accurate psychic predictions

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How accurate are tarot cards?

Just wondering b/c half the time the cards i get are somewhat helpful

Answer by Stephen M
There is no basis in reality at all.




Answer by ♏Zzaylin♏
It all depends on several factors
1) who is pulling the cards
– depending on how talented this individual is and how connected they are to the surrounding universe will factor greatly in how accurate the predictions are
– some people pull tarot cards as a way to make money and have no psychic ability at all so it is iffy, the best way is to do it yourself or go to a trusted psychic
2) the deck of cards
– the best decks are the ones that easily speak to the reader, tarot is not just about pulling a card and looking up in a book what it means, the reader gets a few basic facts about the future event through the card to give tham a grasp of what moments they are looking at so that they are able to focus, this is atleast how I use it, but some people dont need tarot to see that future, like any instrument of this nature, it is just a tool.
3) ones faith in such a method of prediction plays a role, tarot cards draw upon the energies of whomever the focus is, long story short, you make your own reality, if you put in the energy and beleif that they work, they work, if you put in the negative belief and energy they are wrong, they are more often than not incorrect

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics, do you feel drained by electronic equiptment?

For people with exceptional 6th sense, do you feel any different around electronic equiptment?
Can you take energy from electronics for your personal aural energy?
I’ve heard that many psychics feel that way and I was just curious..
I’m not talking about myself, ppl. Thanks. lol.

Answer by The White Guinea Pig
yes I feel especially drained while my monitor displays this question

Answer by kav1995

why would they

do the demons that give them the advice give them anxiety when they are exposed to electronics

Answer by LadySerenity
no the only effecting that goes with electronics is that we sometimes effect them which means they don’t work right or go scitzo.

Answer by Gale Y
i can blow fuses,turn radio stations&blow light bulbs…but i don’t feel driffrent of being around it,,just get upset when i enterfier with things at some points.drain from more contacting only…

Answer by Kitty
No draining, i’m not phycic just phyco, or so i’m told. >.< if your feeling drained then i do know for sue that if your hearing is like mine you'll hear a high pitched buzz echoing from electronice equipment, it tend to cause headaches and to much of it can cause you to feel tired. Although each object in the world emits an aura but inanimate objects are just plain whitish, unless someone else gives off thier aura when they touch it.

Answer by The Druid
No, it doesn’t work that way, now EM Fields can interfere with your abilities but not drain you. Also you can’t use that energy it is incompatible with your mind and body.

It sound like you might have some kind of hormonal imbalance. You should get checked out by a doctor, don’t mean to insult you but I am serious.

Answer by Tylee Rocks!
I never THOUGHT about it.. nope. I gave a reading and read my friends mind in computer class full of electronics.

that GOOT guy was funny. lmao

Answer by liz
no but i do have a headache know because i just was ask to see some1 future

Answer by Sugar Sweet
Okay. This will sound crazy, but whenever I use a blender or juicer I get electricuted. I’ve had others try the same blender or juicer and nothing happens to them. I have to wear yellow kitchen gloves whenever I use them. The rubber deflects the electric currents.

Answer by kilroymaster
This may sound strange but since the brain works thru giving off electrical/electronic impulses… It is not so strange that electronic or other outside electrical inpulses can cause some sort of interferrences………….Thus creating certain mood swings in humans beings……………………………….

Answer by janet_victoria
No I do not. Although, I find eating purple food to be quite exhausting to my extraordinary mental capibilities. Yes.

Answer by Totally Me
My friend is a psychic. Well, she gets most things right 🙂 Anyway, she doesn’t get drained by the computer or anything, sometimes it actually seems she is more accurate while doing a prediction near the computer…weird. I wonder if she noticed that…

As for the energy question. There is something called PSI balls. When you make them you either make energy from yourself or from an alternate scource, which can be an electronic if you want it to be. So I guess you could.

This is all theoretical though.

Answer by imacrazygranni
I agree with most of the answers stated here. Electronic equipment doesn’t interfere with anything that I might be doing, tho at time I do cause my equipment to act weird if my moods or energies are too wired so to speak. I’m not a psychic but I do a lot of energy work, sometimes being on a computer will increase my abilities …it’s hard to explain but I can actually feel someone better online than if they were with me in person. Perhaps its the fact that we have the monitor between us…who knows the world is a mystery …and we’re the explorers.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Isaac Bruce gets his 1,000th catch; how many more before he retires?

He’s grinding it out in San Francisco this season but will he find a starting job next season?

Answer by shaqdz34
Ive asked for the past 4 years when will Isaac lose a step but the answer is….he hasnt. Hes old and he plays a position in which speed is vital but he hasnt slowed down. Good conditioning and takin care of his body have allowed him to play this long. I think he can pull out a couple years before he hangs his cleats up…..remember Jerry Rice in Oakland?

Funny that you should ask this!! I happened to ask my friendly neighborhood psychic, Madame Tundra, this very question the other day. She said he’s going to start next season and even the season after that!!

I had my doubts but she made three (3) predictions about YOU as follows:

(1) She said I’d add you as a contact and you’d become my fan;
(2) She said that you were devilishly handsome; and
(3) She said that you’re great in bed.

OK, we know #1 came true; how accurate was she on #’s 2 and 3?

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