your future, nobody. Nobody knows what you’re going to do in the next minute or in the next hour, not even you. Can you? Every little thing that you do makes a difference. Sit back, relax and let things happen naturally. Don’t worry!!!

How can someone who isn’t even related to you knows what is going to happen? This is absolutely absurd.

Answer by Chris
Oh George your dad saw a fake psychic. If she was genuine she would never have told him those things. I really hope he didn’t pay her alot of money to be told such a load of rubbish. What else did she tell him, any of it ring true for him or was it just stuff that anyone could guess?
It really makes me mad when someone calls themselves a psychic and tells people such negative stuff. Please please don’t believe what she said.
I do have a strong belief in psychics but they have to be proven as genuine before I will believe what they are telling me and I know they are not told when you die, ever.
Please don’t stress about what she said, none of it is true. She is working on the dark side of Spirituality and is in for some negative karma. Silly lady.
Good luck and enjoy your long life;-)

Answer by Max
They might be more of an attempt of accuracy than astrology charts. It’s my understanding that the reading would be from the heart in a one on one. The astrology chart will probably be a program that was ripped off some other astrologer or a science program. I had one done long ago and about half of it was wrong. It said I could add a karma chart for a few more dollars, and I discovered I was a pirate several centuries ago, I lived happy for about 25 years, and I had a learning difficulty. Well now that really helped.

Knowing what I know, I wouldn’t go to a psychic or astrologer.

Answer by angelfly
Yeah yeah, psychics who do readings without using tarot cards are of no good. Majority of the time what they say never come true. As for tarot readings, they cannot predict things that are gonna happen too far in the future. Even I was told many things about my family. None really ever happened. The only thing that was right on the spot was about my soulmate. But the two readers who told me that were still in the intermediate stage of tarot reading. If you go to those so called experienced readers they will never give you the right reading. Instead they will give you only bad news so that you keep going to them on and on. Actually thats how they make money.

I myself is a reader also, but I give my reading for free because I know that future is not set in stone and also the cards are probability tools. They only tell about the path that you choose for yourself.

Answer by DJ Ownbey
OMG This sounds likea Gypsy to me (I am a professional psychic btw)

I have found that there are allot of gypsys though as well (and this doesnt mean the nationality necessarily–it is more of what we call a Gypsy Psychic –crooked)

They tell you awful things..but many times for a large sum of money they can help you fix them

Or they are not very talented psychic, but they know the power of suggestion, So they know that if they tell you something awful like your mother is going to fall down the stairs, well you will charge that with much fear and then you will create it yourself. You will think, wow, that psychic was right everything she told me happened. This is the dial a curse type of psychic, I think our world can do with out these types lol

A real psychic, you will feel a sense of uplift and good–when you leave them. Yes we do tell people bad news, but we do it in an empowering way.

We create our own reality, so if a psychic sees something bad, well you can change that by changing your thoughts.

I would tell yourself mentally daily, I do not accept this false prediction and it now has NO POWER OVER ME

I would also recommend daily meditation, as this has a way of clearing the subconscious of negative seeds…

I will leave a link from my website on how to do that it is called “The Secret Place of the Most High” by DJ Ownbey

Also, I would recommend that you read this book ” The power of your subconscious mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy

Answer by Matthew
A GOOD Psychic Reading is 90% accurate. Unfortunatly there are many fakes out there that like to feed you negative information because it is easy to predict that you will face problems in the family because everybody does. As fro telling you how you are going to die psychics cannot really predict that because the spirits around you want to help you and watch you suceed in life and not run around your whole life stressing over death. Spirits will not feed you that information just for that reason. A good psychic should try to tell you the positive in your life and show you how you can improve things that are happening. as with my clients i try to give them the best reading possible and provide them with all the positive insight they need and at the end of the reading they feel renewed and look forward to the positive things coming there way.

Answer by Twilight
Love, if you would like a second opinion on this, I have been giving readings through yahoo answers for years now. I’ve had countless people come back to for second readings, and third readings, and so on and so forth. If you would like a free reading please feel free to email me anytime if you would like.

Much luck in life to you, love.

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Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
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