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Okay I didn’t believe in psychics at first but this guy was really good. Without me saying anything he knew a lot about me. He knew my father passed away, He knew my mother was remarried, He knew that 2 people owned the rights to my house (75% Father, 25% Grandmother). He knew I was jealous of my sister, He knew I was gay which most people would not assume I am. He also knew I had a half brother which I never told even my best friend about. He also knew my desires such as trying to be popular and only thinking about friends which was affecting my grades which again was true. He has made a few predictions and so far it has come true he asked me what kind of guys I liked and I told him that I like gay men but straight acting he told me thats good because a straight man will never love you but a gay one will and you will find one in 4 years. This reading was in 2009. When I heard it I was relived but people who also had experience from psychics told me be careful of how you hear things so listen carefully. Come to think of it he didn’t exactly say I would love him back he just asked me what kind of guys I like. Just because a gay guy is “Straight Acting” doesnt necessarily mean they are my type because I have met many who are not attractive. How would you interpret his message? I would go back but he lives all the way in The Philippines and I live in Hawaii. Right now I can’t afford to travel there.

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Hi Jason, there’s lots to consider here. I use the Tarot for myself and I’ve had readings done for me as well. The first rule is: what the reader says is true at the time “if there are no changes” in your life or the circumstances surrounding the question. Next, everyone is psychic in varying degrees, the cards or other things are only tools. The more one hones the ability the more intuitive and insightful s/he will be.
Now for this guy thing. Of course no “straight man” will become your lover although a straight man can love you as a friend, brother, mentor. The thought is that a gay man will love you but maybe one that is not to your standards. Maybe this guy will love you and you won’t return his love or you won’t recognize that he loves you.
Here’s an example from a friend. He was told he would meet his new partner in 2011. He waited and thought there would be some huge moment where he would know. 2011 past with no boyfriend; he was depressed. In April 2012 he started talking to and dating a guy who he later learned he met in passing at a party in December of 2011. The prediction was correct but he took the information the wrong way.
Its a subtle art, be thoughtful.

Answer by OhMyBerry
They’re very accurate, however predictions are tricky so take those with a grain of salt!
But he sounds extremely good, he could be dead on…

I had a similar experience with a Tarot reader and he told me things that DID happen and when he told me that they would.

He could be off with the prediction, it could take a year longer or it won’t happen at all..but that doesn’t mean that you should worry so much about it. I’m sure that you’re still young and will find someone worth your while in this lifetime, so don’t worry about it so much! 🙂

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This question is meant for any psychic out there.

I have lost my wedding ring, and a couple more rings as well. I believe I have misplaced them somewhere in the house. If you are a psychic please tell me how many rings I have lost and what colors they were (just so I know how accurate your readings are. I would also like to know where they are thanks. Any negative replies will be reported

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Most psychics have to touch something of the persons to be able to feel the energy.


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perhaps, u should ask this question to a psychic who has a site.

Answer by tsr21
You should use logic and rationality, not seek help from psychics. People who call themselves psychics are delusional at best, and fraudsters at worst.

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